Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Xiǎo jiàozhǔ, 小教主

Chapter 1294 - Good to be Home

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Chapter 1294: Good to be Home

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“There is still half a day left before we arrive at the destination mentioned in the manuscript. I can sense that many unforeseen circumstances will happen within this period of time!” said Chen Xiaobei.

“Right! You are right about that! I spent some time to study the manuscript and found that it is actually surrounded by so many different kinds of danger! Even Zhuo Qunfeng’s grandpa and the rest of his allies suffered a lot when they ventured into this Black Desert!”

“What kind of danger are you talking about?”

Chen Xiaobei spent most of his time running around, dealing with all sorts of issues within these seven days, and he had to boost his cultivation at the same time too. That was why he barely had time to look at the manuscript.

“Quicksand, Desert Army Ants, Crimson Crown Snake, and some other unknown poisonous bugs… We are now safe in the morning. Once the night falls, we risk losing our lives to all these creatures that roam around here if we are not alert of our surroundings!”

Clearly, every single thing Luo Puti had read from the manuscript caused her to be extra cautious when travelling to the Black Desert.

“Don’t worry! I’m pretty sure Zhuo Qunfeng and the rest of them have checked out everything in the manuscript as well. Plus, his grandpa gives him guidance from time to time as well. With that in mind, I think we are capable enough to deal with all these dangers!”

“Yeah, you’re right… That’s the reason why I didn’t want to leave this team…”

“Don’t you worry. I’m right here! Even if something bad did happen to this expedition team, I will do everything I can to still escort you to the Black Desert!”

After the ordeal, the whole team took an hour long break.

Members from both factions gathered together to eat and drink. As they were resting, each and every one of the members tried their luck to butter Zhou Xiaokun and Ding Ding’ao’s asses.

“The slap unleashed by Master Zhou earlier on was so lit!”

“Master Ao’s skill was pretty damn powerful as well! With only a single hit, he managed to destroy the sandstorm!”

“Right?! Both of our young masters are extremely powerful! And from what I know, those two that tagged along with us didn’t do single thing to help us get out of from the danger! They should just really feel embarrassed of themselves!”

While giving compliments to Zhou Xiaokun and Ding Ding’ao, some of them took the opportunity to mock Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti. Considering Zhou Xiaokun and Ding Ding’ao who hated Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti, neither one of them said a word about it when they heard their men throwing shade about those two. Knowing that they were not reprimanded for the despicable comments made, each one of them mocked Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti even harder.

“That’s right! Let’s listen to our master. We are not going to let them drink a single drop of water from us! There’s no way we will let them take advantage of us! Dream on!”

“Come! Let’s make a bet! I’m dying to see how long they can endure without drinking water!”

“There’s no room for endurance here. It’s hot and dry here! And that’s precisely why they will not be able to hold on much longer! I bet you they will return to where they came from or even beg our masters for water before noon!”

“Just begging is not enough! They should kneel down in front of our masters and kowtow for a hundred times!”

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“Hey hang on… it’s the desert we are talking about. Are we even going to be able to listen to the sound of his head knocking on the ground?!”

“That’s not my problem, dude. He’s gotta find a way to get that sound out. Otherwise, it’s not considered a kowtow!”

Everyone treated Chen Xiaobei like a laughing stock through the entire period they were dissing.

Despite the distance, Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti heard everything that others talked about them as all of them hurled those insults out loud on purpose.

“Xiaobei… I’m really sorry… You’re forced to take in all those stupid comments because you choose to keep me company throughout this trip!”

“Hahaha… My dear wife! To me, they are just a bunch of puny ants! Do you really think that those comments will get to me? C’mon, I’m better than that!” said Chen Xiaobei with a smile while gently laying his hands on top of Luo Puti’s head.


Luo Puti’s icy heart melted suddenly at Chen Xiaobei’s touch. At that very moment, a realization hit her that Chen Xiaobei was perhaps the best looking man in this world. As the saying goes, a lion would never bother about those ants that walk pass it. And Chen Xiaobei was not a lion! He was a dragon!

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“Don’t just stand there staring! Come, let me take you to have your favorite thing to eat!”


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