Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Canteen Buns, 食堂包子

Chapter 726 – Ordinary Girl

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Chapter 726 – Ordinary Girl

With a resonant roar, the temperature between the heavens and earth began to crazily fall. Pieces of ice appeared all around. Then, dragged together by an invisible force, they formed a massive spirit beast figure in the skies.

Dark star ice serpent!

The dark star ice serpent opened its eyes. The Witchcraft Sect’s great scorpion spirit beast let out a wail of despair as if it were being ruthlessly attacked. The black fog that formed it started to disperse as its figure rapidly shrank. It lay prone on the ground, all of its previous aggression and posturing gone.


The constrained Hidden Fog Sect cultivators cheered and applauded.

But the dark star ice serpent’s attack didn’t stop there. With light cracking sounds, a layer of ice appeared on the surface of the Witchcraft Sect’s flying ship.

The revolution of the flying ship’s array formation was greatly affected. Its speed rapidly slowed, as if it had really been frozen in midair. In an instant, it was left far behind.

The Hidden Fog Sect Master’s calm voice rang out, “I thank the fellow daoists from the Witchcraft Sect for making way for us.”

A powerful cultivation supported this voice. Each word rang like thunder, stirring winds and clouds that rolled out in all directions.

In a moment, everyone watching the flying ship revealed looks of awe.

Little Ancestor’s complexion darkened and he angrily humphed. Just as he was about to do something, a light voice sounded in his ears.

“It’s fine. Let them go a step ahead.”

Little Ancestor bowed his head. Normally he was overbearing and ruthless, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. He could naturally guess the reason behind this. The Sect Master didn’t want to expose too much of their strength in this place. Humph…Hidden Fog Sect, once we enter the arena, we’ll settle this score!

The situation instantly reversed and the mocking voices were quelled. As the ship descended and approached Dragon City, numerous cultivators withdrew on their own initiative.

“I knew that if the Hidden Fog Sect was able to establish themselves in the Eastern Plains, they definitely haven’t weakened!”

“That’s right. That last spirit beast was able to freeze the Witchcraft Sect’s flying ship with its aura alone. That degree of strength is terrifying!”

“Humph! I still think that the Hidden Fog Sect was forced to take out their trump card ahead of time. I fear that after they enter the arena, the other six sects will target them…after all, that final spirit beast clearly controls ice-attribute supernatural powers.”

“That may be so, but the Hidden Fog Sect hasn’t lost any face. As for what the final outcome will be, that can only be proven through battle.”

Atop the flying ship, the Hidden Fog Sect cultivators had their chests puffed out and their heads held high. At this moment no one dared to belittle them.

At the tower window, Qin Yu had a calm expression. He didn’t care about what happened just now. He looked down at the giant city and the familiar feeling reappeared. And as time passed, it grew increasingly strong.

But it was clear that this was Qin Yu’s first time coming here, so why would he develop a familiar feeling for a strange city he had never seen before?

They came closer. Qin Yu could now see the grand city gates. He looked down and his eyes fell atop the two characters above the gates. They were like meteors crashing down from the heavens, leaving behind an unimaginable impact that exploded in his mind!

His entire consciousness was thoroughly flooded with the two characters ‘Dragon City’!

At this time, Qin Yu felt his field of vision rise higher and higher. After passing through layers of fog, he started to see an intense battle occurring before him.

A heaven-towering giant stood amidst the endless sea. He held a black staff in hand as he battled a golden dragon.

The golden dragon’s body was hundreds of thousands of feet long. Each scale blazed with golden flames on its surface. As it traversed through the sea, it would disappear from time to time. Its giant body caused billions of tons of seawater to splash into the air, forming a horrifying tide that seemed to connect the heavens and earth as it rumbled towards the giant.

“Hahahaha! Come!” The giant wildly laughed. He raised the black staff in its hand. The staff began to grow against the wind, soon reaching a hundred thousand feet in length.

As it came crashing down, it was like a mountain range falling from the heavens. It smashed into the wild waves, breaking through them.

Whoosh –

The golden dragon cried in misery and its giant body sank beneath the waves. The giant received the black staff and leapt forward into the sea.

As he was in midair, he released a bellowing roar, “After today, this world’s dragon lineage will be my slaves!”

The scene flickered. The golden dragon’s single horn was shackled by titanic chains. The other end of the chains was held by the giant as it was ridden in the highest heavens.

Strong heavenly winds struck the dragon and giant like countless sabers, causing sparks to light up the air. Yet, they weren’t able to cause any damage at all.

“Do not resist again, otherwise my staff will show no more mercy. I will make it so that your entire dragon bloodline vanishes from this world!”

The golden dragon beneath the giant roared and flew out from the strong heavenly winds. The dragon’s pupils revealed a look of sorrow and submission.

“Hahaha!” The giant laughed. “Today, I will build a great city as the dwelling of the dragon race. In the future, without my order, you cannot take a single step out!”

He pulled the chains and the golden dragon dove down to the earth. Soon, a vast and endless plain appeared in their line of sight.

The giant grasped out a hand and ruthlessly pulled back. With a loud rumbling sound, a city rose up from below the earth.

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“This city was built for your dragon bloodline. Then, let’s just call it Dragon City.”

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