Second Life Ranker

Sadoyeon, 사도연

Chapter 580 - Father and Son (5)

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Chapter 580 - Father and Son (5)

Kronos’ corpse had been a mountain that split Tartarus in half for thousands of years, but it was now shattering into pieces. The beings who were watching felt shocked. Those from Olympus, like Athena, Ares, and Hercules, were especially incredulous as they turned to look. Black particles floated up from the corpse.

Clatter! Like a snake slithering through grass, Vigrid came soaring out of the corpse, followed by chains. The sword stopped in front of Athena. Vigrid looked vastly different from what Athena remembered. It glowed with black light, and it looked like a giant scythe. However, something about it was familiar to her.

Clang! The roots aiming for Athena were instantly blocked, even though these were the same roots that the gods and demons could not defeat, no matter how much they used their powers. However, there was more: the impact flung Vigrid back, but it only changed directions in mid-air and slashed at the thorns.

Sharp winds blew as Vigrid shot towards Persephone. The roots on the ground rose to create a multi-layered barrier around Persephone, but Vigrid cut through them like paper and reached Persephone.

Kashing. Persephone grew thick tree bark on her skin to protect herself from Vigrid, but the sword had already cut into her flesh, leaving her bleeding.

“Just…how?” Persephone couldn’t understand what was going on. It was already unbelievable that Kronos’ corpse would disappear, but how could Mother Earth’s blessing be damaged? Astonishment flashed on her face. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Clatter! Vigrid and the chains returned to Yeon-woo, who was standing next to Athena.

“Are you alright?”

“You…?” Athena was about to thank him but found herself hesitating. She suddenly felt like she shouldn’t speak so informally to him anymore. She didn’t know why she felt this way, but something felt different with Yeon-woo, as if his nature had changed, or his existence had grown to another level.

Yeon-woo still looked like Yeon-woo on the outside, but he seemed to be a new being on the inside. Something so massive it couldn’t be measured had been condensed and stuffed inside Yeon-woo. Yes. It was as though Kronos’ corpse had been shrunken and put away inside Yeon-woo. Although Yeon-woo’s physical stature was still ordinary, his presence overwhelmed every being near him. In fact, it was as if his presence filled all of Tartarus. Athena wanted to ask Yeon-woo what had gone on inside Kronos’ corpse.

『Mm. So, this child is my granddaughter? I feel a bit self-conscious seeing her like this. If you consider my Korean age, I’m barely over forty but…a granddaughter…goodness.』 Vigrid vibrated as it looked at Athena, dazed.

Kronos had returned to his sword form as he entered reality. It was an earnest request he’d made of Yeon-woo.

“When we go outside, you’ll be able to see your grandchildren.”

“I did see Sesha when I was looking at the future, but…you jumped the gun, too?”

“Am I Jeong-woo? Of course not.”


“A lot of time has passed since you were trapped in Tartarus. Olympus has changed quite a bit.”

Kronos had grown silent. He had never expected to hear this, but it made sense. So much time had passed, it was impossible for Olympus not to change. Divine beings were often sluggish because the concept of time wasn’t enough for them, but they were still faithful to their desires. Kronos had never asked Shin Le-ah about Olympus. Although he had general information, he didn’t want any details because they would only break his heart.

His abandoned children were in Olympus. He knew how difficult everything had been for them. He didn’t know how to deal with his feelings around his grandchildren, so he had turned back into Vigrid. He couldn’t muster up the courage to show his true appearance. Still, he was relieved to see they had grown well.

He also had many mixed feelings after learning about the divisions in Olympus. The fall of his children, and the fight between the Titans and the Gigantes—these were all consequences of his actions. Now that he was back in Tartarus, he knew he had to stop avoiding the situation. He wanted to see what was happening. Even though Yeon-woo had told him a lot, he wanted to see things for himself. 『But…』 Suddenly, a thought occurred to Kronos. 『If she’s Zeus’ daughter, that makes her your niece. Why are you speaking formally to her? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?』

Kronos couldn’t help being curious since he didn’t know anything about Yeon-woo and Athena’s relationship. Yeon-woo didn’t know how to respond. Technically, he was Athena’s uncle, even though Athena was incomparably older. ‘Let’s put out the urgent fire first before figuring that out.’

『Yes. Sure, of course.』

Yeon-woo gripped Vigrid and turned to Athena. “I’ve found all the springs.”

Athena’s eyes widened. “What? Then…?”

“Since I’ve taken all of Kronos’ legends, it will be impossible to harvest holy power from him.”

『Hey. I see you’re calling your father by his name now?』

Yeon-woo ignored his father’s grumbling voice in his ear. Athena looked thrilled. The fact that Yeon-woo had Kronos’ legends meant he had become much stronger than before. Yeon-woo turned away from Prince Nezha, Erlang Shen, and Agares, who were looking at him from above, and looked at Persephone.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones watching him.

[Your ally <Niflheim> watches you.]

[Your ally <Chan Sect> watches you.]

[Your ally <East Demon Army> watches you.]

[The combined forces <Olympus> are wary of you.]

[The neutral force <Deva> looks at you with fearful eyes.]

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