Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Li Manman, 李慢慢

Chapter 734 - What a Slap on the Face! [1]

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Chapter 734: What a Slap on the Face! [1]

Chunxue laughed subconsciously to herself while reading the netizens’ comments under the post.

Once Reporter Yang received the 2.5 million from Chunxue, he was heatedly posting articles online.

“It’s over for Ye Tianxin now.”

Reporter Yang told Chunxue that someone needed to guide the directions of the comments under the posts for better media framing effects.

Chunxue was far too excited to fall asleep. With her identity concealed behind a screen, she began writing misleading posts and comments in the forums instead. She claimed that Ye Tianxin must’ve been involved in casting couches, and she did not deserve the Best Actress Award for that.

Before those articles, there was only positive news about Ye Tianxin online. There were no scandals about her at all.

Now, Chunxue defamed Ye Tianxin using the most spiteful and malicious words while concealing her identity behind a screen.

Meanwhile, the staff on-duty in Jing Entertainment Group’s Intelligence Department noticed the abnormalities online.

He hesitated for a moment and sought for Jing Zhichen’s advice.

“Chief Jing, someone is spreading misleading rumors online. Do you think we should block those posts?”

Jing Zhichen snorted coldly after reading the articles posted online. Did the person who posted those articles have nothing better to do?

Tianxin just received the Best Actress Award recently. How could it have already attracted that much jealousy?

“Okay, I’ve already looked into it. It’s not a big deal. Go ahead and rest first. Just let the bullets fly for now!”

Jing Zhichen looked complacent. What kind of idiot in the entertainment industry was bold enough to shamelessly posted such articles online?

That person must’ve been clueless about Ye Tianxin’s background. The identity of just anybody from her side could leave one dumbfounded.

Jing Zhichen planned to shape Ye Tianxin into a quality idol. That would no doubt attract skepticism from the public.

It was better for suspicions to come sooner than later.

In any case, it would’ve been a slap in the face for the person behind this.

It was already amusing enough just to think about it.

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“Chief Jing, would it be fine for them to continue spreading these rumors?”

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