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Great Lord Of Cloudland, 云梦大领主

Chapter 677 - Connecting by Marriage

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Chapter 677: Connecting by Marriage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A man having three wives and four concubines wasn’t counted as anything unusual in the eyes of gods.

Zeus had Hera as his main wife, but he still had many illegitimate children on the outside. Having a wife wasn’t considered as an obstruction for that.

As for Odin, he had Frigga but he also had many illegitimate children. How couldn’t Odin understand that Zeus intended to rope in Li Yunmu? But if Zeus could truly connect with Li Yunmu by marriage, that would also mean that from then on, Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council would eternally remain on friendly terms.

This could be considered as extremely advantageous for Scandinavia!

Thereupon, Odin said with a smile, “I don’t have any objections regarding thou’s proposal. But I still must respect my goddess’ opinion.”

Zeus nodded and smiled. “Odin, you sound fair and reasonable. I was afraid that an old scoundrel like you wouldn’t agree! But in truth, this is good for both our countries.”

Upon hearing what Odin and Zeus were discussing, Brunhilda promptly stood up and furiously said, “I don’t agree! Even if you kill me, I won’t agree! Li Yunmu is my husband and no one can snatch him from me.”

Zeus’ complexion immediately changed and he coldly said, “Hmph, Odin, didn’t I give a good opportunity to make alliance with Heavenly Gods Council? Our greatest enemy right now is the Eight.

“They went back with a loss this time, but now they will focus their full attention on awakening their master god. If someday they truly awaken Lord Brahma, our both countries will be done for. If you aren’t willing to consent to this matter, we will return to being enemies!”

Zeus began to threaten, but Brunhilda was a stubborn woman. “If you will become hostile, then we will also become hostile. Don’t tell me that you think our Scandinavia will be afraid of you!”


Zeus grew anxious from Brunhilda’s unruly actions. He even trembled from head to toe.

“Shut your mouth!” Odin shouted out in an imposing manner. “Don’t be rude! Kneel down right now!”

Brunhilda promptly knelt down and said, “Father, I hope that you will consider it properly for my marriage and won’t let me sink to the level of a sacrificial pawn!”

Odin gave a meaningful glance to Frigga without saying anything., but how couldn’t she understand his meaning? He clearly wanted her to persuade his daughter to suffer a temporary grievance in exchange for eternal peace between the two countries.

Frigga went to Brunhilda’s side and supported her up with her hand. “Your father is thinking about the people of Scandinavia. You should understand it as a princess and don’t add to his burden.”

Brunhilda’s gaze was filled with fury, and she pointed a finger at Athena. “But she—”

“A man having three wives and four concubines is very ordinary. Daughter, you aren’t consolidating your position by doing this but rather destroying it.”

Upon hearing Frigga’s whispered words, Brunhilda was slightly startled and raised her head. She looked up at her mother with naivety evident in her gaze.

“Mother when you all allowed me to marry Li Yunmu, you didn’t tell me about this! You all had said that from then on, I would have someone to pamper, but I still haven’t properly pampered my husband, and you have already chosen a concubine for him! I don’t agree!”

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Frigga sighed. “Daughter, don’t tell me that you really want the Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council to stay enemies for eternity? Moreover remain eternally unable to awaken our master gods to lead our god clans?”


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