Gang Chul Shin Gum, Steel New Sword, 강철신검

Chapter 193 - 25000 vs 1 [3]

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Chapter 193: < Protect – Episode 192 – 25000 vs 1 [3] >

James Black, A.K.A. Black fortune, was a living legend of the US military’s special operation. But compared to Ahn Soo Ho, he was just an ordinary operations agent. Ahn Soo Ho was active as an on-site agent for only 2 years, or around 600 days to be exact. But what he did during that short period of time allowed him to sit on the throne.

Following the battle in Sicilia, he transformed into a negotiation mediator, and after that, all average missions were given to Logan and his underlings. To be honest, Ahn Soo Ho wasn’t very active for 10 years before his retirement. Since people trusted his reputation and hired him without any hesitation, there wasn’t much room for problems.

He even became an example for the enemies.

Ahn Soo Ho still abided by his rule of giving everyone a chance to save themselves. The broadcast was made in English, French, and the African language.

“Back off! Then we won’t look for you!”

99% probably wouldn’t understand, but the 1% who understood it was enough. The reason why Boko Haram expanded so quickly was because Ahn Soo Ho wiped out their competing organization. At the time, the African human trafficking organizations were targeted, and Boko Haram was too new back then to be noticed.

Ahn Soo Ho sat on a wooden chair and hung up a white flag on top of a flimsy tree while waiting for someone in the wind. Since there wasn’t much time left that Bridal Mask gave them, they had to hurry up, but they took their sweet time.

‘They can just die then.’

If anyone could look into his thoughts, they would have been shocked. The rich who had never earned a dollar in their life and the arrogant educated people deserved to die.

Ahn Soo Ho looked up at the night sky of Africa.

The way the moon and stars sparkled so clearly showed off another charm different from that of Seoul. In the highlands with only the beautiful sky to admire, he heard the sound of a car engine along with the lights of headlights. The driver parked on a safe distance away from Ahn Soo Ho and then approached with a flashlight. What was funny was that that person was holding a white flag, too.

“Sit down.”

Ahn Soo Ho offered a seat to the man. The flimsy wooden chairs were stronger than they looked. Under the bright moonlight, the man’s face revealed to be covered with hair. That meant it was definitely a man, and in North Africa and the Middle East where Islams were common, men weren’t treated as adults if they didn’t have facial hair.

“Soo Ho.”


The greeting methods of Islamic fundamentalists were very complicated. But the man was very familiar with the Western method. He was called a fundamentalist, but his religion was just an excuse for him to not have other people telling him what to do.

“How are the wife and children? The eldest is in London, right?”

“Yeah. The first is in London and the second is going to enter Harvard next year.”

This wasn’t something that was expected to come out of Boko Haram’s executive’s mouth since he was against Western education methods. What was funnier was that Hamid was from MIT himself. This situation was similar to a silver spoon who got all the best education and jobs, but he suddenly decided to become a politician representing the commoners.

“Say it.”

“Eduard has lost his mind.”

“What do you mean?”

“He lost his family to the US military’s attack.”

“How unfortunate.”

“That’s how all wars are, I suppose. So the living should just go on living. As you know, our organization doesn’t have a long history.”

Boko Haram, the IS West African Branch, and other Islamic fundamentalist activities only began after the Afghanistan war which the US military started. And everyone knew that they had a clear objective and intention.

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“The executives and their families all receive elite education of Western culture.”

“But you have an excuse.”

“Yeah, we do. That we’re tricking the Pagan and spying on them. But the ones who receive such high education come to realize how stupid the fundamentalist movement is. If they’re pure fundamentalists, they can’t learn foreign languages like English or French, and they can’t even upload decapitation videos on YouTube. What about cars or fridges or electricity? They can’t use anything that Pagans made.”

“Isn’t that why they mostly drive Japanese cars more than American ones?”

“Haha. Maybe. Anyway, the frame we created is what is keeping us trapped. In the end, we have no choice but to drag in outsiders. The problem is that they can’t be controlled.”

“Outsiders? Who is it?”

“Soo Ho. It’s an organization you know.”

Ahn Soo Ho thought of a name.

“Allayas Frovesa?”


Alleyas Frovesa was the craziest of the crazies. They were an assassination squad that had the most broken men in the world. How did soldiers make a living after coming back from the war with missing arms and legs? The only thing that mercenaries and soldiers were good at doing was killing.

Originally, Alleyas Frovesa started off as a union for the injured soldiers and mercenaries, and it seemed pleasant to see the disabled helping each other out. But they started to degenerate about 10 years ago, and then they started to become known for the hiring advertisements for assassins. At one point, women, children, and elders were favored while in the 21st century, the disabled were the most preferred.

No one suspected the disabled to be killers. What was scarier was that Alleyas took the disabled who didn’t want to live anymore and pushed them to their deaths. There were many who wanted to die so that they could leave large monetary compensation for their families. Most of all, in Africa, even the most average people had the crazy idea of wanting to be disabled.

“Why? Why did they drag me into this? I didn’t have any kind of point of contact with them.”

“I don’t think there needs to be a reason for crazy people… Soo Ho, it seems like you expect everyone to think in logical ways.”


“The way I see it… you seem to still have hope for mankind.”

How could Ahn Soo Ho, also known as the killing machine, be a humanist? Hamid said it, but he couldn’t believe it either. The two looked at the night sky without saying anything. And the first one to speak up again was Hamid.

“The hostages are near Lake Chad.”

“They crossed the border.”

“That region… doesn’t even have borders.”

“What about Chad’s military?”

“Well, France hated that the US declared war first.”

“Is this their unofficial way of expressing their opinion?”

“The French government would probably deny it.”

“Anyway… you brought a tail with you, my friend.”

Hamid was startled by what Ahn Soo Ho said.

“I… I don’t know anything about this, Soo Ho!”

“I know. They probably secretly followed you.”

Hamid was relieved when Ahn Soo Ho nodded. Once Hamid calmed down, he thought about it and then clapped his hands.

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“If it’s near here, it’s Mohammed’s 6th group.”


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