Spare Me, Great Lord!

The Speaking Pork Trotter, 会说话的肘子

Chapter 668 - New Plan

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Chapter 668: New Plan

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At the moment when Lu Shu was recognized by Li Yixiao, he started to doubt whether he could be a good undercover agent. Why was it so easy to recognize him?

Yet, he did not know that Li Yixiao had already known he was in this team. As a Heavenly King, Li Yixiao noticed Lu Shu’s sudden disappearance. At the same time, he learned that a team had just departed from Luo City. This could not be a coincidence.

Although all of the secret practitioners in the team were citizens of Luo City, the negotiators were from the southern parts of the country. So why must they depart from Luo City, a compact city equipped with a pitifully small airport?

While others might not know it, Li Yixiao was aware that this served as cover for an important person. Who could that be? The answer was clear.

Hence, Li Yixiao started looking for clues of Lu Shu the second he opened the door. At first, he was worried that he might not be able to find him as Lu Shu had the mask on.

But soon, he realized the worry was unnecessary. Lu Shu’s personality was like a torch in the darkness. It was simply too conspicuous…

Hesitantly, Lu Shu said, “But there’s no source of money in Africa. Plus the fact that Nalan Que is watching your wallet closely. How can you make money like that?”

Li Yixiao pondered for a while and said, “I bet the EO headquarters has a huge stock of cash. How about this? I’ll listen to you and do whatever you say. We can split the earnings into 90% and 10%. You keep the money first and I’ll get it from you after we get home!”

Clever, Lu Shu thought. With his space bag confiscated by Nalan Que, Li Yixiao could use Lu Shu as his temporary cash vault…

Before Lu Shu could speak, Li Yixiao interrupted, “Brother, please help me. It’s really too difficult. I think there won’t be much money this time, so please don’t give me decimals. My heart can’t take it…”

“Well…” Lu Shu did not expect that Li Yixiao would say it first. Nonetheless, his original plan was to acquire the EO through a peaceful deal, which probably would not happen now that Li Yixiao was here. Otherwise, how could they get the money?

But sufficient preparation was needed if they really decided to fight. Lu Shu still preferred the strategy of secret attacks, which would gain him a better advantage.

“Wait for my signal. We’ll start tomorrow,” Lu Shu said. With that, he leaped out of the window.

Li Yixiao’s face suddenly beamed with joy as he saw the two bowls of cup noodles on Lu Shu’s table. He took them in his hands and headed out to the dining room. For some reason, Nalan Que and Lin Ganyu was having a good chat. Having spent too long with a bunch of guys, Lin Ganyu craved talking to ladies.

Lin Ganyu said, “It’s so cute that both of you are Practitioners, and you can lead an adventurous life in the world together.”

Undeniably, Nalan Que and Li Yixiao’s romantic story was really admirable. In times of peace, countless girls dreamed about going through battles with their loved ones. They could endure hardships together. How romantic and thrilling, just like those couples in heroic stories.

But Nalan Que sighed in distress. “Cute? I don’t even know whether he loves me.”

Their relationship was slightly strained after Li Yixiao refused to have kids with her. Nalan Que was not dumb. She knew Li Yixiao understood her, and rejected her too.

Lin Ganyu whispered to her, “If you want to know whether a man loves you, stare into his eyes for ten seconds. If he takes the initiative to kiss you, it means he loves you.”

Nalan Que was skeptical. “So easy?”

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“Just try it,” Lin Ganyu said with a smile.


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