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Chapter 135 Deep in the Tunnel

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Chapter 135 Deep in the Tunnel

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From the partitioned rooms and decorations around him, Xia Fei could tell that this building was an important facility like the city hall or the congress assembly.

At the center of this building was a large, open courtyard, and it appeared that he was somewhere five floors above that.

He saw numerous, dug-out holes on the first floor, each roughly about an adult mans height. It was unknown where the closely packed entrances led to.

That murderous aura was coming from these countless tunnels, and Xia Fei reckoned that they should all be connected, with some unknown insectoid living within this network of tunnels.

Taking a look around him, there were actually no other insectoids inside this huge building, most likely because a high-level insectoid had taken up residence here, so every other insectoid was giving it a wide berth.

It could be seen that the one here was not just above the insectoids outside in terms of their level but was also likely the leader of City 02.

Xia Fei went down one floor via the stairs, ducking behind a broken office desk for cover. He kept a close eye on what was below him, hoping to catch sight of the insectoid leaving the tunnels so that he could determine whether he could kill it or not.

An hour passed in this manner, and that insectoid Xia Fei was hoping to see did not leave its resting place at all.

The situation remained unchanged after two hours.

After three hours, that violent aura diminished by some, and Xia Fei reckoned that it might be a sign that the insectoid had fallen asleep in its nest.

Pondering over this quickly in his mind, he decided that this was a rare opportunity and that he must capitalize on this stroke of fortune to venture into the tunnels and kill the insectoid.

He got up and was just about to make his way into one of the tunnel entrances when, all of a sudden, he heard skittering noises of seemingly several insectoids rushing to the location from outside the building.

Xia Fei once more crouched low and kept his eyes peeled on the entrance.

After a while, he saw four five-colored beetles, which were dragging in a carcass of an insectoid and some fresh grass, crawl in from the outside.

Xia Fei was quite surprised. He recognized the carcass these insectoids had brought in as the sawtooth he had killed earlier. In fact, the diamond-shaped crystal from its head was sitting quietly in his spatial ring at this very moment.

The four five-colored beetles used their mandibles to drag the carcass and fresh grass into the tunnels, ignorant of Xia Feis presence.

Could they be sending in lunch for the insectoid in the tunnels? Xia Fei wondered to himself.

There were many types of insectoids capable of thought, doing work, and developing their language just like humans; some were even able to drive insectoids with lower IQs to do work for them.

Could there be a high-level insectoid in the tunnels? Xia Feis suspicions grew. It must be mentioned that high-IQ insectoids were classified as at least level 4 or above by the Pan-Human Alliance, yet Bosingwa had told all the cadets, including him, that there were only level 1 and 2 insectoids on this planet. Just where had the highly intelligent insectoid come from if it was truly residing here?

With his Breath Control still active, Xia Fei surreptitiously tailed those four insectoids as they entered one of the tunnel entrances.

These five-colored beetles were hardly a threat to Xia Fei, having already killed almost a hundred of them while he was outside. The only thing that might be a threat to him was that insectoid he had not yet met inside these tunnels.

Xia Fei had already perfected his Breath Control technique, so these five-colored beetles were unable to sense that a human was right behind them. Xia Fei maintained a two-hundred-meter distance from them, using the uneven terrain within as cover while he tailed these insectoids that were going deeper underground.

The tunnel was pitch-black inside, and the air was cold and stale. The strong smell of decay was everywhere as if a pile of rotten fish had been placed somewhere in these tunnels.

Xia Fei turned on his Windshade Mark IV combat suits night built-in vision goggles and kept the environmental monitoring instrument into his spatial ring. This planets environment was exceptionally bad, and the instrument should logically be stored away somewhere on his body just in case of emergency, but the instrument would beep endlessly the moment it detected danger, and that would expose Xia Fei, endangering him as a corollary.

Fortunately, the legendary-grade defensive capability of his Windshade Mark IV combat suit had fairly decent protection against all sorts of hazardous materials, so there was no need for Xia Fei to worry about the environment he was in.

The length and complexity of the tunnels went well beyond what he had imagined; half an hour had already passed ever since he entered the tunnels.

Xia Fei reckoned that he should be over two kilometers below the surface at this moment, and to have dug such a deep and complex tunnel system was a testament to the depths of understanding the insectoid possessed over digging.

The smell of rot in the air was becoming more and more distinct as well, seemingly filling every corner of these tunnels.

There was another bend in front of him, and with these many tunnels all starting to converge in one point, he could infer that the insectoids nest was not too far away from his location.

Moving forward, Xia Fei abruptly discovered that one tunnel was a lot colder than those he had been in thus far, and there were even icicles that had condensed on the rocky wall surfaces.

The path was very slippery, so Xia Fei pushed a button to activate his combat boots ice spikes underneath.

He continued along for another five-hundred meters, and the way ahead gradually opened up to a cavern.

In response, Xia Fei completely activated the spikes on his combat suit, using these to scale the wall like an agile gecko.

Several minutes later, Xia Fei silently appeared at the highest part of this cavern and spotted a sleeping, maroon-colored insectoid.

The four five-colored beetles seemed to be very afraid of it, for they took care to toss that sawtooth carcass on the ground, leaving the bundle of green grass to the side, very quietly before quickly retreating to where they had come from. Once they were a good distance from the maroon-colored insectoid, the four beetles scurried away as fast as they could, looking as if they had just survived a meeting with death.

By now, the only ones left in this cavern were that maroon-colored beetle and Xia Fei. This insectoid was not particularly large, only about 1.5 meters in length, not even reaching Xia Feis height.

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From its outward appearance, it appeared to be a super-sized woodlouse; its body was long and narrow, with a smooth and hard carapace covering its back. There were plenty of soft feelers on its abdomen, most likely what it used to move. A pair of blood-red orbs were growing on its head and tail, making it hard for anyone to determine which was which.

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