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Chapter 156 Plumager

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Chapter 156 Plumager

The eighteen, nine-sided round blades spun in the air at varying speeds.


Xia Fei yelled as all the disc blades gathered before shooting toward the invisible air wall like a meteor across the sky.

The nine-sided disc blades spun at incredible speeds like a chainsaw, spinning so fast that only its afterimage could be seen.

A spinning attack like this was one of the best against a wall of compressed air. It was like an electric drill, ripping apart the densely packed air.

Pang Hai was utterly shocked. He then put his hands together, superimposing the first wall with another to prevent it from breaking under Xia Fei's disc blades.

Unfortunately, Pang Hai had still underestimated the power of psychokinesis.

*Whoosh whoosh!*

The disc blades broke through the air walls after clashing against it for a few moments. These walls were like paper against such a powerful display of skill.


Xia Fei ripped through the broken air wall with his hands as if he were tearing fabric apart before he walked through the walls.


The spinning disc blades returned onto Celestial Moon as the weapon reverted to its original, incredible form.

"He's a psychokinetic ability user, too."

"That means he has two abilities; how is that even possible?"

Pang Hai knitted his eyebrows. He never would have thought that Xia Fei not only possessed speed ability but psychokinesis as well.

There was an unwritten rule in the Alliance: If one wanted to become an elite warrior, they must not have multiple abilities. Nobody had ever managed to cultivate two completely different abilities up to the same level. One could not eat the cake and have it, but Xia Fei broke this unwritten rule.

Not only did he have two abilities, both abilities were evenly trained to Star Domain rank.

One person bearing two abilities was not just a case of one plus one would equal two, but rather a case where the sum was greater than its parts.

Qin Mang had previously managed to detect a change in Xia Fei's temperament. He thought that Xia Fei had acquired a new technique and gained a bunch of confidence from it, possessing the calmness of a true warrior, but he was only half right.

Xia Fei did indeed become stronger and was now calmer than before, but his strength was not built on the basis of new techniques but a whole new ability, instead.


This was the biggest power behind Xia Fei; he was now an incredibly unique dual ability user.

Although he had not managed to realize both abilities to their fullest potential, he now had more resources against a stronger foe.

Battle experience from countless near-death encounters.

The horrifying combination of two abilities.

All these allowed Xia Fei to possess an incredible confidence and calmness.

Xia Fei spoke calmly as he pointed Celestial Moon at Pang Hai. "I'm meeting Avril no matter what, and nobody can stop me."


Incredible aura.

An unstoppable aura emanated from Xia Fei.

The rage was still brewing within Xia Fei. There was no question that anyone who got in his way would be blown into smithereens sans mercy.

Pang Hai's surprise could be seen on his face, for he was truly utterly shocked by Xia Fei's aura. However, he quickly managed to regain his composure.

Psychokinesis was one of the countless abilities that humans possessed. Xia Fei's newly acquired ability could be used for manipulation, allowing him to control anything he wanted with his second ability as long as the item's weight and volume was what he could manage.

In truth, even Xia Fei himself did not know that he had been training his mental powers since he started cultivating the Beast Spirit Codex. Beast Spirit Codex was not just an ability that allowed for control of beasts but also a cultivation handbook. Not only would its learners eventually be able to communicate with beasts, but they could also develop a new mental ability through it.

It was only after all the bloodshed on Heritage Planet that his ability to manipulate had been fully realized, and from then on, Xia Fei had become an actual psychokinesis ability user.

Xia Fei picked Celestial Moon as his new weapon for it was made with a material called Crowe alloy. Crowe alloy resonated with human brainwaves, making it suitable to be controlled using mental energy.

"This is Sunset Villa. Do you know what happens when you trespass here?" Pang Hai showed great manners as he spoke with a smile.

"I don't know, nor do I want to know."

"You and the mistress are completely different people living in different worlds," Pang Hai said deeply.

Xia Fei had heard the same phrase so many times recently that he had gotten sick of it by then. It was as if everyone thought that he would use Avril for her money.

"I know," Xia Fei replied with furrowed eyebrows.

"Yet you're still insisting on meeting the young mistress."

"I'm not looking for your young mistress; I'm looking for Avril."

"Avril is the young mistress, and the young mistress is Avril."

"I know."

"You know?"

Xia Fei asked back with a dry laugh, "What are you trying to say?"

"I hope that you'll stop harassing the young mistress," said Pang Hai after a few moments.

"Harass?" Xia Fei curled the corner of his lips. "Avril will be the judge whether I'm harassing her or not; you guys just need to stay out of it."

After saying that, Xia Fei continued up the mountain.

He did not run this time, instead walking up the steps slowly and purposefully, as though nothing else in Sunset Villa could stop him.

Those guards who had retreated down the mountain as well as those guarding the peak and the halfway point, started gathering.

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They had weapons in their hands as they stared at XIa Fei from afar.

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