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Chapter 176 Smuggler

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Chapter 176 Smuggler

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Because the vast expanse of No Mans Space was not under the protection of the Alliance, falling into pirates hands would make for extremely dire straits.

Piracy was an ancient profession, and these space pirates were far more merciless than the pirates who just steered sailboats in the high seas centuries back. The cosmos had become the perfect hiding place for them, and it would be hard to locate any pirates even through a large-scale search.

Xia Fei hesitated for a moment before accepting the communication signal. At the end of the day, he was piloting a battlecruiser, and the average pirate was absolutely no match for it. Unless he encountered the rumored warlord bands, this battlecruiser would definitely be able to have an unimpeded cruise through space.

This is the Tomahawk; state your identity at once, Xia Fei ordered.

Tomahawk was the name Xia Fei had given this Vexor-class battlecruiser. Since its exterior looked like a silver tomahawk, Xia Fei named it accordingly.

Without the support of the interplanetary internet, interstellar communication would be subjected to troublesome interference from plenty of environmental factors. In fact, ultra-long-distance communications had long been a problem that plagued mankind.

The Tomahawk had a high-tech communications facility, so its signal reception was decent. Though it was evident that the other party lacked any advanced communications equipment, for the voice that got transmitted back was broken and very static.

Please state your identity again, as well as the warship composition of the enemy. Xia Fei frowned.

The present situation was that the spaceship under attack could hear Xia Feis voice, while he was unable to hear anything from their end aside from static.

If there were two pirate ships, Xia Fei believed that he could make quick work of them and save this one, but if there was a whole fleet of pirates, then that would be bad.

Furthermore, the cunning pirates here in No Mans Space would intentionally use SOS signals as bait, luring other ships into their traps, so it was prudent for Xia Fei to act cautiously here.

The only words Xia Fei could make out from the intermittent voice coming through were help, Kestrel-class, and pirates. He could infer that the civilian ship had unluckily bumped into a pirate-piloted, Kestral frigate and was now unable to escape.

His fingers tapped on his screen as Xia Fei piloted his frigate and warped to the signals coordinates.

What are you saving them for? What would you do if this turned out to be a trap? Phantom worriedly asked.

Xia Fei shook his head. I have no idea, but all that matters is that I want to go.

Phantom was speechless. Reality was just that intriguing. Xia Fei was an intelligent and sensible man, so logically, he ought to be the calm and composed sort who was not prone to making impulsive decisions, yet Xia Fei would often seek to deal with things according to his abilities in an extreme manner, not caring about the costs or consequences, even becoming unreasonable sometimes.

Fortunately, Xia Fei had a superhuman intuition, and his sixth sense was usually on the mark, which was why he had not really suffered a huge loss this whole time.

It was just that these extreme traits, which had all appeared in Xia Fei, made it really difficult for others to get a good read of his intrinsic character. Phantom had been with Xia Fei for more than two years and the conclusion he could ultimately settle on was that Xia Fei was neither the calm and composed nor the impulsive sort; he was the complicated and unpredictable sort.

Covering the thirty-five thousand lightyears in the span of several minutes, the huge Tomahawk appeared from the wormhole and came gleaming against the dark space.

He saw a small industrial ship being hounded by a Kestrel-class frigate, the latter circling around its prey as it unleashed attacks. The missiles left trails of blue flames as they shot out, exploding upon the industrial ships fuselage.

It was apparent that the industrial ship was already on the verge of falling apart. If Xia Fei were even a minute later, this could very well be its grave, becoming just one of the plenty of debris drifting in space.

Release the light combat drones; target the Kestrel-class frigate. Give them a sound beating for me!

Prime the warp disruptor, and get ready to interrupt the enemys warp attempt!

Xia Fei, who was very calmly sitting on the command deck, continuously gave out orders after orders to the onboard intelligent command system.

Benefiting from this intelligent programs existence, Xia Fei was able to control the huge cruiser all by himself, without needing additional crew to help. If this had been the galactic society long ago, Xia Fei would have very likely needed thousands of people just to man this ship.

The Kestrel-class frigate was completely no match for the Tomahawk; the two were like peaches against a watermelon. The former was completely outmatched by the latter.

Oh, god! Thats a battlecruiser, and its even one belonging to the Adjudicator Union!

Quick! Initiate the emergency warp! Hurry!

The pirate ship began to flee in their panic when they saw the Tomahawk appear, pushing their warp engine to its maximum capacity, disappearing without a trace into that endless expanse.

They would most likely find it hard to shake off the specter in their minds for a very long time after today. The sudden appearance of a battlecruiser was already very unnerving to these pirates; what more since it was one belonging to the Union, with possibly many powerful Adjudicators onboard.

Actually, they were only half right. The Tomahawk did indeed have an Adjudicator inside, but there was only one, and this Adjudicator was still just an apprentice.

They actually fled! Xia Fei pursed his lips, somewhat feeling dissatisfied.

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Though the battlecruiser was a powerful ship, it was a little sluggish when dealing with small targets. After all, the larger a warship was, the longer it would take it to respond.

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