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Chapter 186 Cuboids

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Chapter 186 Cuboids

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Tomahawk flew right next to a huge cuboid structure. It looked just like a discarded, enormous piece of cubic rock as it had neither a window nor a door.

The cubic structures reminded Xia Fei of the pyramids on Earth. They looked a lot like the pyramids, but they were larger in volume and looked even older.

What kind of person built this many gigantic structures in a supergravity zone? What purpose did these structures serve? Was it humans who built them?

These were all the questions floating in Xia Feis minds. He decided to leave the ship to investigate with his eyes, but before that, he must do a complete scan of the planet to find out if Old Porter had visited this place.

The red planet had quite a big surface area. The Tomahawk circled around it, scanning everything in detail. Because the gravity was much stronger here than before, it was not flying fast at all.

Xia Fei and Phantom stood by the window and peered out at the planet without even blinking. There were hills and valleys on this planet, meaning that there were nooks and crannies that could not be seen easily, requiring them to slow down from time to time for a closer inspection.

Time flew by, and seven hours passed in the blink of an eye.

All of a sudden, with the help of his acute perception, Xia Fei noticed that there were signs of a ship that had stopped on a plot of red soil ahead of him.

Anytime a ship wished to stop, the warp engine needed to utilize its huge horsepower, producing huge winds that would toss everything around. This plot of red dirt looked as if someone had swept it; all the dust was on one side, leaving behind a spot in the center that sank slightly into the ground.

Moreover, this was a supergravity area. Other than incredible gusts or high-performance warp engines, not much else could move dust around because of how strong the gravity was.

Go closer to that area.

Xia Fei commanded the Tomahawk to approach that plot of land, and it was soon right in front of him.

The ground had six divots, evidently produced by a ships landing gear.

It seems that Uncle Porter has been here! Xia Fei exclaimed.

Yeah, it does appear to be so, but he probably already left, Phantom added.

Xia Fei rushed toward the ships landing hatch. Im going down; perhaps there are some useful clues around here.

Landing on an area with extreme gravity was undoubtedly dangerous as the body needed to withstand pressures dozens of times stronger; even an excellent ability user like Xia Fei would not be taking it easy.

Since Porter has already left, we should leave, too; perhaps well find him if when we go to the next spot, advised Phantom as he did not want to see Xia Fei exploring.

Xia Fei shook his head as he scooped up his spacesuit, quickly putting it on. No, I must find out what Old Porter was looking for. Plus, those structures are incredibly weird; arent you interested at all?

Phantom pouted. It doesnt matter if Im interested; the thing is that you are.

Xia Fei let out a hearty laugh. Strange things always happen in strange places. How much time can a quick look take? Old Porter left this place in one piece; the worst thing here is probably the gravity. There shouldnt be anything outside of that.

Xia Feis analysis made sense. Old Porter probably finished his landing on this planet. If he was just searching, he could have done that in the air; it made no sense to stop his ship on the planet. If the old mechanic managed to leave after staying on this planet for a bit, it meant that he did not encounter any trouble, or else he would still be here.

At this moment, Harris left the room. When he saw that Xia Fei intended to land on the planet no matter what, he said with furrowed eyebrows, Xia Fei, I think that you should wear two spacesuits.

There were two types of spacesuits for spacewalks: The first one was made of high-strength alloys, which resembled a suit of armor, that could withstand the weird and unpredictable climate in outer space.

The second one was made of a softer material. Although it had a weaker defense, it was much more comfortable and would not feel cumbersome to the wearer.

In these conditions and under such pressures, the high-strength spacesuit might crumble under its own weight, while the softer spacesuit might put all the pressure on Xia Fei, meaning that his body would have to bear the full force of gravity.

Xia Fei felt that Harris made sense. Wearing both meant double protection; if the outer layer was damaged, there was still the other layer left to protect him.

The landing hatch slowly opened. It was noticeably slower than before as the hydraulic door was affected by gravity the same way, becoming more sluggish.

The incredible pressure was felt by Xia Fei all over his body. Xia Fei remained still at the landing hatch, allowing himself to fully adjust to the pressure before moving.

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After five whole minutes, Xia Fei finally started walking away from the Tomahawk. His footsteps were slow as it felt like he had a mountain on his back; his face was getting flushed because of it, too.

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