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Chapter 192 Utter Destruction!

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Chapter 192 Utter Destruction!

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The Vampire made an abrupt twist, blasting away across space.

Unmanned combat drones, dash right into the enemy! Xia Fei howled his command.


Ten of his heavy combat drones flew right for the enemies drone swarm at once, doing their best to stall the vast majority of them so that Xia Fei could have more time to rescue Old Porter.

Xia Feis Vampire was about to crash into Porters Tristan-class frigate, which was already extremely weak, no longer able to withstand even another knock.


Activate the lateral auxiliary thrusters at one hundred percent overclocking! Xia Fei ordered with gravitas.

A spectacular flame shot forth from Vampires side as the warships flight speed rapidly decreased.

Establishing a docking bridge between two ships required the utmost precision of control, and Xia Feis series of actions had been faultless, his reaction speed even faster than that of the mainframe.


A dull collision sound rang as the bridges perfectly connected to each other; the force of the impact just so happened to be within the acceptable threshold of the metal alloy, so the bridge did not suffer any damage due to the overly forceful maneuver.

The hatch opened instantly after the successful connection. Porter, who was already prepared, went running to Xia Feis warship. He was already sweating profusely at this point, his face even paler than usual.

Get ready; were about to warp!

Xia Fei did not have the time to chat with Porter. At the moment, the heavy drones, which he had sacrificed to stall the enemies, had all been destroyed, and a countless number of combat drones were presently blasting away at Vampires energy shields with great ferocity.

The sound of thunderous fire pealed as innumerable attacks repeatedly connected. The energy shields value was dropping fast as if they were performing a high-platform dive. The longer he remained in this situation, the more disadvantageous he would be. After all, the number of enemies he was going up against was simply too much!

Activate the instant warp! Quick!


A temporary wormhole, which had no particular destination, opened, and Vampire flew right to it. Behind the ship was the swarm of combat drones, all of them attempting to press with their attacks on Vampire.


Old Porters Tristan-class frigate could no longer withstand any enemy fire and turned into explosive fireworks, lighting up the starry space.

The resulting blast rocked Vampire as the sound reverberated within the warship.

Those combat drones were far less resilient than Vampire, so the violent detonation had taken down half of those in flight, littering the space with metal scraps which came flying everywhere!

Full speed ahead! Xia Fei urgently piloted the ship right into the wormhole.

This time, the self-destruct of the Tomahawk in the distance occurred!

Exploding and self-destructing were two completely different concepts. A ship would explode as a result of external forces, which made it so that the ships structure or its reactor would no longer be able to bear the brunt of attacks and thus explode, but a ship self-destructing was the result of the mainframe causing all the combustibles, including the ships ammunition bay, warp engine, reactor, and everything else, to detonate!

The resulting explosion would most definitely be violent and incendiary!

The Tomahawk was a battlecruiser, so be it the nuclear material found in its reactor or the weaponry stored in its ammunition bay, all would far outstrip that of an average warship. Not to mention that the Tomahawk had not just one reactor but two!

The ensuing explosion it created was simply devastating!


A huge mushroom cloud formed from the eruption, producing a light brighter than the midday sun.

The blastwave, metal scraps, and heat of the explosion instantly filled that piece of space!

Countless diamond-shaped drones disintegrated in that huge explosion!

This was the third step to Xia Feis plan: Using the Tomahawks self-destruct to get rid of all the enemies harrying them once and for all!

Xia Fei was never one who would willingly be at a disadvantage. Though his biggest goal was to escape, he did not forget to brutally lash out at the enemies in retaliation.

It had to be said that this one move Xia Fei had done was truly vicious. Pretty much all of the enemies, possibly numbering in the tens of thousands, had been consumed in that huge explosion. Furthermore, to be able to come up with such a detailed escape plan in the scant time he had was a testament to his extraordinary decision-making skills. It was not anything an average human being could achieve.


Vampire closed the wormhole at around the same time the explosion occurred, beginning its warp as the streaking stars flew past around them, a gorgeous and dazzling sight.

The drones that had managed to follow Vampire into the wormhole were unable to withstand the tearing force of the wormhole and turned into metallic dust almost instantaneously.

Xia Fei heaved a long sigh of relief. He shook his arms forcefully; because he had to execute such an impossible parabolic maneuver, he ended up using too much of his strength and he was now somewhat sore from the exertion. The reinforced-metal-alloy steering wheel had already been deformed due to Xia Feis extreme operation, which was evidence of just how much strength Xia Fei had been using moments ago.

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Immediately start the self-diagnosis, Xia Fei ordered.

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