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Chapter 296 - The Calm Before the Storm

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Chapter 296: The Calm Before the Storm

Xia Fei received a call from Pang Xing when he left the Admiralty’s headquarters, saying that he should head to the Sunset Villa without telling him a reason.

The lieutenant responsible for escorting Xia Fei back was kind enough to send him to his destination. Xia Fei immediately saw Pang Xing pacing back and forth anxiously when he arrived.

“What’s going on?” Xia Fei asked with a smile.

Pang Xing rubbed his hands and asked, “Were you disqualified from the warship event?”

Xia Fei replied, “Well, my warship is completely destroyed, so even though I won the last event, I lost the qualification to take part in the next round, but I still can participate in the upcoming search event and the final round.”

Pang Xing let out a sigh. “I don’t know which servant went and told the young lady about it, but she’s extremely sad because of it. She was already on edge when she saw you being flanked by nine people, so she couldn’t accept it when she learned that you got disqualified even though you won the event. She’s in the study now. You should cheer her up; I know that you can do it.”

Xia Fei nodded and followed Pang Xing up the mountain.

They bumped into Avril’s father, Newman, at the main hall as soon as they stepped out of the lift. He seemed to be in a hurry. His secretary was behind him with his briefcase while he was on a phone call.

Newman was startled. He told the person on the phone to hold on for a second then took the initiative to approach Xia Fei and greeted him. Xia Fei greeted back politely, too.

The procedures were as uniform as computational code. It was neither surprising nor disappointing as if they were just mere strangers.

After watching Newman leave, Pang Xing said awkwardly, “He’s always been busy, but he doesn’t dislike you.”

Xia Fei nodded indifferently. The same awkward situation was going to happen again in the future. He must get used to it. He could not blame Newman, either. After all, he had killed the man’s brother, even though he had only done it to protect Avril. It was obviously going to leave a huge scar in his heart still.

Phantom once asked Xia Fei, “What would you do if Avril’s father were hurting her?”

Xia Fei responded with a gesture. It was a common gesture for all humans, the gesture to kill.

Avril was writing and drawing in the study in a serious manner, with a hand holding her cheek. She seemed to be in deep thoughts.

Xia Fei went up to her with a smile. “What are you writing?”

Avril subconsciously hid the notepad with her hand to stop the person from looking at it, but she smiled when she realized that the person was Xia Fei. She jumped up from her seat and dragged him to the couch by pulling his arm.

“I was calculating the score of the participants in the Golden Finger Cup,” Avril said. Her eyes immediately dimmed. “I already finished the calculation. Even if you did well in the last two rounds, you’d still be ranked only above three hundred.”

Avril obviously sounded disappointed. Xia Fei was extremely touched. It felt great to be cared for by someone. He only knew how it felt when he was being cared for.

“Don’t bother; let me tell you a secret.” Xia Fei smiled.

Avril immediately wore a serious and curious look when she heard the word ‘secret’. She opened her eyes wide like a pair of glittering stars and nodded softly.

“The truth is, I didn’t take part in the Golden Finger Cup to become the champion. I’m only planning to use it as an opportunity to promote a product I invented. It’s called the energy-shield booster,” Xia Fei said.

“A booster? What does it do?” Avril asked curiously.

Xia Fei briefly explained the functionalities of the booster. Avril nodded and asked, “It sounds very impressive. Did you invent it on your own?”

Avril was very happy. She was proud of Xia Fei for being able to invent such an advanced device.

“That’s right. I might have lost the chance to win the Golden Finger Cup, but I’ve managed to promote my product nicely. If you don’t believe me, you can see how many people are asking the specifications of my warship on the internet. After the warship event, a few days from now, the organizer will disclose the specifications of every warship. My energy-shield booster will definitely make a name for itself by then.

“So don’t you worry, I’ve already achieved my greatest goal. I don’t really care about the title,” Xia Fei said.

Avril’s eyes suddenly glittered. She quickly opened the search engine of the interplanetary internet.

The threads discussing the specifications of Xia Fei’s warship were everywhere, exactly as he said. Everyone was guessing the secret weapon Xia Fei had used to take out nine opponents by himself. They were slowly losing their patience as the organizer was taking their time to disclose the specifications.

“It’s really the same as you said. Your plan worked. That’s great; I should congratulate you in advance.” Avril laughed pleasantly. She had always been an extrovert, so she might feel down easily, but it would go away quickly, too. She would immediately forget about the stress she was under when she heard some good news. It was also what Xia Fei liked about Avril. It was easier to amuse an extrovert girl, who was less likely to argue about trivialities.

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“You must buy a lot of things for me once you get rich.” Avril acted coquettish.

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