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Chapter 311 - A Cruiser with the Most Explosive Firepower

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Chapter 311: A Cruiser with the Most Explosive Firepower

Life was like that. Xia Fei was seen as no more than a pauper without becoming an A-list supplier for the military; at best, he was someone who could play a bit of the Galaxy Piano.

However, after General Tai announced that Xia Fei had the qualifications to become an A-list supplier of the military, everyone’s attitude toward Xia Fei did a one-eighty. With Nucleus Mining folding, Quantum Holdings’ mineral supply had become alarmingly scarce, which would have lost them a large profit. But that no longer mattered, for several large mining corporations in the Alliance immediately sought cooperation with Xia Fei. Not only did they step in to provide his company ores with expediency while also forgoing the deposit, their price was even twenty percent lower than the going rate. It was a level of treatment that was simply unimaginable before.

There were also many businessmen who were eager to make deals with Xia Fei, and their reason was the same: that shiny golden plaque that Xia Fei now owned, with engravings in a large font ‘A-list Supplier of the Pan-human Alliance’s Military’.

As day broke, this extremely luxurious banquet came to an end.

Xia Fei had one hand holding onto the railing, leaning as he admired the view beyond, a single Hongtashan between his lips.

“Congratulations.” Avril’s father Newman came walking over. From his steely expression, it seemed that this was not exactly what he was feeling inside.

Xia Fei nodded, not saying a word. There would always be a gulf between him and the whole family due to his hand at Barty’s death. None could be happy over what had happened, and it was only for Avril’s sake that no one had outright mentioned it.

“Looks like you didn’t really enjoy this banquet,” Newman said.

Xia Fei smiled, expressing himself frankly. “I did not, but I will learn to accept it.”

Newman looked far and watched Avril, who was sending the distinguished guests off. She was wearing a sweet smile on her face, most likely the happiest person last night.

Sighing, Newman extended a hand to Xia Fei. “I welcome you to the most decadent circle in the whole Alliance.”

Xia Fei was slightly surprised. He reciprocated by extending his own and shaking their clasped hands. The two did not have anything more to say to each other, but both men knew that they could no longer ignore the other’s existence, and it was all for Avril’s sake.

Gaia Industries. One of the four major warship manufacturing companies in the Pan-human Alliance.

Nicole Sawyer sat in her office, eyeing the clock on her desk. It was 8:58 in the morning, Venal timezone, yet Xia Fei’s call had yet to arrive.

Frowning, Nicole pushed a button and connected to her secretary outside.

“What time is it?” Nicole asked.

“8:58. Charwoman, do you have something on? This is already the third time you’re calling me to ask for the time. Is the clock on your desk spoiled?” asked her secretary curiously. There were many ways to get the time, be it via the communicator or with a clock; even the microcomputer would have the time displayed.

Actually, all the equipment was directly connected to a standard atomic clock, only going by a second off every million years. The secretary simply could not fathom why Nicole would still be asking him the time despite the various ways to find out herself.

“Yeah, no worries. You may get back to what you’re doing.”

Ending the call, Nicole had both her hands placed under her chin, looking out the window as she wondered to herself, ‘Is he actually not coming?

‘That’s impossible. That’s a heavy assault cruiser; why would he have any reason to reject it?

‘Could Avril have said something to him?

‘Maybe he doesn’t trust me?’

No matter what wild thoughts Nicole was contemplating over, the person whom she was hoping to appear did not show up. Turning on her computer, Nicole got ready to begin work for the day as she silently told herself that life must go on and that she should not be discouraged by this little matter.

That was when the communicator on her desk rang. Nicole was first startled by it before grabbing it with gusto.

“Nicole Sawyer.”

Only after hearing her name did the video image of Xia Fei appear. Nicole realized that she had made quite the gaffe by picking up the call in such a hurry.

Xia Fei smiled. “Morning, Miss Nicole.”

Nicole raised her eyebrow, forcing herself to be calm as she said evenly, “Sorry, it’s already nine. It’s already too late for you to call now.”

Xia Fei replied, “I’m never late. Please take a closer look at your clock.”

Nicole looked at the time on her clock and saw numbers jumping. It was nine in the morning, on the dot.

“Of course, I’m not of the habit of being early, either,” Xia Fei said, smiling.

“Where are we going?” Xia Fei was seated in a Gaian Tristan-class frigate, and beside him was the lady he met with last night.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Besides, it’s not like I’m selling you off.” Nicole’s eyes ran over Xia Fei as she added, “Plus, you aren’t really worth much when sold.”

Xia Fei was speechless.The smartest thing to do when a woman was being unruly was to remain quiet, so Xia Fei continued to stare out the window, not speaking to her anymore.

As such, Nicole only felt that it was too quiet, and the empty ship was giving a sort of suppressive vibe.

“Do you want to know what the heavy assault cruiser I mentioned looks like?” Nicole asked.

Xia Fei lit a cigarette. Nicole actually hated the scent of cigarettes, but for some reason, she tolerated that smelly tobacco and pretended not to be bothered by it.

“It couldn’t be more powerful than this warship, could it? On the surface, it looks like any other Tristan-class frigate, but this ship isn’t anything simple. I believe that it’s the legendary Comet-class,” Xia Fei said.

Nicole nodded. “To think you’d have quite a good understanding of warships. That’s right; this ship is actually a Comet-class, specially manufactured for the Alliance’s elite Tristan-class special force fleets, the Alligators. Every of them costs well over 900 million star coins, and that is just the price of this one ship. If we also include the equipment, I’m afraid that the number will go up close to two billion star coins.”

Xia Fei could not help but be flabbergasted. The Comet-class frigate boasted both powerful combat strength and defensive capabilities. He had only read about it in books, and this was the first time he had heard of a frigate costing 900 million star coins, which was enough to buy a battleship several times stronger. This ship was essentially carved out of solid gold.

“What a pity that such a powerful ship is no longer in production,” Xia Fei said regretfully.

Nicole mysteriously laughed. “Do you know why these top-notch warships ceased production?”


“I’m not telling you.” Nicole strolled over to the coffee machine and brought over two cups of coffee. “You’ll understand once you see that heavy-assault cruiser I’ve mentioned before.”

The frigate arrived on a planet which was teeming with life. Xia Fei followed Nicole off the frigate and looked around, puzzled. They were in the midst of a grove of ancient trees, with birds and the fragrance of flowers all around them. There was a mountain, which reached into the clouds, a distance away. It was completely covered in snow, with several mountain eagles flying above, searching for a meal. This looked to be a great tourist destination, but Xia Fei had no idea why would Nicole bring him into such a place.

There was a small airfield in this forest, seemingly able to contain no more than several dozens of frigates or six cruisers. This was exactly where their Comet-class frigate got parked.

The staff carried two chairs over, even setting up a parasol between, with fruits and little cakes neatly set on a table. Nicole sat down as she crossed her leg in a figure of four. “Let’s take a seat first.”

“Miss Nicole, where is this heavy assault cruiser you told me about?” Xia Fei asked.

“There’s no rush. Accompany me for tea first.” Nicole took a teacup to her lips as she said this. The red tea inside was steaming, so she lightly blew on it and took a sip.

Xia Fei had no choice but to play along. Sitting down with Nicole, his eyes subconsciously went over the scars on her wrist. Nicole had very casual makeup on her face, and the high heels and cumbersome maxi dress were gone; all in all, she was wearing less elaborate getup today.

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“Actually, you can get laser surgery to completely cover up those sorts of scars,” Xia Fei said softly.

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