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Chapter 334 - Rich Good-for-nothings

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Chapter 334: Rich Good-for-nothings

No one liked having good intentions returned with harm, and Xia Fei was no exception. He had tried to help that young man from the Monastic Order to get back up on his feet, but all he received in return was a green fireball which partially burned his clothes.

Xia Fei was enraged, not imagining that someone would take his kindness for evil. What exactly could he say?

“Screw you!” Xia Fei’s face was ashen as he gave a vicious slap.

Xia Fei thought that he had not put much strength into this slap, but he was actually stronger than these youths. An obvious handprint soon swelled up on the young man’s face, and the young man clenched his teeth as he coldly stared at Xia Fei.


The young man wanted to counterattack, but Xia Fei was not about to give him a second chance. He gave the youth a swift kick, which sent the latter flying ten-some meters away, where the youth crumpled on the ground while clenching his stomach and moaning in pain.

Xia Fei used his sleeve to wipe his face, and when he put down his arm, he realized that several dozen fiendish pairs of eyes were staring at him. He hastily turned his head and saw that the rich good-for-nothings from the Adjudicator Union had already been beaten down, and they were all lying on the ground and painfully groaning.

It was clear that the youths of the Monastic Order had taken Xia Fei as one of their enemies.

“You’re an Adjudicator?” angrily asked the stocky youth as he pointed at Xia Fei.

Xia Fei recalled what Thuram had told him. If he caused any big problems, since he was not wearing any sort of identifying badge, he could just push the responsibility onto someone else.

However, before Xia Fei could make up a lie, someone in the crowd shouted, “You don’t have to ask! Of course they’re all together!”

The several dozen youths immediately charged forward. Xia Fei felt rather indignant. This matter had nothing to do with him, but he was now being attacked from all sides. Anyone else in the situation would be unhappy.

‘It’s true that I’m part of the Adjudicator, but I’m just an insignificant librarian there. When did the affairs of the union become my responsibility?’ Xia Fei inwardly grumbled.

With his greater martial prowess, Xia Fei dealt with the ceaseless attacks while trying to explain what was going on. Alas, these youths were red in the eyes from anger, so why would they listen to him?

Those little scoundrels from the Adjudicator Union lying sprawled on the ground saw Xia Fei singlehandedly deal with the Monastic Order and grew excited. Taking Xia Fei as their savior, they struggled to their feet and began cheering for Xia Fei.

This made it seem even more like Xia Fei was with them, which vexed him to no end.

The Monastics were enraged, believing that Xia Fei was not being genuine. He just watched as his brothers got beaten up and then tried to explain himself. Thus, they intensified their offensive, using every attack at their disposal.

Xia Fei had never had a good temper, and after a few rounds, he was truly angry. Since these fellows would not listen to reason, he would just end them!

“Screw you all! Get on your knees!” Xia Fei suddenly changed tact, going from pure defense to a swift and fierce offensive.


Xia Fei accelerated and vanished from sight.

By the time these young Monastics reacted, they had already been struck!

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