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Chapter 413 - Ability Fusion

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Chapter 413: Ability Fusion

There was no doubt that Hezar was very powerful!

More than a decade ago, there had already been a rumor among the insectoids that he had reached grade 6, which was the equivalent to an Eternal rank warrior in the Pan-human Alliance.

No one knew what Hezar’s current cultivation was, for this eccentric Exotic Beast Butcher did not like exchanging pointers with anyone. He was intoxicated in the joy of slaughtering exotic beasts, moving from planet to planet, taking it upon himself to kill all exotic beasts in the universe.

He undoubtedly possessed a high cultivation, and his energy drain ability was cruel. In fact, he had absorbed the essence of so many exotic beasts that his body got smelted black, seemingly having been cast from steel!

He was an unfathomable and extremely unconventional existence. Among the insectoids, he was a benchmark. Ordinary warriors naturally could not challenge High Priest Ryun. Not only was this a suicidal course of action, it was also blasphemy against the gods.

Thus, when the Sacred Warriors joked with one another, someone would always say, “If you’ve got the guts, go and challenge Hezar! What’s the point in flaunting your strength here?”

Although this was just a joke, it was also proof of Hezar’s outstanding status in the insectoid race. Challenging him did not merely highlight the difficulty of such a task, but it was also viewed to be a sort of honor!

Now, Xia Fei, this lone, human warrior, who had so rudely intruded upon the lives of the insectoids, decided to test himself on this benchmark of the insectoid race! He would pit his speed ability against the most tyrannical, sinister, and gruesome energy drain ability!

After absorbing the energy and essence blood of the high-ranking Watergloom, Hezar turned scarlet red, and a sense of incomparable ecstasy flowed through his body. He was bursting with energy!

At this moment!

Xia Fei’s attack began!

He jumped out of the forest like a tiger lunging out of a mountain!

In his right hand, Celestial Moon let out a piercing howl!

Furball sat on Xia Fei’s shoulder, his red eyes glaring at Hezar, his belly swelling. That was a sign that Furball was accumulating energy!


Several thousand meters were covered in an instant!

Xia Fei swung his right arm, and Celestial Moon’s eighteen blades shot forth! They spun around, aiming at eighteen of Hezar’s vital points!

At the same time, with a light tug from his left hand, Xia Fei released the Immortal rank weapon, Butterfly Serpent!

Nineteen weapons became akin to nineteen bolts of lightning, tightly surrounding Hezar!

Hezar felt a gust of wind at the back of his hand, as if some creature was attacking him.


He reacted very quickly, crouching down on all fours like a horse as his feet dug themselves into the sands of the beach like they had grown roots.


Hezar raised his head and howled, his muscles exploding with strength!

An invisible energy web swiftly spread out!

This was a draining net. Any physical object that entered this net would be completely drained of energy, thus losing any ability to kill!

Alas, Xia Fei was incredibly fast. After releasing his attack, Xia Fei did not get close. Instead, he made a long arc, maintaining a distance of five hundred meters between him and Hezar.

The energy drain ability was an extremely fierce ability. Anyone who got close would be captured by Hezar, and they would lose control of their body until they had been sucked dry.

Xia Fei had circumvented Hezar, but Celestial Moon and the Butterfly Serpent had not!


Compared to Xia Fei’s peerless speed, Hezar’s ability was rather slow. Butterfly Serpent agilely made its way onto Hezar’s body and held him fast!

On the other end, just as Xia Fei’s Celestial Moon was about to reach Hezar, Xia Fei withdrew his mental energy from the weapon.

Xia Fei was controlling Celestial Moon using his mental energy. Once Hezar began draining energy from Celestial Moon, Xia Fei would also have much of his mental energy drained. If Xia Fei did this poorly, he might damage his brain’s control over objects. Thus, Xia Fei removed his control from Celestial Moon, allowing it to become eighteen flying daggers that could freely attack!

Hezar breathed in and drained as much energy from Butterfly Serpent as he could, hoping to break free of this strange weapon’s restraint.

Butterfly Serpent used Purple Hearts of Spirit as its energy source, and the amount of energy contained within it was comparable to a Watergloom. It was not so easy to suck it dry.

Hezar was rendered motionless; at which point, Celestial Moon arrived!

Though the energy net had weakened Celestial Moon’s speed and force, it had to be understood that Butterfly Serpent and Celestial Moon had been unleashed at the same time. Hezar not only had to absorb the energy in Celestial Moon, he also had to devote most of his attention to dealing with Butterfly Serpent. This greatly reduced the efficiency of his energy drain ability, and in the blink of an eye, Celestial Moon reached him!


The eighteen circular blades completed their mission, leaving eighteen wounds on Hezar’s body before scattering.

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This was all due to Xia Fei’s meticulous calculations. He had determined that Hezar’s ability would not be able to deal with Butterfly Serpent and Celestial Moon at the same time.

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