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Chapter 55 Super Intense Training

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Chapter 55 Super Intense Training

Xia Feis physical mobility had recovered at an unimaginable speed. In just a single night, he had managed to recover about 80 to 90% of his body condition, feeling like his entire body was brimming with energy when he woke up the next day.

After a quick breakfast, Xia Fei arrived at a place 200 kilometers in the west and continued his own training.

There was a lone, large standing rock formation about 5 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter.

Xia Fei circled around the rock as he began to run around it at a constant speed, treating it as an opponent.

Suddenly, Xia Feis figure darted to the west side of the rock as his Chasing Light came thrusting out. Logically speaking, the blade should stab the large rock from the west direction, yet Xia Fei had scored a hit on the north side of the rock when the tip of his blade made contact!

Diversion strike!

If there were a slow replay feature, people could clearly see that in the moment Xia Fei had made his attack, he had forced himself to change the form of his body, his feet pedaling agilely even as his body made an unbelievable turn. From this vigorous spin he did, his footwork changed accordingly as well. Until the final moment when his Chasing Light slashed at the rock, everything he had done was in a single instant.

Though he had finished his move, Xia Fei ended up falling down to the ground because he had lost his balance in the assault, causing clouds of sand and soil to fly up into the air.

Phantom stepped forward to the rock formation and examined the opening that Xia Fei had made. Your strength was a little uneven when you attacked, which caused a 2-centimeter deviation from the orientation of your blades entry. Furthermore, the sides of this cut have been widened, which means the speed by which your blade entered was too slow.

The Crafty Thrust technique does not require strength, but it seeks for precision. After making your move, the wound you leave behind should match up with the body of the blade itself and perfectly fit together. Insert your Chasing Light here and see for yourself.

Xia Fei nodded and got up to his feet. He inserted his Chasing Light into the cut he made on the rock and jiggled it. It was very loose, like a scabbard that did not fit because it had been made a little too big.

The root of the problem here is still your body; Crafty Thrust would cause users to momentarily lose their balance after executing it, so you need to find your own center of balance as soon as possible through your own coordination. Though you managed to pull off your move just now, you did not manage to find your center of balance, which is why you fell and caused the cut to be so sloppy.

You need to experience balancing yourself to grasp the technique. Everyone has a different center of balance, and some need to take an extra step before they could adjust themselves. Others might only need to do a light pirouette with their bodies. To quickly find a way to maintain your balance while pushing your body to the limit, you need to keep training and experience it yourself. No one can help you with this, Phantom very mildly hinted, trying to relay Xia Fei his own experience and understanding.

The moves for Crafty Thrust were mind-boggling. The instant a variation was made, the entire body would have to be in an extreme state of contortion, sometimes even needing to twist their body in inconceivable shapes.

It would require his coordination, resilience, explosive strength, and balance to all work together to successfully execute this fearsome technique. Any deviation from perfect would just ultimately result in failure.

Xia Fei did not say a word, his eyes deadlocked at this immovable enemy as if he were really immersing himself in a fight to the death, not at all being negligent even though he was up against a big rock.

Increase speed, variation, thrust, fall.

Speed up again, another variation, another thrust, another fall.

He continued to speed up, tried another variation, thrusted, but he still fell.

Falling time and time again, and climbing up repeatedly, Xia Fei was like a robot, repeating the same moves without stopping.

A careless attempt and Xia Fei fell and slammed on his jaw, as red blood began to flow.

Xia Fei reached out to grab a handful of yellow soil and pressed it against his wound to staunch the blood. He then stood back up and plunged into his training once more, not even showing a bit of hesitation at all.

A layer of skin on his palms had started bleeding as he used yellow soil to stop it from bleeding.

When his elbow started to hurt from falling down so much, he used his fist to punch it a few times to numb it and stop hurting!

He was crazy!

This was a crazy and grueling training!

From the break of dawn till sunset, Xia Fei did not stop even once to take a break. Even the time he spent eating a meal was used to contemplate over his own movements.

Every two hours, Xia Fei would consume 12 cans of food and drink 6 bottles of mineral water to replenish his physical strength.

Obtaining a huge amount of energy from the food he ate, Xia Fei kept every cell in his body topped up to sustain the high intensity of his crazy and grueling training.

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A figure stood a distance away, quietly keeping an eye on Xia Fei the entire time. She wore an Adjudicators uniform, with a pair of long and slender legs that seemed to have been carefully crafted and kept in perfect proportion.

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