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Chapter 62 Stepping into the Sea of Stars

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Chapter 62 Stepping into the Sea of Stars

Thats right. Choose every component of your ship seriously. See with your two eyes as your spacecraft gets fitted piece by piece, said Phantom earnestly.

Xia Fei leaned back in the lounge chair and pulled out a cigarette. He took several drags. Building my warship by handwhat an excellent idea. Which spaceship manufacturing company are we heading?

What are we going to a spaceship manufacturing company for? Phantom casually dismissed. All spaceships have their service lifespans, and they will all be dumped on a warship graveyard once their use is exhausted. Were going to find out where Endaro Star Regions warship graveyard is and build a functional spaceship from there.

Xia Fei blinked his eyes, an incredulous expression etched on his face. People will throw an entire spaceship just like that? Wont that be too much waste? Why not recycle and refit it?

Phantom chuckled. Do you think its so easy to dismantle a warship which weighs over hundreds and thousands of tons? Just the cost of dismantling a spaceship alone easily surpasses the value of the ship itself. The parts with some value still will be pulled apart to be sold separately to those small companies around the graveyard, leaving them to collect and reuse those, but the hardly valuable parts are considered scraps.

Xia Fei pondered on this for a while. So that means we will only be buying second-hand goods from those warship graveyards?

Phantom shook his head and solemnly explained, The most important aspect is that this motley pack of small factories can give you the chance to get hands-on experience with building your own spacecraft. You wont get such treatment if you go to the four major warship manufacturers. Knowledge is whats most important to you right now; if you must know, there are plenty of people who pilot spaceships their whole lives but arent even able to assemble one after seeing them with their two eyes.

Besides, the warship graveyards often buy from the army or purchase top-grade spaceships abandoned by prominent figures. Spaceships made from second-hand parts of such quality sources will be far more outstanding than the average newly-crafted spaceship. In fact, they will even let you fashion a vessel according to your wishes so that it can look however you want it to. Youll be able to supervise the entire assembly process and guarantee that it will be top quality as well.

The warship graveyard is your only choice if you wish to spend the least amount of money on the best possible spaceship. Only a true expert will opt to head over to a warship graveyard and construct space vessels for themselves. After all, even a normal Eagle-class frigate will cost you around eighty million, and if you wish to fit it completely with quality parts, expect to spend upward to three billion star coins!

The points Phantom had raised were all very reasonable; which would be faster, a brand new Jetta or a second-hand Jetta that had a Ferrari engine fitted inside? The answer to this was evident in itself.

The greatest expenditure on a warship would not be the hull but rather its engine, electronic equipment, weaponry system, etc. If they were able to pick some good parts from a warship graveyard and fix up a spaceship, even though it would be a second-hand aircraft, its performance would no doubt be better than a newly-made spaceship.

Besides, he was already hugely drawn to the idea of being able to watch in person as his spaceship got fitted part by part, and since there were still several months before he was scheduled to report to Heaven Execution Training Camp, it would not be a bad idea to use this time to understand more about spaceships.

I remember you saying that I need to reach Star Domain rank in terms of cultivation before I can have the qualifications to own a spaceship Im still quite a distance away from reaching that rank at the moment.

Phantom guffawed. You should really give that members handbook the Adjudicator Union had given you a good read. Indeed, your cultivation is slightly lacking, but youre already a cadet adjudicator now, and thats just one of the perks of being the organizations member.

This was when a blue helicopter appeared in the sky with a blast of its roaring blades. Landing on the far side of the beach, three widely smiling men stepped off it.

Wulong was the first to rush forward, hollering loudly, Xia Fei! I heard that youd qualified as an Adjudicator. Congratulations!

Xia Fei waved his hand as he got up from the chair to greet them. Hey, actually I didnt pass the assessment, so I have no idea what they did to especially enroll me in the camp.

A special enrollment isnt bad, either. I want to be specially enrolled, yet they wont want me. Wulong reached out his large two arms and engulfed Xia Fei in a firm hug. The man was strong, so much so that Xia Fei felt pain in his bones just from the embrace.

The four then lounged on the beach chairs. Wulong wanted two dozen bottles of cold beer, but Xia Fei was unable to drink during his medication, so all he drank was a glass of cold water.

Charlie was shyly sitting by the side, drinking his drink. Xia Fei smiled at the lad and asked, Have you taken the Gene Optimization Fluid I gave you?

Charlies face suddenly turned a little despondent as he quietly nodded. I got the mathematics special ability, not my favorite speed ability.

Seeing Charlie looking so crestfallen, Xia Fei, Andre, and Wulong could not help but laugh out loud.

No one can guess what sort of special ability they will get after unlocking the seventh region of their brain. Actually, getting the mathematics ability isnt bad for you. You studied finance, so having that special ability will be beneficial to your profession, said Xia Fei.

Charlie sighed. But I wanted to be as fast as you.

Andre smiled as he patted Charlies head, his eyes filled with concern and care.

Andre, what special ability did you get? Xia Fei asked.

The old man shook his head and calmly answered, I didnt get anything.

Oh, thats too bad. Xia Fei felt a little sympathy for the man. He took another bottle of medicinal concoction and drank from it. He needed to drink a bottle of it every hour, and it just so happened to be time for his hourly dose.

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Xia Feis body still had some drug residuethe bit that had not been completely absorbed from the last time. Adding the large amount of body improvement medicines he had taken during his fight with Chen Dong, the drug residue count in his body was fairly high presently. As such, only by taking many small doses of medicine could he slowly recover.

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