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Chapter 64 Sonny

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Chapter 64 Sonny

Planet ACG 21 was shrouded in a thick, black fog. Only after the landing shuttle had made it through these Stygian clouds did Xia Fei finally get a good look at the entirety of the warship graveyard.

The surface of the planet was littered with an uncountable number of spaceships, which came in all sizes.

Spaceships of different shapes and colors were all piled up and lay in heaps across the ground. Some had already rusted and decayed until they were barely identifiable as ships, and there were even some that had plants growing on them, looking completely rundown.

The landing shuttle whizzed past the wreckage of a warship which was over a hundred kilometers long, its hull broken into two halves right down the middle. The size of it spoke of the spacecrafts past glory when it was still in use.

Even though these spaceships had long since turned into nothing more than useless rusty metals, Xia Fei was still taken aback by the wide variety of space vessel styles that could be found here. This was a rare sight to behold no matter what planet it was.

The landing shuttle slowed as it descended on an open clearing, letting Xia Fei, as well as several other passengers, disembark.

Right across was the spaceport terminal. The inhabitants clearly knew how to reuse and recycle, for this place was actually an old warship which had been repurposed as a terminal, and the landing apron was the flight deck of a large warship.

Xia Fei carried his backpack and followed the crowd toward the terminal.

There was no one taking care of the spaceport, and everything was in disuse. From start to finish, he did not catch sight of any uniformed staff.

A stretch of rusted fence surrounded the spaceport, though portions of it had already fallen, allowing anyone to enter and exit the place as they pleased.

There was a dirt road leading out of the spaceport, and a hovercar came zipping by on this road, creating a gray, dusty trail behind it which remained in place for a long time.

Hmm. Why isnt there even a taxi around at all? Xia Fei put his backpack down and lit a cigarette, standing beside the road and having nothing to do aside from hoping that a cab would appear.

The others who had disembarked from the shuttle with Xia Fei all climbed aboard two hovercars and swiftly departed, leaving just him all alone at the roadside.

Xia Fei carried his backpack again and prepared to make the trek to the city. He was a Speed Ability user, so he was undaunted by such a distance. It was just that he was unfamiliar with this place, so he had no idea which direction he should be heading toward.

That was when a ramshackle, yellow hovercar did an emergency break right in front of him.

The cloudy dust enveloped Xia Fei entirely. Finding it difficult to breathe inside it, he covered his mouth and coughed several times.

A dark-skinned man in his twenties whistled, then hailed for him to get in.

This man was scrawny, and considering the shade of his skin, Xia Fei had nearly missed that there was someone in the drivers seat.

The man flashed a bright smile which showed a pair of yellowing teeth. Hop in. Youre lucky that I happened to be passing by the spaceport, or else youll likely spend the night out here in the wilderness today.

Xia Fei considered his offer before hopping into the passenger seat with his backpack. The hovercar let out an ear-piercing rumble and soon speeded down the road.

This hovercar did not look too different from the ones found on Earth, except that it had a jet-powered engine installed in the trunk and storage placed in the hood. It had four extensions around the frame, with each having a thick circular disk, which served as this vehicles magnetic levitation device.

Are you here to buy a spaceship? asked the dark-skinned man.

Xia Fei nodded. How did you know?

Isnt it obvious? Why else would anyone come to such a place if not to buy a spaceship? answered the chap matter-of-factly.

There are three kinds of people who go to a warship graveyard to buy spaceships. First are those poor blokes who cant afford new spacecraft so they end up coming here. Theres basically no way to earn anything from such people. Second are those who know those warship graveyards are where they can buy spacecraft parts with the best performance at the lowest price possible. Such people have a vast knowledge of spaceships, so theres no way to earn much from them, either.

Third are those black men. Of course, Im not talking about their skin color but how they cant risk legitimacy. Such people are unable to purchase what they need through official channels, so they opt to come here, instead. Theres profit to be made doing business with this type, but one must be careful not to risk their lives in the process. Which sort are you?

Xia Fei chuckled. Care to guess?

The man looked at his attire. You dont like spaceship-savvy judging from your young age. Its even less likely for you to be a young master, so I guess youre someone with not enough money but needs to get a ship.

Xia Fei laughed and did not say a word.

Have you found a place to stay? asked the man.

He shook his head. Nope. Do you have anywhere good to recommend?

Bro, today must be your lucky day bumping into me. It just so happens that I know a small, decent inn that isnt too pricey, though there are no girls there. The man threw Xia Fei a shifty glance as he spoke.

Far in the distance, Xia Fei could finally see the outline of a city.

Actually, calling it a city was a bit of an exaggeration. In terms of size, this city was more like a large town. Several uneven dirt roads ran through it, and both sides of the road were spaceships after spaceships, which had been discarded onto this planet. The people in this town all stayed in these abandoned spaceships.

A quick scan of both sides of the road and Xia Fei saw names like Pan-Universal Shipping Company and Galaxy Modification Private Limited. These shopfronts were all in various states of disrepair and dilapidation, though their names sounded rather impressive.

One such company, which went by the name of Pinnacle Spaceship Assembly, had a bench placed in front where a brawny, scarred man sat. This person immediately stood up and waved enthusiastically when he saw the old hovercar driving by. Xia Fei could not make out what this person was shouting, but it must have been something to make the dark-skinned man stop his ride.

However, the man merely waved his hand and continued driving along.

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Dont say I didnt warn you, but the shops you see in the city are all out to fleece you foreigners who know nothing about spaceflight. Its best if you stay far away from them. The real proper factories will all be located far away from the city, sincerely said this dark-skinned fellow.

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