The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

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Chapter 267 - Domain of Stillness

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Chapter 267– Domain of Stillness

“Oh, so troublesome! This old one has never seen such a long-winded person before!” Bei Xiaolu scratched her head impatiently, “Are you proficient or not, is it that difficult to answer? Why do you talk so much nonsense. Spit it out, will you?”


Xue Qilin was silent for a long time.

Bei Xiaolu’s conduct is offhand. She’s probably the type that doesn’t use her brain very often. Maybe she just subconsciously called my magic “nuisance” out of habit.

Xue Qilin told herself this, and then finally sighed, saying, “Yes, I’m proficient… what about it?”

Bei Xiaolu didn’t answer immediately. Instead, she took a sip of wine. The way she drinks is quite heroic, not loosing to men at all. The drink naturally overflowed again.

After finishing drinking, the lass wiped her mouth and said angrily, “Humph, if you just answered earlier, wouldn’t it be over quickly? That long-winded chatter.”

From her various reactions, she seems to be a typical impatient and excitable type. But that doesn’t mean that she’s brainless. The fact that she lured Xue Qilin with wine proves that she isn’t stupid.

How can the vice-Union Master be stupid? Xue Qilin thinks that at least she herself isn’t qualified for the post of vice-Temple Master.

As if taking the silver wolf as an idiot, Bei Xiaolu patted its head rhythmically and requested, “Help this old one tie this large dog up!”

Bei Xiaolu arrogantly waved her large sleeve, then raised her chin and showed an expression of provocation.

“Can you? Use magic to bind.”

Hearing her questioning tone, even though she is aware that this is a provocation tactic that can only be described as clumsy, but Xue Qilin got inexplicably mad.

Some people will laugh it off when doubted. But Xue Qilin is not such a person. Not unlike Qii Qiqi, she will jump out to refute when someone doubts her.

Well, some things must not be profaned.

“Of course I can!”

Xue Qilin wrinkled her nose and answered. If eve an immobile person — wolf can’t be tied up, then her famous “Natural Disaster” nickname would be wasted on her.

“Open your eyes wide and take a good look!”

“Okay! This old one will take a look at what you little one are capable of!”

“You little jerk, Bei Xiaolu! Aren’t you little yourself?!”

“Who are you calling little!”

“You — I’m calling you!”

Xue Qilin jumped up, pointed at Bei Xiaolu and asserted so.


Bei Xiaolu’s face twisted with anger.

Surprisingly, however, she endured it this time and swallowed her anger back into her belly along with saying “forget it”.

She probably recalled that she’s asking for help right now.

Since this is the case, Xue Qilin didn’t bicker any more and just puckered her lips.

She intends to help Bei Xiaolu, firstly because of the Wulin’s code of conduct that Qi Qiqi often speaks of; secondly she doesn’t want for the silver wolf to pester Bei Xiaolu without end and for things to ultimately to get out of hand.

So she reached into her sleeve. After rummaging inside for a while, she took out a few talismans and arranged them.

She took out a total of five talismans.

Different from when Li Wanting was tied up, although the silver wolf in front of her may not possess Heaven Realm strength, but in terms of realm, it is definitely comparable to the Heaven Realm — it is very difficult to fool people with aura. That is to say, in terms of pure power, the silver wolf is not inferior to an ordinary Heaven Realm practitioner. Moreover, it is a beast and possesses far greater physical strength than the average person. Therefore, for the sake of stability, Xue Qilin is using five talismans.

“Oh, little one, you have to use these silly stickers every time you use magic?”

Looking at Xue Qilin circling the silver wolf and sticking talismans around it, Bei Xiaolu asked curiously while propping her head up.

“Who is little? You may be shorter than me, okay?” Xue Qilin looked up at Bei Xiaolu unhappily. “Not all magic needs the use of talismans. Some magic that I’m not familiar with requires some assistance, and talismans are the fastest and most convenient way.”

At the same time that she answered, under the silver wolf’s glare and with it as the center, Xue Qilin placed a talisman around it for each of the four cardinal directions. When she circled around to beside its limbs, the silver wolf seemed to realize something, and it brandished its claws in an attempt to stop the lass’s movements, but the latter avoided the strikes one by one.

“Wu –”

The silver wolf could only groan in humiliation.

At this time, four of the five talismans have been set up.

The remaining one needs to be placed at the center of the silver wolf’s body, which is the place where Bei Xiaolu is sitting.

“Hey, Bei Xiaolu, get up.”

“Oh, okay.”

Bei Xiaolu doesn’t dawdle when doing things. When she heard Xue Qilin’s request, she quickly stood up while atop the silver wolf.

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In front of her eyes, there is a pair of fair, delicate legs. Xue Qilin almost looked up subconsciously. She coughed gently and went to stick the talisman between Bei Xiaolu’s legs, in the center of the silver wolf.

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