The Brilliant Fighting Master

Zhang Muzhi, 张牧之

Chapter 938 - Formation Field

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Chapter 938: Formation Field

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

At first, Jiang Chen assumed that there were other people in the Ninefold Palace who wanted to become the Realm Lord before him. However, this was obviously implausible, so Jiang Chen just held the Heavenly Fault Sword and walked carefully.

When he turned the corner, a person pounced at him and his ironlike fists were thrust at him. Jiang Chen was already on guard, and he managed to easily dodge and take a clear look at the person who had attacked him.

“Xihai Longquan?” When Jiang Chen had had a clear look at his appearance, he was quite surprised. This was a person who had died around 100 years ago and was one of the Nine Heavens Realm’s most outstanding and renowned people.

Before Jiang Chen had come here, he had asked Nan Gong about who had entered the Ninefold Palace, and he had also seen their pictures and read about their pasts in order to know them well.

Every era had its leading person, and Xihai Longquan was one of the most renowned and impressive men of his time. No one in the whole world could rival his iron fists. Moreover, he had been the youngest Star Venerable then and he reached such a realm when he was in his forties. At that time, this was an outstanding feat! However, it was a pity that he was too fond of fame, and he entered the Ninefold Palace because he wanted to become more famous and he never appeared again.

Jiang Chen was surprised to see a person, who should have been dead, appearing before him. However, when he observed him carefully, he noticed that it was just his body which was left behind, and he had turned into a walking corpse. His eyes were flickering with red light and his face was pale. His whole body was utterly pale, while his clothes were tattered, and he seemed like a beggar. But despite all of this, his movements were bold and tyrannical. He didn’t have any consciousness left, and he took Jiang Chen for an intruder. He attacked him viciously and all his punches were trying to take his life.

Could it be that all the people who died in the Ninefold Palace will become a part of its trial?

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but wonder whether he would also end up like this, but he quickly shook his head and attacked with his sword.

“Senior, I’m sorry for affronting you.”

Xihai Longquan was really outstanding, but everything had changed with the passage of time, and martial techniques were progressing ceaselessly. Jiang Chen managed to easily block his punches and subdue him. When Jiang Chen had just started wondering whether he should destroy the corpse, Xihai Longquan lowered his head, closed his eyes, and stopped moving.

Did the Ninefold Palace already give birth to a Spirit? If that wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t occur this quickly, would it?

Jiang Chen clearly knew that it was difficult to have Xihai Longquan stop in time because many variables were included in the fight, and, unless someone was watching from the sidelines, it would be difficult to judge when the fight had come to an end. Jiang Chen shouted several times into the void, but he didn’t get any response.

So Jiang Chen just continued proceeding forward and turned another corner. An iron gate appeared before him, and he managed to open it just by pushing. After Jiang Chen got inside, the iron gate closed by itself.

This time, Jiang Chen didn’t bother with even turning his head around, and he observed the scenery before him. It wasn’t a long tunnel as before, and it was an extremely expansive room with an open view, and he could clearly see every corner, which was illuminated by the fire ignited by him shortly after entering this room. Jiang Chen could clearly see that there was a circular plaza here, and it was formed by stones of varied shapes and sizes. But they were arranged orderly and symmetrically. There was a giant compass hanging in the middle of the plaza.

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