The City of Terror

Daoist Fierce Tiger, Měnghǔ Dàocháng, 猛虎道长

Chapter 374 - Terror of Death!

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Chapter 374: Chapter 374 – Terror of Death!

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 According to the soldier, who was named Tom, half an hour ago they were still in the Hawaiian barracks enjoying the sea breeze with his comrades, preparing their equipment.

According to reliable sources, their battalion was to be transferred to a different place to execute a task.

However, they never imagined that soon, the sea in front of them would suddenly become a desert. Monsters had even appeared and begun attacking them!

Hearing this, Wei Xiao Bei relaxed.

In truth, Wei Xiao Bei was only eighty percent sure that these people had come from the real world, though he was still uneasy about it ever since. He was worried that the soldiers were not involuntarily entering the Dust World, but that American research had found a reliable way to enter the Dust World and sent them in.

Luckily the case was not so. Wei Xiao Bei did not dare say that he was stronger than an organized battalion.

It must be known that these soldiers simply had bad luck. If they had appeared in a safer place, then they could rely on their equipment to survive easily. Moreover, they could begin to grow stronger, allowing them to gain a big advantage.

At the same time, these soldiers could be considered lucky.

They had brought equipment with them. If they had entered while they were sleeping, then it would be no laughing matter.

No matter what, after determining that these soldiers had involuntarily entered the Dust World, he relaxed. He then extended his hand and grabbed the American soldier’s neck.

The soldier stared at Wei Xiao Bei in disbelief.

However, it was pointless.

It was impossible for Wei Xiao Bei to let Tom go back to the real world, so much that even the soldiers that were killing the monsters would not be spared!

It could be said like this. If any of the soldiers returned to the real world, there was a huge possibility that America would turn their attention to the Dust World. If that happened, then it would become very troublesome.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not dare guarantee that America’s agencies did not know about the Dust World, but from what he could see, things were not that clear. After all, the majority of people who entered the Dust World would have a hard time disseminating information after leaving it.

The majority of people would have died in the Dust World. A portion of those that managed to exit would be afraid and forget about the experience due to their fear, while the other portion would not be willing to divulge this information after becoming powerful.

Wei Xiao Bei was one of the latter.

Wei Xiao Bei was willing to admit that he was selfish and did not want to share information with others.

In truth, even these soldiers might not be willing to divulge this information after obtaining true power.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was unwilling to ignore this kind of danger.

After pulling back his hand, Tom had stopped breathing. His head lay on his shoulder, as his neck had been snapped.

Wei Xiao Bei did not immediately charge into battle. If he could, he’d rather the monsters annihilate the soldiers and not make a move on his own.

If he killed three hundred soldiers in one go, he would be the same as a homicidal maniac.

Though it wasn’t like he wasn’t excited at the prospect.

Wei Xiao Bei felt that he could not control himself. After all, when he had killed Tom, he had gained 50 evolution points!

In other words, if Wei Xiao Bei killed all 300 soldiers, then he could gain 15000 evolution points!

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It was a truly tantalizing prospect.

But he needed to restrain his greed!

Wei Xiao Bei contemplated inwardly about wise sayings from great people. Afterward, he trained Bajiquan’s breathing stance, pushing down the greed that was rising up.

This was not greed caused by the Demon King of Sixth Heaven or caused by the evil possession. This was simply the greed that would appear when a human encounters a high-value treasure.

The situation on the battlefield became fiercer.

“Damned monster! Jack! Have you contacted brigade headquarters?”

One of the soldiers holding the rank of First Lieutenant hid behind an overturned armored car. After observing the situation of the battlefield, he kept urging the signaller.

He was the soldier with the highest rank in the field. The commander, vice commander, and other higher positioned people had already died in battle.

These monsters were not idiots. When the officers were trying to gather the soldiers, they had been marked by the monsters and were beheaded.

It could be said that the end was filled with despair. They did not even know where they were. As for communications, they could not connect to any personal communication device or any specialized satellite system at all.

It was as if all the satellites, whether for military use or civilian use had been obliterated.


This had also cut off any support that they could obtain.

Naturally, they did not know that they had come to a mysterious world and that it was not the real world.

A few crows dived down on some of the soldiers. In an instant, the gunpowder on the soldier’s bodies exploded due to the presence of heat. Bullets flew everywhere, killing soldiers and injuring Fire Crows that were too close.

As for the remaining soldiers, they grabbed this chance to open concentrated fire on the Fire Crows, causing the Fire Crows to drop like flies.

However, the battlefield’s condition was not favorable for the soldiers.

Whenever the Sacred Beetle tackled, it was able to send an armored vehicle flying.

On the other hand, the armored vehicle that was sent flying would be destroyed and the soldier inside would be crushed into a paste. If they did not die from this, they would have died as the armored vehicle fell down ten meters to the ground.

It could be said that the weapons these soldiers used could not deal with the Sacred Beetle at all.

Even the missiles loaded on the helicopter would only leave a black mark on the Sacred Beetle’s carapace.

An armed helicopter took this chance to fire a guided missile at a Yong that was diving down to catch a person. In an instant, it fired two anti-tank missiles.

The monsters were hard to lock on to, as they were very nimble in the air. If it was not due to the high-speed propeller making the Yongs afraid of approaching, all three helicopters would have been down at this point.

The two missiles hit the back of the Yong directly. The explosion was like a giant fog that had engulfed the Yong.

When the fire subsided, the Yong’s wings had already been blasted to shreds. With its wings unable to support itself, it fell to the ground.

Seeing the Yong being this careless, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but shake his head.

For a 2-Star Terror Creature like Yong, if it used everything it could to deal with the three helicopters, the three helicopters would not last long.

Just by knocking against the helicopters from below, they would receive damage.

The Yong was done for. If Wei Xiao Bei had been shot instead, even he did not dare say he could survive.

After all, no matter how strong Wei Xiao Bei was, his body would not be as hard as steel cast. Compared to steel, his body was a bit weaker.

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Moreover, in front of anti-tank missiles, even the most advanced tanks would have to kneel down.

No matter how thick Wei Xiao Bei’s skin is it cannot be the same as a tank.

Since one of the Yong was downed, the other became angry. It charged at one of the helicopters and tackled its side. Not only was the helicopter sent flying back, but its propeller also hit the Yong’s head.

If it was a human head that had hit the propeller, it would definitely be cut off. The power in its spin was something that a human neck could not endure.

However, against the Yong, it only fell down and shook its head. Although there was a deep gash on its head, it had not died and it could still fly and attack.

On the contrary, the helicopter was much worse off.

As the helicopter’s propeller hit the granite-like head of the Yong, its propellers had been bent. It could only fall down on the ground and hit the sand. The helicopter’s gas tank exploded first, and then its ammunition.

In the end, no one survived. It had even destroyed an armored vehicle thirty meters away, as well as killing twenty soldiers that were close by.

“Fuck you! Sir! We need support! Damn it!!”

“God, please save this sinner from hell.”

“My beloved child and wife, I miss you both!”

“If I die, please tell Lina that I will love her forever.”

“Are they going to eat me?”

“Bastard! Come, I am not afraid of you!”


The fall of a helicopter had completely lowered the soldiers’ morale.

There was someone who cried for support but forgot that there were two Fire Crows charging at him from afar.

Some were praying to the gods, some were saying goodbye to their relatives, and some jumped out from the armored vehicle and challenged the monsters. Some were so frightened to the point that they could not hold their guns properly anymore.

At this point, they knew that they were dead.

When the Yong had survived the propeller and could still fly, it became craftier and attacked the helicopter from below, shaking the helicopter and in the end, it could not control itself and was knocked down to the ground.

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