The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chao Shuang Hei Pi, 超爽黑啤

Chapter 214 - Ant Corps

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Chapter 214 Ant Corps

Lei Tianrui turned to Wang Yuancheng and said, “Aren’t you good at taming animals? Can you tame these animals?”

Wang Yuancheng said with a bitter smile, “Boss, even the most powerful animal tamer need time to do that and can’t train so many animals at once. Besides, these beasts are in a state of madness, even immortals can’t tame them now.”

“What should we do then?” Lei Tianrui cried.

Wang Yuancheng said, “In fact, it’s easy to do. We can just hide in the car. We can drive away directly. The armor of the Hummer is so thick that these animals can’t break through it.”

Lei Tianrui cried, “You’re right. Get on the car!”

After that, they hurried up to the Hummer. Hu Xiaoxian also escorted Qin Haodong and the little fellow to retreat to the car.

Although they got on the car, they all put their heads out of the window and watched the wild animals.

Looking at them for a while, Wang Yuancheng said, “Boss, it seems not right. It’s not migration at all. These animals are frightened.”

“Look at them. Leopards and yellow sheep can run together, there is no hostility, no desire to attack between them. They just escape.”

Listening to him, others also found this. Many natural enemies were in the herd. But they did not show any hostility at all, or they had no time to show hostility. They just ran forward desperately.

Dong Sihai said, “Leopards, tigers and rhinoceroses are all kings of the animals here. What can scare them like this? It’s not reasonable?”

Wang Yuancheng said, “It’s not reasonable. This should not have happened.”

He said to Lei Tianrui, “Boss, it seems that the little doctor is right. It’s really not safe here. Why don’t we leave?”

Zhao Qiankun disapproved and said, “What danger can there be? We won’t meet any animals in the car. Besides, you can see they don’t mean to attack us. What a good place we are camping in, there is a lake. Maybe we can retreat to the island in the center of the lake.”

Lei Tianrui thought for a moment and said, “We can attack or retreat in the car, and there are so many weapons. We don’t need to be so nervous.”

Dong Sihai followed him and said, “That is right. We are all warriors. Besides, there is enough ammunition in the car. We still have two rocket launchers. Even if a dinosaur comes, it can be turned into a roast dragon. We needn’t to be afraid.”

Hearing what he had said, the rest of the people calmed down and began to appreciate the wild animals outside. Wang Yuancheng picked up a telescope and observed the running wild animals. For some reason, he always had a bad feeling in his heart.

In the other car, the little fellow was so excited that she jumped and pointed to the animals outside, “Papa, Look at them. Giraffe, big tiger, rhinoceros, big bear…”

There were hundreds of animals running outside, which was more than what one could see in the zoo.

Hu Xiaoxian frowned and said, “Haodong, is this the danger you foresee?”

She now had more and more confidence in Qin Haodong. An hour ago, Qin Haodong said that it was not suitable for camping, but they couldn’t find any reason for danger. Now they finally saw it.

Qin Haodong said, “My divination only calculates things related to myself. It can only tell good or ill luck, not specific content. Maybe it is related to these animals, but I don’t think it is enough. These animals are not so threatening.”

Hu Xiaoxian held her chin and said, “What could be the greater threat? I really can’t imagine what can scare rhinoceros and tigers like this!”

As they were talking, they suddenly heard the little fellow shouting, “Papa, look. Those big guys are running back.”

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Qin Haodong looked in the direction of the little fellow’s fingers. These animals seemed to be frightened and ran back.

“Ants! So many ants!”

The little fellow pointed to the edge of the forest and cried out. She was the Suzaku Sacred Body and had much better eyesight than ordinary people.

Hearing this, Qin Haodong also saw a large number of black ants emerging from the edge of the forest in the direction of these animals. These ants were three or four centimeters long, which was equivalent to the size of the thumb of adults. The most frightening thing was that they were too many. It couldn’t be seen the margin at all. It just looked like a black carpet constantly spreading to this side.

As there were so many ants, it would form a huge lethal force. No wonder tigers and leopards were frightened to flee. In front of so many ants, no matter what ferocious animals they were, they could only become food.

“How can there be so many ants?” Hu Xiaoxian exclaimed in surprise, “It’s a big trouble now. Those bastards don’t listen to you. Now they can’t escape even if they want to.”

No wonder Hu Xiaoxian felt frightened. She could use AK to deal with lions and tigers, but the effect on ants was extreme minimal. If these ants really wanted to attack them, it was absolutely a catastrophe.

Lei Tianrui and his men were also surprised. Wang Yuancheng took his telescope and exclaimed, “Oh my God, they are African marching ants. Aren’t they only living in the Amazon basin? Why suddenly came to Huaxia? There are so many ants.”

Zhao Qiankun was also shocked. He never expected that the wild animals ran because of these small ants. The rocket launchers in his hand did not play a big role in this situation, because there were too many ants.

Lei Tianrui also regretted that he just hadn’t listened to Qin Haodong’s advice to leave here as soon as possible. If he did, there would be no danger.

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But there was no regret medicine in the world; he could only face the fact. He said, “Yuancheng, how about we drive out now?”


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