The Divine Martial Stars

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Chapter 213 - Exceedingly Beautiful With One Dance

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Chapter 213 Exceedingly Beautiful With One Dance

Because Hua Xiangrong who had cultivated the simple-version Xiantian Skill had already thoroughly remolded herself. It could be said that she was peerlessly graceful, so it was quite easy for her to charm people.

Between the words, Hua Xiangrong appeared. She wore a white palace dress, with her hair fluttering, riding the wind. Behind her was a pair of silver wings, so she was really like a goddess with wings under the moon. She flew to the stage, fluttering like a fairy, and in this way, it was simply dreamy to the extreme.

The crowds around the street immediately burst into thrilling applause.

The appearance of this flying to the stage was really charming, as if she had been the moon-palace fairy landing on earth, shocking many people. This way of appearance on the stage was directly superior to those of other famous whores.

“Eh?” Li Mu was a bit surprised.

Silver Wing was one of the Taoist techniques he gave to Hua Xiangrong, which could enable her to fly in the air, but he did not imagine that Hua Xiangrong should use it on the stage and for this great match. As far as he knew, Hua Xiangrong was not a girl who liked to show off, but she used this method, which obviously meant that she would take this contest seriously.

“What happened?”

“Was she stimulated by something in the backstage tent?”

Li Mu narrowed his eyes.

“Go check it out,” he said.

Zheng Cunjian responded and turned and went out.

“Is she Hua Xiangrong?”

Inside the No.1 in Heaven private room of Moon-hugging House, on the extremely handsome face of the second prince was amazement, and deep in his eyes flashed surprise.

Liu Chenglong, the principal of Musical House, was also stunned.

He had seen Hua Xiangrong, since he knew these top beauties in each major brothels. Hua Xiangrong was the most outstanding figure in Holy House, who could also be regarded as a jade-like beauty, but in his memory, she was absolutely not so beautiful. In front of him, the white-dressed woman on the main stage, under the moonlight, riding the wind, was like the moon-palace fairy who was really pure and seemed to unreally beautiful.

“Moreover, she can actually fly with the wind. It is a kind of Magic Arts. What is going on?”

“Your Highness, she is indeed Hua Xiangrong, top beauty of Holy House,” Liu Chenglong replied quickly, “She just… changed greatly. I have never heard that she could use magic arts.”

“A super six-star warlock should actually be the famous whore of Musical House. Hoho, it is interesting.” The second prince looked at the main stage with much interest.

His forehead was covered with a trace of sweat.

“Super six-star warlock?”

“Hua Xiangrong?”


After all, he was very clear about the background of those girls in Holy House who were a little famous. Among them, there were some who were proficient in martial arts. For example, Gongsun Wu in Charm-enjoying House was good at sword-using dance. Before entering Musical House, she was once a warrior of Joint-thoughts level. But Hua Xiangrong, with a pure origin, was a daughter from a fallen wealthy family. She was not good at martial arts and was definitely not a warlock.

However, the words of the second prince couldn’t be wrong.

After all, it should be noted that today’s Great Qin royal family was also one of the top martial arts successors. The second prince was an outstanding and talented person, whose martial art cultivation was unfathomable. It was just because he was from the royal family and rarely experienced in Jianghu that he didn’t have so much reputation. When Liu Chenglong left Qin City due to demotion, there were rumors in the capital that the second prince had already broken through Natural Realm. Now, six years had passed, no one dared to imagine what realm he had reached.

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But one thing was certain. The second prince was definitely a master in martial art.

Therefore, he observed accurately.

“The question is when Hua Xiangrong began to practice magic arts?”

“How could it be so fast?”

“Is it…”

In Liu Chenglong’s mind suddenly emerged a figure.

“Li Mu!”

“It must be related to Li Mu.”

“But how did Li Mu make a girl who wasn’t skilled at martial arts become a super six-stared master in magic arts in less than a month?”

“This is so unconceivable.”

As Liu Chenglong thought over, many thoughts came in his mind in a flash.

As the principal of Musical House, under his governance, he even saw such a strange thing and was not aware of it at all. Thus, the second prince might be dissatisfied with his ability.

He was uneasy.

“A beauty in Chang’an; peerless and independent; the first glance could cause the fall of a city; the second glance could cause the fall of a state…”

The second prince said in an admiring tone, “When I first heard about this poem, I only thought it should be an exaggeration. But when I see her today, I think Hua Xiangrong is indeed exceedingly beautiful, and even some of the Virgin Goddesses carefully cultivated and selected by the powerful clans and some favored girls cultivated by the royal and aristocratic family might seem inferior n front of her. I really don’t expect that in Musical House of Chang’an City, there is such a peerlessly beautiful woman. No wonder that Li Mu, who is a poetry and martial talent, lingers in Holy House.”

Under his status, his expression of such feeling and praise could show that he really appreciated her and was stunned by her.

Liu Chenglong said smartly, “The family registration of Hua Xiangrong is still in Musical House, and her freedom has not yet been redeemed.”

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The second prince did not speak.


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