The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Angry Squirrel

Chapter 841: Side Story 4 - A Simple Mission: Finding the Missing Mother

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Chapter 841: Side Story 4 - A Simple Mission: Finding the Missing Mother

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"Our mission? What's that? Don't bother me, my mission is to attack the secret realm raids. Hmph, don't even think about dragging me out of my fortress."

I felt rather conflicted inside about the "otaku girl" in front of me who adamantly refused to go outside.

With my understanding of "Karwency", the fact that she was willing to stay home and not cause trouble was not only good for me, it was also good for the entire world. However, I really couldn't help but comment on how the former Abyss Prince had become so much of a complete shut-in NEET otaku… Perhaps she had rebelled against the entire world back in the day because she had simply been too bored, and saving the world from her only required a game console and a room filled with otaku goods?

"Ahem, do you still remember the contract from when we were released from Hell? If you don't complete our mission, you'll be brought back to Hell to continue our jail sentence. Do you want to enjoy that again?"

My jail sentence in Hell wasn't as severe as Karwency's had been. Or, looking at things from a different angle, according to the divine laws of Hell, a person couldn't be tried and punished for the same crime twice, so my crimes from Emperor Yongye's days were cleared when Wumianzhe ascended to Godhood as the cruelest lawful punishment was typically nothing more than death.

Since it was nearly impossible to make a special law just for dealing with indestructible individuals, my former law expertise made me choose jail as the most severe punishment for such individuals, imprisoning them in Hell for countless years until they served their punishments. However, it was also due to this that Hell's administrators cursed me for being crazy for wasting so many resources on long-term imprisonment of such individuals…

Still, I heard that Hell indeed started modifying its laws in order to prepare a special punishment for indestructible individuals who were impossible to send through the Cycle of Reincarnation. I heard that they would be imprisoned in underground dungeons to serve as demon kings for novice adventurers to practice against… This sounded rather fun, so maybe I should try it out sometime.

Ahem, getting back on the main topic, Karwecy likely would never agree to go outside unless there was major trouble that only we could resolve.

Correct, us. I wouldn't be able to complete this mission on my own. Karwency's punishment hadn't ended yet when she was released. We would still be imprisoned in Hell even now if it wasn't for the fact that we were necessary for this mission.

"Finding the missing mother. What a simple mission. Yep, it's just that this mother has been missing for who knows how many millions of years, and that we must search for her throughout all the endless universes."

After Eich became connected to alternate universes, many things changed, while many things also remained the same.

The Overwatch Alliance indeed changed many things. Its principles of protection and mutual assistance had good intentions. Eich progressed greatly from interacting and trading with the friendly civilizations in the Overwatch Alliance. However, while there were friendly neighbors in the endless universes and civilizations, there were also countless greedy wolves.

There were also plenty of civilizations which weren't members of the Overwatch Alliance, and didn't care about it. The Overwatch Alliance simply served to establish relatively safer and more stable areas.

Opening Eich's dimensional door to other universes greatly lessened internal warfare of Eich, but wars with other universes only became even worse.

Some civilizations viewed attacking Eich as a "baptism" for this newly discovered civilization. They felt that it was a necessary path for all newly discovered civilizations to undergo. It would be fine if Eich could survive this, but if Eich didn't, Eich would be relegated to being a third-rate civilization or even a colony for another civilization.

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Not only that, Eich had plenty of powerful treasures that other Gods and civilizations from alternate universes desired. This made the baptism rather scary. All sorts of Evil Gods from various alternate universes either came personally or sent their representatives here. Even Eich's native species, which all had abundant experience with war, were having difficulty with the amount of war…

"The legacies of the 12 Pillar Gods? What's that?"

The 12 Pillar Gods was an unofficial way to refer to the original 12 powerful Gods who had first created the Overwatch Contract. Most of them had now completely vanished to places unknown, but what they created and their civilizations were mostly at the peak of all the universes.

The 12 Pillar Gods were incredibly strong, which meant their creations had enormous potential. These parent Gods would always favor their own creations, and typically had left something behind for their civilization, or gave their civilization guidance on the future, or gave endless resources for development. These legacies were more than enough to attract countless ravenous wolves.

The Eich universe was the civilization belonging to Eich, one of the 12 Pillar Gods, which meant Eich also had such potential. The legacy that she had left behind was likely the most valuable treasure in all the universes.

"So we need to go find that so-called legacy?"

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"No, Eich's legacy has already been discovered. It was discovered right next to the dimensional barrier, so there's no need to search for it at all. Mother Goddess Eich has already considered that the Eich civilization would meet other universes in the future. What a kind Mother Goddess she is. However, it seems that she forgot to leave behind the key to unlocking her treasure, so we must find Eich herself."

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