The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Chapter 102

At Hyunwoo’s kind urging, Jihun hesitatingly said, “Don’t you think the employees of Imagingpia are jobless if the company went bankrupt? I think there might be someone among them who might be interested in teaching us…”

In other words, Jihoon was looking for someone who could donate their talent. He couldn’t tell Hyunwoo that he thought was the case because of the payment for their talent donation. However, money was not a big problem to Hyunwoo now. Even if Hyunwoo could find a couple of them, one million won would be more than enough.

Snapping his finger, Hyunwoo said, “Yea, that’s a great idea!”

Then, he immediately called Gyungsu and asked, “Hey, do you know any employee of Imagingpia who might be interested in sharing their talent with the Anifan kids?”

“Well, there are lots of talented guys, but I wonder if they can teach the kids for free.”

“What I want is for them to work part-time on weekends like you did before. If they teach three to four hours on the weekend, I don’t think they will be asking for big money.”

“That’s up to them, to be honest. They are lacking in planning, but excellent in creating stories, mapping, writing or production technique. Let me send you a list of names who have expertise in the relevant field, so you can call them directly.”

“Got it, Brother Gyungsu.”

A while later Hyunwoo received several text messages from him.

Hyunwoo called each of the names. Some of them showed interest in talent donation, but others showed a skeptical reaction. However, they had one thing in common: they wanted payment.

One said, “It’s difficult for me to donate my talent. As I’m financially stressed, I have to use my talent to make more money.”

“I agree. What do you think is the right payment for your service then?” asked Hyunwoo.

“Even if I spend two or three houses per week, I have to devote one whole day to it. In addition, you have to take into account the time I spend on preparing the teaching material.”

That meant the person Hyunwoo contacted wanted as much money as possible for his service.

He said, “I think one million won per month is proper payment.”

Hyunwoo’s jaws dropped at that because it was much more than he initially expected. By simple calculation, it was 100,000 won per hour. Though Hyunwoo was willing to be generous about paying them, his asking for one million won was simply too much. If Hyunwoo hired two, that would mean two million won per month, which would obviously be a financial burden to him.

If the burden was too much, Hyunwoo had to think of hiring just one, not two persons.

I should not be too impatient. I may have a better solution if I give it more serious thought, Hyunwoo thought to himself.

Hyunwoo turned his head. Jihun and other members of the Anifan kids were all looking at him with a look of expectancy.

With a bright smile, Hyunwoo said, “Just wait a little more. I think I can find you one or two teachers.”

Only then did they make an expression of relief on their faces, “Thank you!”

“Please do me a favor, guys,” said Hyunwoo.

“What is it?”

Inserting a USB in the computer, Hyunwoo showed them his recommendations about Pilgaek n the Story Mecca.

“So, you want us to change it into a webtoon, right?” asked Jihun.

“Yes, you’re right. As I’m a poor writer, you see lots of flaws in my recommendations. How about it? Can you find out the theme of my writing?”

“Of course, we can. Though we’re working in a different field, we’re video writers anyway.”

“Then, I trust you. Please make the best possible webtoon out of my recommendations.”

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“Don’t worry. Seoim is with us, as you know. After reading your recommendations on Pilgaek’s stories, we’ll improve them as best as we can.”


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