The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Chapter 134

“Oh, are you talking about the Korean castor technicians who gained great success in Vietnam?” asked Jaeyol.

“You’re right! As you’re a reporter, you know lots of stuff,” said Suyoung, laughing outright.

But Jaeyol could not laugh, “I’ve just heard it was Hyunwoo who initiated the idea and helped launch the Dream Team. Well, what I heard at the time was it was the team manager, not Hyunwoo.”

“Yea, that’s what they broadcast on TV, but as you know, what’s on TV is not always 100% true.”

“Then, how much do you know about the truth?”

“To some degree.”

“Can you share it with me?”

With sparkling eyes, Jaeyol started taking note of what Suyoung said. Thanks to him Jaeyol could found out lots of new facts about the Dream Team, but he found them not proper for broadcasting or being printed in newspapers. When published, it would reveal that the team manager, Youngsu Park, took his team members’ credit, which could put him in serious trouble. Not only Youngsu and Aurum but also Hyunwoo would be put on the spot because of that.

Maybe not now. I may have use for it later.

But he felt he needed to dig more into that for a scoop later.

Though it was very late at night, Jaeyol didn’t hesitate to call Daebong Park, the president of Aurum. Given that Daebong was very aggressive about expanding his business, he would not take Jaeyol’s interview request lightly. In addition, Jaeyol was a veteran reporter with the Korean Broadcasting Co.

As expected, Daebong willingly accepted his interview request. When Jaeyol brought up the castor Dream Team, Daebong was pretty enthusiastic about it. He even tried to treat Jaeyol to a high-end restaurant where a beautiful waitress served food and wine, but Jaeyol resisted it.

“Let’s talk over beer lightly first. The interview is the priority, entertainment later, isn’t it?”

“That sounds good!”

Jaeyol asked a very challenging question from the beginning as soon as he opened his mouth, “Why did manager Youngsu Park snatch Hyunwoo’s credit?”

Daebong was embarrassed because he just thought Jaeyol’s interview would only add the glamor and prestige of Aurum. Then Jaeyou suddenly brought up the awkward topic.

“Well, the fact is…Assistant Manager Hyunwoo disclaimed his own credit in favor of Youngsu…”

As he was too embarrassed, Daebong even stumbled, but Jaeyol was staring at him as if he was an investigator questioning a criminal.

There was nothing particular in Daebong’s reply, however. Youngsu didn’t snatch Hyunwoo’s credit, but Hyunwoo let him take it, saying that would be better for the company.

And that was quite understandable in some respect.

So, Jaeyol smiled brightly and nodded, “I thought Hyunwooo might have done so.”

Changing the topic, he asked Daebong about Hyunwoo and ‘Hyunwoo’s Mom.’

Daebong was quite skillful in fielding his questions. While he was replying, Daebong added comments about Aurum and Space Design oftentimes for their publicity.

Hearing what Daebong said, Jaeyol found that he played a great role with respect to Hyunwoo Mom’s factory. It was all Daebong’s credit that Hyunwoo’s mother first started the business and expanded it.

Given his credit, Daebong was like a benefactor to ‘Hyunwoo’s Mom.’

Nodding his head again, Jaeyol said, “Oh, you were very moved to hear Hyunwoo made a big donation to the kids of Anifan. And so you introduced her to the presidents of other factories. I think you really did a good job.”

Only then could Daebong feel relaxed.

Relaxing his back that he had been stretching because of the intensity of the interview, Daebong smiled broadly and said, “I feel really satisfied with that. I think people like Hyunwoo’s mother should have success.”

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“How wonderful of you to have such an employee! You’re really blessed with talented employees, I think. I guess you had better give such an employee special promotion, right?,” said Jaeyol, laughing cheerfully.

But Daebong’s face grew dark.

Jaeyol got curious at his looks and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Is there something bad about him?”

“As a matter of fact, Hyunwoo is leaving our company. He started his own business.”

“Personal business? Then, it looks like he has decided to concentrate on helping his mother’s business.”

“No, not that. He has started an animation business. Originally, he started with helping the kids of the House of Happiness…”

While listening to Daebong, Jaeyol kept tilting his head as if he could not understand.

After all, he stopped Daebong and asked, “Wait a minute. I can understand your explanation on how Hyunwoo started the animation business Ani & Funny, but I could not understand the rest of what you said. I don’t get it when you said the purpose of his business was not making any profits. Is that true?”

“Well, I was also confused when I first heard about it. From a common-sense standpoint, I couldn’t understand why he started the business to help the kids. Of course, he could get 50% in educational subsidies from the city government, but he had to pay for the remaining 50% anyway.”

“If that’s the case, did Hyunwoo pay for the rest?”

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“Yes. You might find it hard to understand that, but as I know Hyunwoo, I can fully understand his motivation. He has such a large heart.”


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