The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Chapter 153

“Can you promise me to come out unconditionally when I call you this evening?”

“Got it. Let’s go inside. It’s cold out here.”

“Okay,” said Hyunwoo, putting his arm around her shoulders vigorously.

But Suji pulled his arm down, looking sharply at him, and said, “Somebody is watching us.”

“Who cares?”

Hyunwoo tried again to raise his arm, but Suji hopped away from him, “I don’t like it!”

Giggling a bit, he followed her into the house.


At 3 pm Suji began to take out various clothes from her wardrobe to check out what was best.

Looking at her Mrs. Kong made a bright smile because obviously, she had a good appointment, given that she paid lots of attention to her clothes.

“Are you meeting someone?”

“Yes, I’ve got an appointment.”

“With whom?”

Suji momentarily agonized over her answer because her mother didn’t like her dating Hyunwoo. If she told Mrs. Kong that her date was Hyunwoo, obviously she would dissent and even tell her off.

Suji could stand that, but her mother might go further and speak ill of him to dissuade her, which would be unacceptable to Suji.

Suji could lie to her she was meeting an alumnus friend, but she didn’t want to lie.

Rather, she wanted to tell her mother that Hyunwoo was a much better guy than she thought.

“I’m going out to meet a man.”

Brightening, Mrs. Kong said, “Good for you! By the way, who is he? Do I know him?”

“Yes, Hyunwoo Jang.”

As expected, Mrs. Kong’s face hardened the moment she heard it. She even began to scold Suji.

“What the heck are you doing now? Why are you dating Hyunwoo when there are so many good men around you? I hear he didn’t go to college. And now he quit from a good company to do a business that is hopeless?”

Suji patiently waited until her mother finished what she had to say.

Then Suji said in a calm voice, “Mom, I’m not a fool, nor a child. I know what marriage means, and that love alone doesn’t bring about happiness.”

Mrs. Kong’s hardened face eased a bit and seemed to trust her and felt assured.

“You know about Hyunwoo a bit, but I know him much more. You’ll like him if you really appreciate Hyunwoo’s true character.”

“Is he such a great guy?”

“I don’t want to boast about him with my own mouth. Let me wait until he can change your perception of him. Are you happy now?”

Mrs. Kong smiled brightly. Her daughter was more thoughtful and considerate than she felt.

“Got it. Go and see him. Don’t be too late.”

Suji went out of her house.

Hyunwoo was waiting for her. He didn’t drive this time. Instead, he took a taxi to come to Suji’s place.

They went to a restaurant first.

When they arrived, Suji opened her eyes wide because it was the most expensive in Ansan. Though she could afford to come to this place a couple of times with her parents, it would be pretty burdensome to Hyunwoo, she thought.

Stopping walking for a moment, she pulled his arms gently and said, “Let’s go somewhere else.”

“Why? Any particular reason?” asked Hyunwoo with a curious look.

Suji could bring herself to say it’s an expensive restaurant because it might offend his pride.

“Well, I had an upset stomach after having a meal here before. After that, I avoid this place on purpose.”

“Really? Let’s go to some other restaurant. I wish I had asked you in advance before making the reservation. What do you want to eat?”

“Why don’t we go to that seafood restaurant that we had visited previously?”

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Hyunwoo made a somewhat regretful expression. The seafood house was good, but not good enough for him to give himself to her.

Anyway, they headed for the seafood house.

While enjoying the seafood, they chatted away pleasantly.

Of course, Hyunwoo was looking for a chance to win her heart.

In fact, he was determined to make Suji his woman this evening but didn’t know what to do.

Hyunwoo looked at her face with amorous eyes.

As if she felt it, Suji seemed a bit nervous.

“Suji,” said Hyunwoo in a quiet voice as amorous as his eyes.

Her eyes became wider now as if she already expected what would come out of his lips.

Hyunwoo felt his heart was throbbing. Though he was decided, he just felt shy and awkward about showing his love.

Now he set about it, there was no turning back.

“Won’t you date with me?”

Suji blushed. As if she was surprised at his unexpected proposal, she looked at him with open eyes, and then leered at him again.

“You don’t have a speck of romantic ambiance in you! How can any woman be tempted by a dumb proposal like that? I don’t like a man with no romantic feelings. Just go and learn how to propose to a woman,” said Suji, but she was all smiles, though.

Scratching his head, Hyunwoo said, “Well, I’m pretty clumsy at that.”

“What are you talking about? You can do if you want. How can you get married with that mindset? Learn how to surprise a woman, dress well, get your hair done at a beauty salon and take care of your care.”

“Actually, I see many telling me about that, but I don’t feel like it. I wanted to meet a woman who will appreciate the inside of me, not my appearance. I mean, my true character,” said Hyunwoo sincerely.

“Still your appearance should be impressive. Only then can you have a chance to show your true character, right?” said Suji.

As if he appreciated her advice, Hyunwoo lowered his head and said, touching the teacup with his fingers, “That makes sense, but it’s not in my element to spruce up my appearance that way. I just want to win a woman’s heart by showing my true heart.”

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“True heart?”


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