The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Chapter 161

Hyunwoo quickly opened the door and came in.

Yu Zuung and the students were busy cleaning out the office cheerfully.

The song in question was coming out from the speakers connected to the office computer.

“Oh, welcome,” they exclaimed at the unexpected visit of Hyunwoo and Kyungsu, but they were a bit surprised to see Hyunwoo and Kyungsus’ faces hardened for some reason.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked cautiously.

Hyunwoo asked bluntly, “How do you know this song?”

“Well, this song is all the rage on Youtube these days. I came to hear it at the suggestion of my friend who said he loved it so much, and it was really good. I just feel good while listening to it.”

“It’s all the craze on Youtube?” asked Hyunwoo instead of replying.

“Though it has not yet hit gold, I guess it will make a big hit sooner or later.”

Other friends agreed with her, and Ngun predicted it would be the most popular hit on Youtube.

Hyunwoo and Kyungsu felt a bit weird at that because the song was not yet well known in Korea.

“Why? Do you know this song well?”

“Of course. It’s me who made the music video.”

Hyunwoo told them about the song Duckling Fly, and that Angela was a Vietnamese girl.

While listening to his explanation, Zuung suddenly pointed her finger at one corner of the music video with the logo ‘ANI & FUNNY’ inscribed on it.

“Wow, you’re right. ANI & FUNNY. Why didn’t I notice it until now?”

Zuung and the students felt proud that they came to work for a company affiliated with ANI & FUNNY, which was sort of their own company that signed the contract with them and furnished the office.

“Though you work in a different field, I think you have great potential. If you worker harder, you can make your name known in the animation world,” said Hyunwoo.

With encouragement and parting words, they left the office.

At that moment, Unhye, the representative of N&C Japan, called Hyunwoo.

“Hi, Unhye? How are you doing these days?”

“Yes, I’m. I’m so happy these days. By the way, Ani & Funny is your company, right?”

Hyunwoo’s eyes popped up at that as he instantly thought Unhye called because of the music video Duckling Fly. If that was true, it meant the song was popular not only in Vietnam but also in Japan.

He raised his voice in excitement before he knew, “Right. What’s the matter?”

“I watched the music video Duckling Fly. The moment I heard it, I liked their dancing and singing. So, when I checked to see who was the singer, I saw the logo ‘ANI & FUNNY’ on it. This music video was made by your company, wasn’t it?”

“That’s right. By the way, how did you discover this music video?”

“Well, I didn’t. My friend asked me to listen to it, saying she felt so good about it.”

“How did your friend come to find it out?” asked Hyunwoo in detail.

“Well, it is getting more and more popular these days. Actually, it’s on everyone’s tongue. As things stand now, I guess it’s going to hit gold.”

Hyunwoo felt so elated, but at the same time he had to stay calm and cope with some sort of strategy on how to deal with the great success of the music video.

After the call, he discussed it with Kyungsu, but Kyungsu was at a loss of how to respond.

Hummmm…let me discuss it with brother Jinyoung Paek. He might still remember Ani & Funny, so let me contact him if he doesn’t call me first, Hyunwoo thought to himself.

Hyunwoo and Kyungsu went back to Korea the next day after another drinking party with Sungji Na and other local Korean businessmen in the evening.

When he arrived in Korea, he recieved a call from Yonggu, his longtime friend from Space Design.

Picking up his cell phone gladly, Hyunwoo felt a bit embarrassed. Yonggu said he was worried that Minhye, CEO of Space Design and his girlfriend, was having an intimate relationship with Hyongsun Kim, the president of Sangwon Foods and Hyunwoo’s high school alumnus.

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What could Hyunwoo do? In particular, it was a relationship between a man and a woman even the parents can’t interfere with.

The only way was to prove what kind of personality Hyongsun had, but that was not easy.

“Hey, dude. I would like to help you out, but I don’t know how,” said Hyunwoo.

Yonggu continually let out a sigh, complaining about Minhye.

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But Hyunwoo felt something strange about her relationship with Hyongsun.


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