The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Chapter 17

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Hyunwoo suddenly felt tense at the team manager’s remark. He felt as if he had become an animal chased by a hunter.

The team manager and Yonggu were the hunters.

“Don’t you think so? You didn’t find this out by yourself. Instead, it was something the customs officer tipped you off on.”

Hyunwoo just felt dumbfounded at that moment. That was how the world went around. A baby can’t live alone. If it sits idle, nobody would come over to put a rice spoon into its mouth.

The same can be true for this. Without Hyunwoo’s active involvement, nobody would’ve found out the information about the refund. Who would take the initiative if his or her achievement would be underappreciated by the manager or colleagues at the company?

Hyunwoo found himself fought with himself at this moment.

Fight with them or admit it?

The chances are that he wouldn’t be able to win. How could he fight and beat the manager and Yonggu, the two central figures of the purchasing department? Here at the department, their remarks were the law.

If Hyunwoo could come up with a tight explanation to take the credit for himself, he could probably get the award money and special promotion. However, he would lose everything other than that. The two of them would treat Hyunwoo like an enemy, and the other team members would try to avoid him in order to not to be involved. In short, there was much more to lose than to gain from this. In this situation, the best policy was for him to please them.

“Absolutely, sir. Did you think that I would take credit for it alone? No way. It should be the performance of the purchasing department,” Hyunwoo said with a broad smile.

Both of them brightened their sullen faces and smiled at him. The manager tapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re a really nice guy. How come we’ve met such a man of fortune like him? Yonggu, compile the report and bring it to me.”

Hyunwoo’s expression became slightly rigid. Why did he ask Yonggu to make the report? It suggested that he wanted to give Yonggu the credit.

But Hyunwoo softened his rigid look instantly so that nobody would notice it.

Min noticed me, he thought to himself.

Min Suji was looking at him. Though she smiled, he felt some sort of bitterness in it, something like sympathy toward him.

“Got it. Hyunwoo, make the draft and bring it to me.”

Hyunwoo felt bitter. It was him who had obtained the information and made the draft, but it was Yonggo who got the credit. Nonetheless, Hyunwoo already decided to empty his mind.

“Okay, sir”

Hyunwoo immediately began making the draft. He made it perfect enough so that there was nothing to correct in it.

“I’ve completed the draft.”

“Let me take a look.”

Yonggu reviewed the draft. Though he was very good at accounting, he didn’t know much about customs clearance or the refund regulation. In particular, the refund regulation was completely new to him because he didn’t even know that it had existed.

There was nothing for Yonggu to correct in the draft. Still, he corrected something because he wanted to make it his own by revising it. Otherwise, it would still be Hyunwoo’s.

“Send the file to me.”

Yonggu completed the report based on Hyunwoo’s draft, and he then went with the team manager to see the company president.

Back to the office, both of them didn’t hide their happy expressions.

“Our team succeeded in cutting down the company’s costs for the first time. Everybody, let’s applaud!”


The team members were clapping their hands out of joy, and Hyunwoo was no exception.

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“The president gave us big praise, saying that our team set an example. He promised to give us a lot of award money, vowing to make our performance as an example to other departments. Don’t you think that we should have a dinner together?”


The team members burst into exclamation once again.

Yonggu said to them, “Let me treat you today. Be ready when the clock hits 5 pm sharp.”

With the team members shouting with joy, the team manager approached Hyunwoo and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Though Yonggu submitted the report, this is the performance of the team, not any particular individual. Also, the award money will be evenly distributed to everyone, but let me give you more.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. I can’t receive more money because the credit goes to all of the team members. So, evenly five it to everybody…”

However, the manager cut off his remarks, and he asked the team members as if he thought the world of Hyunwoo.

“No, no. Is there anyone dissatisfied with my decision?”

“No, sir”

Only then did Hyunwoo nod his head reluctantly.

“Thanks so much for your consideration.”

Hyunwoo thought of other things in heart, though.

‘Okay, you claim the money and the grade promotion. I’ll get other things much greater than that.’

Led by Yonggu, the team members headed to the dinner place, where the production team had already taken their seats for dinner.

“Oh, you guys are from the production department. Manager Yang, you also got here. Congrats! I know the production team got a big catch this time.”

“Manager Park, ha ha ha. Thanks. All the credit goes to my team members.”

Hyunwoo could notice it, though. There was some sort of subtle competition between the managers of the production team and the purchasing team.

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“Good. Do we have sit apart from each other? I don’t think so. Let’s introduce our new hires to each other on this occasion.”


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