The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Chapter 169

In the afternoon, Hyunwoo headed back to the office of Ani & Funny then got off work timed with Suji’s getting off work for the day.

As a gentle reminder, Kyungsu said to Hyunwoo, “You know that Jinhon is appearing on TV tonight, right? We’re going to watch it in the office.”

Of course, Hyunwoo didn’t forget. He had been looking forward to today for several days.

“Sure, I know that. You said it would be on air at 7:30 pm, right? Let me come back to the office after a quick dinner.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. Please have a good time with your sweetheart!.”

Hyunwoo grinned at that. As a matter of fact, he had no time to date even if he wanted to. When Hyunwoo was free, she had to go back to her office because of some other work at night, and when Sujin was free, Hyunwoo often had an appointment.

That’s why their dinner meeting was the only occasion for their dates.

Suji left the office on time and met Hyunwoo nearby.

Then, they went to a restaurant for dinner.

Hyunwoo was eating a little faster than usual in spite of himself.

Leering at him, Suji asked, “You’re eating too fast, honey.”

Hyunwoo made an awkward smile, but couldn’t tell her why, “Well, I am usually a quick eater.”

“Try to form the habit of eating slowly. And it is good manners to adjust your eating pace to a woman’s.”

“Oh, got it, Suji. Let me eat slowly.”

It took more than an hour to have dinner. Originally, he planned to have tea but couldn’t.

In the meantime, Suji was relaxed as she didn’t have to work that night. She even called him for a date today.

“How about some beer? Let me treat you today.”

But Hyunwoo hesitated to reply, scratching his head, “Sorry, but my staff is waiting for me now. I have to go back.”

“Again? Are you stuck in the office all the time like this? You are not directly involved in animation production, aren’t you?”

She was right. As he had no knowledge of the technical aspects of animation, he wasn’t involved at all. He only paid attention to managing the overall direction or making the final decision on the animation business.

But today was a special day for Hyunwoo.

“I told you about this before. Today Jinhon and Angela appear on TV for the first time. I have told my staff I’ll be joining them to watch the show.”

“Why are you going back to the office to watch the show? As president, you can tell them that you can’t come. Who would take issue with that?”

When Hyunwoo hesitated to reply, Suji carefully examined his attitude as if he could really call them to say he couldn’t come.

Grinning a bit, Hyunwoo took out his cell phone and said, “Okay, then. Let me break my promise with them.”

But Suji quickly reached out her hand to stop him, “That’s enough. Just go and watch the show with them. Next time, promise me to watch it with me, okay?”

“I’d love to watch tonight’s show with you Suji. Let me just call them.”

“Oh, no. You said you promised you would come back,” said she, frowning at him playfully. Still, she felt happy as she confirmed he was sincere.

Hyunwoo appreciated her deep consideration. In fact, he felt sorry to her as he could not take time out for dating even during the weekend these days.

Recently, he was so overworked. He was up to his neck in the business of Ani & Funny and N&C Korea, let alone taking care of Jinhon and Angela.

He had to travel to Seoul three times a week for a business trip and had drinking parties late into the night.

As for Hyunwoo’s overworking, Suji had some painful memories of her father in the same vein. Her father almost exclusively focused on his own research, giving up his family for many years.

It was only natural that Suji had complaints about Hyunwoo who concentrated on work instead of going on dates with her more often. Still, she was really trying hard to understand Hyunwoo.

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Hyunwoo appreciated her so much for that.

He wrapped her face with both hands and said, “Soon your new house will be completed. You can see me anytime, right? Let me drive you to your office every day.”

Opening her eyes wide, she asked, “Really?”

“Of course. But I’ve got one condition.”

“What is that? Do you have to attach a condition?”

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“Absolutely. I have to,” said he with a smile.


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