The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Chapter 171

Taesu was stunned to see the big guy behind her back.

He initially imagined that guy was her manager, but he had a big build. Taesu even thought there was a gorilla standing there, but he was not a gorilla. He was a big, black guy whose height was over two meters and looked like a fight.

With a scared expression, Taesu stepped back in spite of himself.

“Who the hell are you?”

Nami smiled gently and said, “Oh, he is my friend Raymon. He asked to escort me, expressing concern that I might run into trouble if I went around alone at night.”

“How are you? I’m Raymon.”

Raymon politely introduced himself to Taesu. Though his voice was soft, it had a rough tone that showed he went through all kinds of trials and difficulties.

Come to think of it, Nami’s tone and look was different now. Though she was still kind, it was businesslike in nature. There was nothing in her attitude that showed she was interested in tempting him.

Finally, she showed her true colors. So far she used him, and now she judged the time came for her to split up with him.

“By the way, what kind of schedule do you want to discuss with me?”

Making a frown, Taesu retorted, “You arrived too late. All the schedule was canceled. Just get out of here!”

“Alright. Goodbye then.”

Nami politely bowed to him and left the room without looking back.

Taesu threw his wine glass down the floor, kicked the sofa and threw away whatever that came his way.

Still, he could not vent his anger.

“How dare you treat me like a fool? How dare you?”

He vowed he would have her pay the price by all means so that other entertainers could take their cue from her.

He called Nami’s manager, who picked up the phone immediately. Given the noise around him, he was hanging around in a bar.

“Hey, stop drinking and see Nami now.”

“Nami? What’s wrong with her?”

Taesu gave him several instructions.

The manager was quick-witted. He immediately figured out Taesu’s decision. From now on he would go after her to dig into her weak points.

At that moment, he had a call from his secretary.

His face brightened again because he gave her a special assignment related to Angela.

“So, did you check her out?”

The secretary gave him a detailed briefing about Angela.

What Taesu was most interested in was her management company. It would not be easy to scout her if her agency was big enough to rival AT Entertainment.

When he heard about her agency, it was new to him.”Ani & Funny? What the heck is this company?”

“Well, it’s an animation company founded last winter. They made an animation music video, which I think hit the jackpot by sheer luck this time.”

Taesu yelled for joy deep inside. He felt confident he could scout her right away.

What bothered him was that she was too young.

On TV she looked like a girl in her early 20s because of her full bosom and height, but she was only a 16-year-old high school girl.

He stuck to one iron rule in dealing with women: Don’t touch a minor!

He could wait for three more years to satisfy his lust. He didn’t want to take the risk of ruining his business to satisfy his instant pleasure.

“Scout her unconditionally, okay? Let me count on you, Miss Yun.”

“Yes, sir,” replied secretary Yun.


As soon as Hyunwoo arrived Nami raced toward him and hugged him as if she was reunited with a family after a long time.


Hyunwoo opened his arms and hugged her in an unguarded moment.

Wrapped in his arms, she began to weep. The moment she saw him, she was freed from the intense tension that gripped her tightly and wept.

Hyunwoo hugged and gently tapped her on the back.

A little later she got out of his arms.

“Do you feel better now?”

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