The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Chapter 183

Hyunwoo quickly ran away from the porch to give Suji some time to take a shower, but the thing was whether the supermarket was still open.

When they came into the village some time ago, the supermarket was open, but it might be closed by now as it was late at night.

Maybe a few cans of beer could determine Hyunwoo’s fate tonight.

He ran to the supermarket that was about 150 meters away from her house, at full speed. The owner was about to close the door. If he had arrived there just a little bit later, he might have had to knock on the door.

He purchased six cans of beer and walked back slowly.

While walking back, he was totally lost in thoughts about her.

What kind of clothes will she wear after taking a shower?

Though it was his wishful thinking, he wished she would just put on a bathrobe without wearing any underwear.

Do I need to take a shower, too?

Though he took a shower with hot water that the morning, his body would have gotten dirty in the meantime. When he thought as far as that, he giggled in spite of himself.

I think I am counting my chickens before they’re hatched. Let me drink beer first.

When he arrived at her house, he waited for about five minutes outside then rang the bell.

The front door opened immediately as if she was ready.

She didn’t put on a bathrobe but a comfortable tracksuit, but that kind of jogging suit turned on him all the more. Though it was a long sleeves and pants style, it was very thin and tight enough to reveal her bosom, waist, and pelvis. Hyunwoo found himself scanning her body from head to feet in spite of himself.

“Oh my god! What are you doing now? Just come in quickly.”

They called it apple hip on TV when they saw a woman’s tight and rising buttocks. Suji’s hips were like that. Hyunwoo’s heart began to pound. Suji prepared some side dishes such as peanuts and seasoned seaweed.

“How is your work at the company?” said Hyunwoo to break the ice first.

“Well, a stalker is following me at the company,” she said, reeling off company life.

“Hummm… What a miserable guy! How could he set an eye on a girl who has a boyfriend?” said Hyunwoo sarcastically.

Suji just smiled at that, as if she agreed with him, “Let’s have a drink.”

They drank beer together.

He cracked a peanut with his teeth and held it out to her. Looking at him, she took it with her lips then tried to step back, but he couldn’t miss the chance. He held the back of her head with his hand and kissed her. She didn’t resist this time and began to move her lips like him.

Then, he gently put his hand in her hair, on her neck then her waist before stopping for a moment. Her thin and flexible tracksuit seemed to make him feel her body at his fingertips.

Whenever he moved his hands, her body wriggled. She didn’t try to stop him, which made him freely touch her side and armpit up and down. He was agonizing over what to do next now.

What should I do?

He gently raised his hand and cupped her face then put his fingertips on her neck and collarbone all the way down. Obviously, he wanted to touch her bosom now but didn’t press on it like before.

Until then, she seemed not to have been undecided how to respond, just looking at him. And then she avoided his eyes as if she was resigned.

Now, he cautiously began to kiss her lips with his hand on her bosom.

She closed her eyes when he kissed deeply, grasping her bosom at the same time.

She didn’t resist, staying silent at the mercy of his lips and hands. He could feel her strong physical desire in her wriggling body, too. Just like he wanted to have more physical contact, she did as well, but he was prudent to the end. As if he wanted to sound out her feelings, he put his hand down her body slowly, feeling her gentle trembling as well as rough breathing. Then, he took off the upper jacket of her tracksuit and reached her underwear at last, but she stopped him at that moment, holding back her rough breathing.

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“My room is upstairs…” she said.

Chirp, chirp.

A song chirped outside the window.

Hyunwoo opened his eyes gently.

The sun had risen already, shining a light through the window brightly.

He turned his head and found her asleep, with her head leaning on his shoulder.

It looked like she was tired last night, given her sound sleeping.

She was wearing pajamas, unfortunately, while he was naked in bed.

He cautiously he moved his hand and put it on her back before undoing her bra.

Can I undo the hooks with one hand?

He gave it a try with patience but stopped suddenly when he found she was smiling a bit.

“Are you awake?”

She responded by moving her body at his quiet question.

And she lay face down, so he could have sex with her easily.

He didn’t have any reason to hesitate now.

He took off her underwear quickly, along with her pants.

Her tight and white buttocks were exposed, which made her scream briefly.

“Oh my god! What are you doing?”

“I just want to enjoy the taste of your buttocks.”

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Then, he bit her buttocks gently and kissed her whole body with his lips like yesterday. She was now more aggressively responding to his touch. Then, they had another round of burning sex.


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