The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Chapter 194

Hyunwoo signed the contract to purchase the farmland lot near his house without any hesitation. Though he had yet to see the blueprint of the new research center, he had the builders work on the construction of the third factory of Hyunwoo’s Mom, the farming ground for the grasshoppers, and the dormitory for students coming from faraway places.

In particular, the dorm was designed to house forty students, so not only could the students of the alternative school but also Ani & Funny students and staff could stay there.

The next thing to do was to bring in the students.

Hyunwoo first called Byungwon Kang, his former colleague at Aurum.

He thought Byungwon would welcome his project with open hands because he and his son, Mingyu, liked the educational methods of Dreaming School very much, but Byungwon reacted differently.

“Unauthorized alternative school? In that case, my son can’t get a high school diploma, can he?”

Actually, his son Mingyu entered an authorized alternative high school as soon as he graduated from Dreaming School because he wanted to obtain a high school diploma.

Hyunwoo felt a bit disappointed. Mingyu’s great creative ability stood out when he was attending Dreaming School. He felt regrets about losing a creative student like Mingyu, but it was not something Hyunwoo could decide as far as Mingyu’s future was concerned.

All he could do was help Mingyu make the correct choice.

Hyunwoo was convinced that creative students like Mingyu would need a more creative education method like that of the Dreaming School, but Hyunwoo had to prove it by action not just by words, so he prepared a written plan on how to cultivate the students’ abilities and what was different from the education methods of Dreaming School despite some common characteristics.

He valued the students’ experiences, so he would make sure that the students learned more through travel than classroom education. He would maximize his network to help the students experience all kinds of occupancies.

He also mentioned in the plan that the students would spend a lot of time assisting Duyoung, Kuroda, and Taeho with their research projects.

Byungwon changed his mind after hearing Hyunwoo’s detailed briefing. He agreed with Hyunwoo that it was more important for Mingyu to cultivate his ability to plan his own future rather than obtaining a high school diploma.

“Got it. Let me discuss it with Mingyu. I don’t think he will oppose it.”

Hyunwoo called other prospective students and persuaded them in the same way. All of them were graduates of Dreaming School.

Their parents showed concern at first, but when they examined Hyunwoo’s plan, they decided to send their children to Hyunwoo’s alternative school.

Hyunwoo succeeded in bringing a total of ten students, far short of his original goal of twenty, but the number of incoming students was not the issue.

“Yea, what is the big deal? I’ll do my best to raise even ten students the best I can.”

While Hyunwoo was looking around the construction site of the research center, he received a call from Sonjong, the chief accountant of KOVE DREAM.

“Hi, the chief of Ansan Customs Office wants to visit our office,” she said.

Hyunwoo was familiar with some of the customs office but not its chief.

“What’s the reason?”

“He said he wanted to offer customized consulting.”

“What is it?”

Though it was new to him, Sonjong was aware of its meaning as she had the relevant experience in the field as a former customs official.

“Well, he is trying to find the kind of information that can benefit our company. There is nothing to lose even if you meet him, and this is a free consultation.”

“Okay, I trust you then. What should I do?”

“You can just set up the time then the Ansan Customs Office will take care of the rest.”

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Hyunwoo set up the next afternoon as the consulting time, and the chief customs official visited the office of KOVE DREAM at the appointed time.

As Sonjong said, the purpose of the official was purely to help Hyunwoo’s company. Obviously, the mayor of Ansan asked the chiefs of various city government offices to help Hyunwoo’s business.

The chief official gave Hyunwoo a rough briefing on the possible benefits, and his staffer, who accompanied him, specifically explained about various support programs available, but they were not compatible with the situation of KOVE DREAM. Most of the benefits were available for companies with several years of tax returns records.

One of the benefits grabbed his attention, though.

“Have you just said that if we use a bonded warehouse, we can store items there without paying any tax?”

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“No, what I mean is you can delay the imports declaration until the time you want to declare. You can delay taxes until then.”


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