The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Chapter 204!

“Special program about me?”

“Yes, if you resume activities, Taesu Ahn might do something to harm you. So, let me prepare for that.”

Soyun’s face suddenly turned pale when she heard the name Taesu, as if she was scared.


Hyunwoo told her about what he had in mind.

It was about a special program related to the harmful consequences of sex videos.

“Let me cite the examples of you and Nami Yu in the program. Of course, I’m going to use the experts to prove that the figure in the videos are neither Soyun Han nor Nami Yu.”

That was too tough a challenge for Soyun, but it was something she had to overcome someday.

But there was another obstacle in her mind.

“Do you think they can broadcast such programs?”

“Of course, that won’t be easy. But I have an idea about that. You can just count on me and be prepared to resume your activities,” said Hyunwoo loudly.

Only then did she cautiously nod her head.

“Okay, then. Let me think about it.”

Hyunwoo thought that was enough. Maybe she would practice her vocal part of the song Temptation, and when she got confident, she would contact him.

Leaving the school with relaxed feelings, he headed to Seoul for an appointment with Kwangsu Han of Real Film.

Kwangsu was already prepared to shoot the video.

“Welcome! Let’s get down to business right away. I have to finish it within two hours as I have an appointment in the evening.”

“Sure, it will be done quickly as it takes about ten minutes to read it all.”

Hyunwoo sat on the prepared seat and read the memo handed by Kwangsu.

Kwangsu was supposed to videotape Hyunwoo reading a warning letter to Jinhon in his capacity as the representative of KOVE DREAM, demanding an official apology from Jinhon for his groundless attack on its products.

In particular, the last sentence of the warning was the most severe:

<I know a secret Angela kept to herself.

Let me give you one week. If you fail to offer an official apology within one week, our branch in America will reveal the secret to everybody on its home page.

Keep it in mind.

Just one week.>

The warning video would be broadcast as TV ads in America, Japan, and China.

But it was in Korean, not English. Instead, there will be English, Chinese and Japanese captions provided on the lower part of the video.

“Wow, you did great! Let’s shoot it several times.”

Hyunwoo repeated the same words more than ten times. Though it only lasted 20 seconds, his mouth was worn out as he kept repeating the short sentence.

“Hey, it’s very natural. You can be an entertainer!” praised Kwangsu.

Kwangsu prepared for the next shooting, and Hyunwoo went back to the office of Ani & Funny in Ansan.

He came to find a familiar face there, who was Myunghoon Koh.

It happened to be July 1.

“I don’t think you are going to drive here for work. Have you found a house?” asked Hyunwoo.

“Well, I have to find it as soon as possible, be it an apartment or a studio. For the time being, I will stay at an inn.”

“You don’t have to. As the dormitory will be done in the near future, let me give you a room.”

Myunghoon gladly responded, “By the way, is Yu Zuung also staying at the same dormitory?”

“Well, that depends on her. As she arrives here two days from now, let me ask her. If she wants it, I’m going to give her a room, too.”

It seemed Myunghoon had a great expectation of Yu Zuung.

Most of the male staff of Ani & Funny were not married yet.

And their houses were not near the office, so some of them had to drive one hour to come to the office.

They had no reason to commute to and from their houses if Myunghoon could be allowed to stay at the dormitory.

“Can I also get a room at the dorm?”

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“In fact, it’s hard for me to drive every day here…”

Hyunwoo scratched his head, not knowing how to handle their request.

Actually, the dorm was built large enough to house five people, but it would be crowded if he allowed his staff to stay there.


Of course, there was a solution.

If four students could live in one room, and two adults in one room, there would be enough rooms to house them all applicants.

Hyunwoo replied in a cheerful voice,

“Okay, then. Two adults for one room!”

The staff expressed disappointment, but given the savings on their living expenses, commuting fees and Yu Zuung’s staying at the same dorm, there was no reason for them to reject Hyunwoo’s offer.

Clapping his hands, Hyunwoo called the staff.

“Let’s talk about that matter later. I want to discuss with you about something.”

The main topic was about the production of animated movies.

But Kyungsu and Sanggyu raised objections.

“No matter how hard you cut down on the budget, it will cost at least one billion won.”

“Well, I’m going to focus on planning here in Korea while sending most of the production including children’s stories to our Vietnamese branch. That way we can save a lot of money, can’t we?”

“If you cut the budget, the quality of the picture will go down.”

“The picture quality for TV and movies is different. We can’t lower the quality in order to cut down on the budget.”

Most of the staff were opposed to his idea, citing the reason that the possibility of success was very low, given the minimal budget, but Hyunwoo didn’t budge a bit. He felt unless they tried something new, there would be no future of Ani & Funny.

There was another reason Hyunwoo was confident about success. He believed in the potential of Yenam Noh who had an extraordinary instinct of success in the animation field.

Hyunwoo wrapped up the discussion as if he decided.

“Let’s give it a try. I’m confident we can get our money’s worth at least.”

“Are you sure?” asked Kyungsu with a dark look.

Looking at him, Hyunwoo said, “I don’t think only money is what we’re pursuing. The experience that our staff and the students can gain in the process is our revenue. Ani & Funny can invest one billion won for your experience.”

Kyungsu nodded, though he didn’t agree. It was too risky to invest one billion to gain experience in the field, but the owner of Ani & Funny was Hyunwoo. As he made the decision with confidence, they were not supposed be start pros and cons about it.

“Got it. I think we have to work on the story first. Suhim, you might get busier from now on.”

“No, you don’t have to. I am thinking of someone who will create the story.”

The staff opened their eyes wide.

“Who is it?”

Smiling at them, he said calmly, “I am not sure if I can make it come true as I’m still thinking about it in my head. Let me tell you when I have a more specific idea.”

Coming back to his desk, Hyunwoo logged in to Story Mecca website and composed a message to Chan Yun.

This time it was not about anything like compliments or encouragement. It was related to his business.

The title of the message read like this.

<Request to hosting of an open contest for an animated story>

Hyunwoo planned to choose the story of the upcoming animation movie through an open story contest. He thought of asking Suhim or Jonghyon for it but gave up because they were not verified in that field.

After completing the message, Hyunwoo was about to send it to Chan but changed his mind. Story Mecca had an administrator taking care of such requests, so he changed the recipient of the message and sent it.

It was the next day that he got a reply from Story Mecca.

The reply to his request was obviously positive.

But there was an additional comment there. Regarding this contest, Chan Yun would arrange the time “specially” to meet Hyunwoo.

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Hyunwoo paid attention to the word ‘specially.’ That meant Chan would go to the trouble of meeting him even though he didn’t need to.

That suggested that Chan Yun was taking special note of Ani & Funny. Maybe he wanted to Hyunwoo for that.

Hyunwoo’s heart began to pound.

The appointment is in fifteen days. Finally, I’m seeing him. Who can accompany me, by the way?

Two days later at Incheon International Airport, Hyunwoo raised his hand high and called, “Yu Zuung. Come this way!”

Looking around, she noticed Hyunwoo and quickly approached him.

She put on a blue skirt with a white T-shirt.

Thanks to her brisk walking her tied hair moved left to right as if it was getting in the rhythm.

She was holding a couple of heavy bags in both hands. Hyunwoo quickly went to her and took one of them.

“How come you have got so much baggage?”

“As you know, I have to settle here from now on. It’s not that much for all of my stuff. Don’t you think?”

“Oh, you’re right, hahaha.”

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