The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Chapter 213

In the notebooks, Taeho wrote down, in great detail, the time, place, and materials involved in the moments of failure. There was everything from the start of the experiment to its finish.

And at the end of the note, he described why he failed in the experiment.

For example, there was a failure note on organic solar batteries. The reason for the failure was form change. He found that the alternative material could generate solar energy, but it could not be produced on a commercial basis because its form could change whenever it was used to generate power.

He tried to fix the problem in various ways but failed each time. Besides, the efficiency of power generation was very low, so he gave up the research.

Looking at the experiment records, Hyunwoo recalled the episode on the invention of ‘Post-It’.

A company invented a strange adhesive while proceeding with research on developing a new adhesive. The adhesive stuck well but was removed easily.

At the time, people thought it was a useless adhesive, arguing that the adhesive that was so easily removed had no use whatsoever.

But an employee working in the sales department of the same company found the adhesive’s use. When the bookmark in his Bible slipped out of it often, he was looking for its replacement. So, he applied adhesive on a piece of paper and found its use.

That’s how Post-It sticky note was developed.

When he heard the episode, Hyunwoo felt as if he was electrified at the moment because that had confirmed the belief he’d had since he was a child.

<There is no defective product in the world. It has not yet found its use.>

That was not necessarily only applied to a product. The same can be applied to a man. As long as one can find a job that fits one’s ability, anybody can show his or her ability brilliantly in the world. Motivated by this kind of conviction, Hyunwoo founded Ani & Funny and established the alternative school.

Hyunwoo felt all the failed experiments in Taeho’s Failure Note could be examined in the same vein.

Taeho’s failed experiments were not a failure. It just had no use as a solar battery. If it could be used for other purposes, it could turn out to be a brilliant experiment.

Hyunwoo’w eyes began to sparkle.

Yea, let me find the solution here. I can prove my conviction is true.

Thanks to the combined efforts of everybody to move the research materials, they were done with moving in two days. The college students hired as teachers taught the students in a couple of small conference rooms attached to the research center.

Nonetheless, everything was in a mess. He was not sure yet if everything was going as well as he intended.

But as time passed by and they went through the trials and errors, they could realize the kind of education that Hyunwoo was dreaming about.

Through the window of the small conference rooms, Hyunwoo watched the students focused on studying, filled with emotion.

Suyoung Oh, the former principal of his high school and now the head of the just-opened alternative school, approached Hyunwoo and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Great job, Hyunwoo. When I first saw you, I thought you would accomplish great things. But I didn’t know you would achieve this much.”

In fact, Hyunwoo felt the same way.

His own life up to now showed the same trajectory. Never did he expect that he would find a job with Aurum, nor did he think his investment in N&C in Vietnam would bring about such an enormous success.

“By the way, Hyunwoo,” said Suyoung.

Hyunwoo turned his head.

Smiling brightly at him, Suyoung continued, “I know this is an unauthorized alternative school, but I think you need a name for the school. Don’t you think so?”

He was right. Actually, that never entered his mind.

Suddenly, Hyunwoo began to agonize over it.

What is a proper name? If have to coin the name, I hope it can reflect my dream.

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When he thought as far as that, one name came to his mind.

Hyunwoo’s dream was to be the light of the world. What would be the brightest light in the world?

Looking at Suyoung, he said, “How about Haenim (Sunshine) School?”

It sounded childish.

What really mattered was the meaning of the name, not its beauty, so he wanted to choose what came to his mind first as the name of the school.

Suyoung didn’t care about how it sounded or looked because he felt its meaning was more important.

“In my opinion, Haenim is not that bad.”

“Let me call it Haenim School then.”

“Haenim School. Sounds good. Haha. Let’s go to the faculty room with me. It looks like they want to talk to you about something.”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Both of them headed to the faculty room.

Two old teachers were waiting for him. They retired from schools at the regular retirement age and came here at the request of Suyoung.

One of them was supposed to teach Korean history while the other was assigned to social studies. Suyoung’s major was Korean language. At least three teachers were secured.

Suyoung opened his mouth first. He said Hyunwoo named this alternative school Haenim School.

They didn’t seem to care about the name itself. Instead, they suggested ideas on how to run the school.

“I hear that the biggest duty of the students here is to assist the three researchers. Right?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” said Hyunwoo, nodding his head.

But they seemed uncomfortable about it.

“Of course, that’s a good idea, but I don’t think that’s the best method. What the students need above all is to expose them to various experiences and knowledge. If you have them focus on a certain field too early it could cause…”

Hyunwoo seemed to know what these senior teachers were worried about, but he had his own idea to address their concerns.

“In fact, I have an idea about that. I’m going to have them go through direct experiences as much as possible.”

“Direct experiences? How?”

Hyunwoo was involved in lots of jobs since he was a middle school boy, such as construction, moving, cleaning, travel, event, VJ assistant, woodworking, etc.

In a way, he went against the established truth that one should focus on only one field if one wants to succeed.


But he found there were pros and cons about everything. Though he could not gain specialized knowledge of one field, he could broaden his view of the world and get connected with lots of people.

Hyunwoo wanted to give the students opportunities like that.

“I know some owners of companies. I’m going to ask them to hire our students here as short-term interns. If they gain experience while working at those companies for a couple of months, that will be a great help to their lives.”

The senior teachers nodded with an admiring look. Suyoung also seemed very satisfied with his explanation.

“Oh, that’s a very good idea.”


“By the way, I wonder if the owners of those companies could accept our students as interns. If our students stop after working only a couple of months, they won’t be any help.”

“I’m going to ask for their help.”

“Can they help?”

The teachers were not optimistic.

But Hyunwoo was confident. In particular, Yellow Balloon, Real Film, the event company, Sanggon Ahn Architect Co., all of which he has entered into business relations with, would accept Hyunwoo’s demands.

And Ani & Funny, KOVE DREAM, and N&C Korea that Hyunwoo owns will also offer on-the-job training opportunities for the students. Hyunwoo’s Mom food factory was another good place for their real experience.

“Sooner or later I’m going to contact these companies. When I set up a more detailed plan, I’ll let you know. Please let me know if you have good ideas anytime.”

“Got it.”

Hyunwoo invested lots of money and time in Haenim School. In addition to the college students, he made efforts to invite the local celebrities as the special guest lectures.

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Hyunwoo himself attended the classes with the students to check out what was lacking. One day, he went to Duyoung’s office, another day he stopped by Kuroda’s and Taeho’s.

Whenever he had free time, Hyunwoo analyzed Taeho’s failure notes.

And he assigned Taeho’s assistants to the same task: analyzing his failure notes and think about how they could make use of the failed products.

But he could not totally focus on the tasks of Haenim School. There were so many things that Hyunwoo was involved in, and some people needed his help.

In particular, Suji was one of them.

Since he went on a date with her last time she became a different woman. Properly speaking, it happened since he ran into her at the restaurant the other day.

From that day to this, she asked him to find more time for her. Whenever she had free time, she called him and tried to see his face once a day, even late in the morning.

And she tried to control his schedule in order to secure a date for the next weekend.

But when he went out on dates with her, she didn’t seem happy.

Of course, she tried on her part. She smiled and talked more than before, and she was more aggressive in making physical contact with him.

But Hyunwoo knew she didn’t make conscious efforts to act like that normally.

No matter how often he met her and had physical contact with her, there was something vain and empty in her eyes.

Hyunwoo felt a sense of crisis. It was a critical moment in his relationship with Suji. How he could overcome it would determine their fate.

She might not realize it yet, but Hyunoo thought her as his future family. He felt a sense of responsibility for her, unlike other women.

To overcome the crisis wisely, he invested lots of time and effort into her.

In the meantime, his office workloads never diminished.

In particular, Ani & Funny took up a lot of his concentration.

Hyunwoo wanted to entrust Kyungsu with the role of CEO of Any & Funny, but Kyungsu was lacking in an independent mindset, so was Sanggyu.

Besides, no matter how busy he was, Hyunwoo had to meet with important people such as Jinyoung Paek, Jaeyol Song, Mansoo Kim, and Chan Yun.

As for KOVE DREAM and N&C Korea, Hyunwoo didn’t worry so much. Jaekyong, Juhwan and Sonjong did their work so well that he didn’t worry about them at all for the whole week.

As a result, it was impossible for him to find as much time as Suji wanted.

Still, he tried his best to do so. No matter what happened to their relationship later, he didn’t want to have regrets what he did for her.

“What are you going to do next weekend?” Suji asked in a whisper, with her head on his chest. She was caressing his naked body with one hand. Hyunwoo touched her fair skin.

“Of course, I would love to go out on a date with you.”

“Really? Didn’t you make any appointments?”

Raising her head, she looked at him, full of happiness in her eyes. He felt a bit bitter because he felt as if her happiness was feigned, not genuine.

“Sure, I’ve saved the time for you, Suji.”

“Let’s travel to Anmyon Island.”


“I love it! I love it!”

Though their weekend date was not over yet, she was already planning another date with him for next weekend.


Hyunwoo went to Haenim School early in the morning.

These days he was completely absorbed in analyzing Taeho’s failure notes with great delight.

Then, he received an urgent call from Ani & Funny.

“Boss, can you come to the office right now?”

“Why? What happened?”

“Tony World called us from America. It is related to a contract on the characters of Garbage World.”

“Tony World?”

Tony World is the largest toy company in America. But toy production was only a piece of Tony World’s vast business. Tony World boasted a great amount of brand awareness and recognition in animation movies, hotels, and theme parks.

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