The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Chapter 236

Hyunwoo said the same thing at the KOVE DREAM office.

“Don’t argue pro and con about the comments. How thankful it is for them to post comments like this? When we see their frank comments, our students can also grow. If you keep grumbling like this, I won’t release the comments next time,” said Hyunwoo.

He also put spurs on developing a new short story series. He hosted another story contest through Story Mecca.

Jonghyon Yuk began to develop story material finally.

Jonghyon worked at the KOVE warehouse during the day and headed back to the office of Ani & Funny in the evening, working twice as much as others.

But he didn’t seem tired at all. It looked like the endorphins caused by his creative work made him strong. Creation was kind of invigorating drink to him.

Of course, Hyunwoo made sure Juhwan adjusted Jonghyon’s workload.

In the past, Hyunwoo delayed development of new works because of insufficient workforce in the field, but he had no reason to do so now. He could find any number of people from the Ani & Funny internet cafe.

The students had no time to take a break. They had to make storyboards on animation movies and make the short stories submitted through the contest animation works.

Besides, they also had to continue to work on Tuti & Angelica animation series.

In other words, they were doing triple work.

But each student had 30 internet cafe members on their teams. As the team members continued to work, they became more and more experienced enough to finish their assignments on time.

The new animation works they completed were sent to the Vietnamese branch for webtoon production.

This time Hyunwoo had his staff evaluate the finished webtoons. And he allowed them to post comments freely. On the other hand, he called together the students he used before and instructed them to post hate comments secretly.

The only difference from the previous round was that their hate comments were posted in real-time.

Of course, Hyunwoo did this with Yenam in mind, so that Yenam could freely post his own comments like he used to.

After ordering his staff to make an evaluation, Hyunwoo secretly watched Yenam’s evaluating process. He also watched Yenam’s reaction and ranked each work on behalf of Yenam.

Another evaluation was done.

Hyunwoo could get what he expected. It was Yenam’s hate comments. Given his comments, Hyunwoo could realize how deeply he was absorbed by the webtoons.

Hyunwoo clenched his fist and mumbled.

Great. I don’t have to sit behind his back and watch him secretly.

He continuously sent the animation works to the Vietnamese branch.

Ngun, its chief, complained.

“How can we make all these stories into webtoons?”

“That’s why I told you to hire as many as possible, dude. If you feel it will take a lot of time, start working on the best short story first.”

“Phew… Got it.”

Hyunwoo left the details to Kyungsu, expecting that Sanggyu and James Lee would assist with Kyungsu well.

Sometimes, he wished strongly to entrust James Lee with managing Ani & Funny, but he could not have full trust in him yet.

Hyunwoo was confident that Kyungsu would always be on his side, but he didn’t have the conviction that James would do the same. There was a real possibility that James leave Ani & Funny for his own interests at any time.

Hyunwoo stopped by the KOVE DREAM office again.

KOVE DREAM established itself completely. There were no outrageous mistakes like before. Those workers hired on a three-month contract were mostly rehired as full-time employees when their contracts expired.

It became dark already. Most of the employees got off work early, and only those assigned to the warehouse stayed to work late at night.

After having dinner with the night shift workers, he headed for Haenim School.

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Though he was terribly busy, he visited the school almost everyday.

When he arrived, his father Duyoung welcomed him.

“Looks like you did a lot of great work these days, son.”

“Oh, not much. Way to go, Dad. How about your research?”

At his question, Duyoung gave him an unusual smile and led him into his research room.

Hyunwoo was momentarily surprised because his father had a cautious look for fear that someone might peek. It looked as if he had something to hide from others.

What is he up to now?

There was nobody in the room. Duyoung locked the door, so nobody could come in, and then showed Hyunwoo a video on his computer.

It was about carbon nanotubes.

At that moment, Hyunwoo recalled what he once had asked Duyoung to experiment with.

He gave his father the results of an experiment that Taeho Min wrote down in his failed experiment notes, which seemed useful in his eyes. It was about the contraction of a carbon nanotube. If Duyoung could make use of the contraction properly, he could turn the failures into success.

Apparently, his father produced some results about that experiment.

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Hyunwoo came closer to the computer monitor.


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