The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Chapter 238

Yu Zuung gave a sense of charming shyness and freshness when she danced. Compared with Jiah and Soyun, there was some awkwardness in her dancing, which made her pure charm stand out.

On the other hand, Soyun fully showed the best dancing. Her motions were so natural that Hyunwoo wanted to make motions like her.

Nonetheless, he often found himself casting a look at Yu Zuung often before he knew.

It was hard to discuss the merits and demerits of Yu Zuung and Soyun Han’s dancing as they came from different backgrounds. Soyun danced much better, but Yu Zuung was as good as her in terms of giving off charm. When it came to his taste, Hyunwoo felt more attracted Yu Zuung’s freshness than Soyun’s maturity and conceitedness.

Besides Yu Zuung kept watching Hyunwoo all along while dancing. She needed a male target to vivify the musical feeling of actually tempting somebody, and she seemed to see Hyunwoo as the target.

Not only Yu Zuung but also Soyun and Jiah danced, looking at Hyunwoo.

They had no other choice because Hyunwoo was the only person present at the studio except for the masked dancers and cameramen. There was nobody to hold heir focus.

Hyunwoo could not focus on any particular dancer, though. Of course, he looked at Yu Zuung most.

Come to think of it, it was the first time he saw Yu Zuung dancing in his presence. He once saw her practicing dancing by playing a USB that contained a video clip of it, which she sent him from Vietnam. And since she arrived in Korea, she had been practicing only in her room at the dorm.

Probably this would be the first time she was dancing in front somebody.

Suddenly Hyunwoo said ruefully,

If Yu Zuung’s dancing had been so attractive like this, I should have enjoyed it in advance.

He could have done so if he had wanted. As he was aware of the identities of the dancers, he could have made some plausible excuses to watch Yu Zuung’s dancing in advance.

While they were dancing for the music video, he was carried away with Yu Zuung’s dancing.

Everybody kept silent from the moment the shooting started until it ended. Only chief cameraman Kwangsu asked Soyun and Yu Zuung to do this or that to create a specific atmosphere, but he didn’t initiate a conversation with them.

When they were driving back home after the shooting, they remained silent with their masks on.

Only when Hyunwoo and Yu Zuung were left alone after Soyun got off, she took off her mask and began to speak.

“Phew. I never knew how hard it was to bite my tongue.”

“Hahaha. Good job!”

“Still, it was interesting. Hohoho,” said she with a bright smile.

Her smile was so fascinating that he felt his heart was full when he conjured up the image of her attractive dancing. He felt as if he blushed before he knew.

Yu Zuung gently touched his face and said, “What’s wrong? Are you unwell?”

“Oh, no. Because you’re so beautiful. Haha.”

He felt strange momentarily. If he had said that before another woman, he would have been surprised at his tongue slip.

But he wasn’t. He felt comfortable. He wanted to show her his genuine feelings.

Was it because he felt she was an easy woman? Or was it because he wanted her before he knew? Or was it because of his occasional loneliness after he split with Suji?

Whatever it was, he didn’t regret what he told her. He was rather curious about her reaction.

He now looked at her face intently.

Her face was already flushed before she knew. She was neither embarrassed nor surprised. It looked like her happy shyness.

With a satisfied look, Hyunwoo started the car.

Everything was promising.

In about one month, Jinhon and Angela would arrive in Korea from America. And he would release the new music video, timed with their arrival.

The animation for the music video was also completed. All he had to do was to edit the dancers’ dancing video and insert it there.

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He felt good without reason. He expected that the new music video would generate popularity abroad first like Duckling Fly.

The next morning Hyunwoo took Yu Zuung to Seoul again. Yesterday, she was there for the music video, and today, she was supposed to shoot for a pictorial.

Even the pictorial shooting was done secretly. Yu Zuung, Soyun and Jiah moved according to their own schedule for the shooting.

The pictorial of Yu Zuung focused on her innocent, sexual, and healthy beauty. She didn’t put on clothing that was too revealing. Of course, she sometimes put on a skimpy outfit, with only her waistline, parts of her pelvis, cleavage and thighs being revealed.

She said she could be more revealing, but Hyunwoo didn’t want it. He felt excessive revealing would bring about negative effects because it would diminish her mysticism.

Though it was a simple job of taking her pictures, it was tough. She had to change into various clothing and coming in and out of the interior and outside for different posing, which took a whole day.

After the shooting was done, she was exhausted.

Driving back to Ansan late at night, Hyunwoo asked, “Do you have any regrets?”

She said with an artificial smile, “No, it was hard but interesting. I would have regretted bitterly if I had not.”

“Good for you. Haha.”


One month later, Hyunwoo rushed to Incheon International Airport. Though he felt he left early, Jingyoung Paek had already arrived and was waiting for him when he arrived there.

“Are you here already?”


“I was done shooting early, so I came out early here. Look at the crowds, man!”

Looking around the arrival gate, Jinyoung showed a satisfied look.

There was a throng of fans and reporters coming out there several hours before Jinhon and Angela’s arrival.

When he checked the time, he had to wait another 30 minutes before their arrival. He talked with Jinyoung about their success stories.

Naturally, they came to exchange views on the new music video.

“Have you watched the finished music video?”

“Sure. I think I watched it at least 20 times.”

“How about it? Do you think it will hit gold?”

“In my opinion, it will make a smash hit. But I am not sure if it can in the US market. The standard of beauty is different in the East and the West.”

Hyunwoo felt the music video should not necessarily make a hit in the US market.

There was a great potential in Asian markets like Japan and China. Once the music video succeeded in drawing the people’s attention there, he felt he could get what he wanted.

“I uploaded it on YouTube this morning. I’m going to watch how they react over time.”

“Promotional marketing is important. That is the key.”

“Well, I have a good plan for that.”

A little later the plane arrived, and the customers came out to the arrival gate. Hyunwoo noticed Jinhon and Angela first among them but couldn’t get close to them because they were besieged by reporters and fans.

They posed for the cameramen in a makeshift photo zone and held a small press conference.

Jinhon was no longer what he used to be. He changed a lot in the several months after he entered the US market. He was much more confident when he appeared before the press. He answered reporters’ questions wittingly, showing an easy and composed attitude.

After the press conference, he and Angela got in a luxury van arranged by Jinyoung.

Noticing Hyunwoo inside the car, Jinhon suddenly shouted for joy and hugged him, “Uncle!”

Hyunwoo hugged him and Angela tight.

Patting him on the back, Hyunwoo said, “I guess you have had hard times there.”

“No, not at all. It was so interesting. I think I could live like this for the rest of my life.”

“Hahaha, you should. How was your life in America? Tell me some interesting stories.”

Jinhon told him which pop stars he met, where he performed, and how he was treated.

Hyunwoo just smiled, listening to his success story.

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And then Jinhon abruptly asked, “By the way, what do you mean when you asked me to have three backup dancers on the stage when I perform this evening?”

“In fact, I made another music video and posted it on YouTube today. They are the core dancers of the music video song.”

Hyunwoo briefed him about the music video ‘Temptation.’

When he mentioned Jiah, Jinhon nodded as if he knew Hyunwoo’s intention.

“Ah, are you going to promote it through my performance?”

“You bet.”

“I see. But I wonder if Jiah can make it. She dances well, but doesn’t look pretty enough…”

“She had plastic surgery on her face,” said Hyunwoo, talking about her change.

Jinhon was still in doubt.

“Can the surgery change her face that much?”

Hyunwoo just smiled at that.

In fact, Hyunwoo was stunned to see her face changed. He was shocked at how her face had been changed by the surgery.

“Anyway, you have to keep secret the dancers’ identities to the end. You should keep it by all means.”

“Got it. Don’t worry.”

Jinhon and Angela’s schedule was so tight. After the press conference, they headed for the stadium tomorrow. It was Jamsil Stadium where as many as 50,000 fans would gather.

The three masked dancers were already there, waiting for Jinhon and Angela. They hid their faces with thick makeup and masks.

When Jinhon and Angela entered the waiting room, one of the dancers waved to him, trying to show him she knew him. She was Jiah.

Hyunwoo made a stern look at that.

“I already told you that you should not do that. You are a total stranger to him, okay?”

She flinched and stood at attention.

Hyunwoo gave her another reminder that under any circumstances she would never identify her identity.

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