The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 246 - Chapter 240

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Chapter 246: Chapter 240

Soyun had one dream. She started to dream about it after she met Hyunwoo some time ago.

It was her successful comeback, a big, big one that even Taesu Ahn of AT Entertainment could not do anything about.

And then she would confidently reveal to the whole world that the woman in the sex video was not her and that she was victimized by him.

But the more she thought about it, the more she got scared. It looked as if Taesu would not sit idle. No matter how big she succeeded, she felt she might not be able to fight with him.

But she wanted to achieve her dream when she watched TV. The masked dancers were gaining more popularity than she imagined.

After the music program was over, there was a commercial on air now.

Soyun took her eyes off TV briefly then she heard a voice stimulating her interest.

She cast a glance back at the TV. It was a public service advertisement in which a beautiful woman was the main character.

Soyun knew her well, who suffered the same pains like her very recently. She was at the center of the controversial sex video and at the same time she was beset by a scandal involving a guy.

“Nami Yu?”

As soon as Soyun heard of the sex video and the scandal involving Nami, she instantly knew what was going on. When she learned Nami was a rising star of AT Entertainment and her contract was supposed to expire soon, she could figure out what would happen to Nami.

She could also predict Nami’s future. Like she did, she thought Nami would lose everything and live in the back, fearing the people’s attention.

But as soon as her contract was over, Nami turned the tide. She began to be more active in the entertainment world.

Of course, Nami did not appear in major TV soap operas anymore. The only one associated with her was the existing Wolf & Fox.

Instead, she focused on public service advertisements and appearances for friendship. If she found TV or radio programs with good intentions, she appeared for free.

Sometimes, she appeared on programs with the promise that she would donate all of her performance fee to society.

Thanks to her sincerity there were many advertisers and TV programs that sought her. Though she didn’t make much money, she could show herself on TV often.

That was not all. Recently, there came out good news about her in the entertainment circles. A film company in Hollywood cast her as an extra.

On the other hand, Nami would shortly hold a press conference about her alleged sex video.

Soyun could figure out how she would argue at the conference. Nami would proudly disclose that she was not the woman in the video, and her scandal with a guy was caused by misunderstanding.

In short, Nami was to confront Taesu confidently instead of hiding for fear of the people’s attention.

And that was Hyunwoo’s trick.

As soon as her contract with AT Entertainment was over, Nami signed a contract with Ani & Funny.

But Ani & Funny had no items that could feature Nami, so it arranged for her to appear on public service ads and other ads for free, which drew favorable reaction from the people.

Besides, Story Mecca’s president, Chan Yun, also helped her. When he heard from Hyunwoo about her in their private meeting, Chan told him that he would help her enter the US film market.

Though she would appear as an extra for now, she could get a big role later if she tried her best.

Soyun felt great about hearing Nami’s proud activities like that.

In fact, the money was not an issue for Soyun. Like Nami, she wanted to show her face proudly on TV. She wanted to do activities like she used to. That’s what she wanted.

Several days later, the day finally came when Soyun had been waiting for. Nami and Hyunwoo also longed for that day.

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As expected, lots of reporters gathered at the press conference. Numerous cameras and mikes were installed here and there.

But Nami was confident. Wasn’t she once an actress who enjoyed the prestige of a top star? So, she wasn’t afraid of the cameras and mikes at all.

And she resolved herself strongly. She would not shrink with fear after the press conference.

The press conference began.

The reporters began to ask her competitively. Their questions were the same. They were all about her alleged sex video and scandal.

She confidently disclosed everything about the man in the picture she allegedly had an affair with.

“That man is Hyunwoo Jang, president of Ani & Funny.”

She calmly explained about her relationship with Hyunwoo. She also revealed that she had a boyfriend she had been dating for a long time.

But she didn’t say anything about Taesu and AT Entertainment. It was impossible to find the hard evidence that she was the woman in the sex video, and it would do harm to her to fight with Taesu at this point.

She would take revenge on him someday when she could turn the tide.

After the press conference, she left the place proudly just like she did when she entered the place.

Watching her honorable press conference, Soyun stretched.

Yea, she is cool. What did I do wrong? Why should I live in hiding like this? I’m honorable, and that’s enough for me.

Soyun was burning with a strong desire to reveal the truth someday.


Yes, I’ll certainly do so.

She clenched her small white fist.


The employees of KOVE DREAM increased to 150 in no time. Right next to the second warehouse would be built a third one soon. Hyunwoo already purchased the lot near it.

All this was in the works for the preparation of the fourth special series on KOVE DREAM.

Hyunwoo still remembered the great confusion about handling mass orders when he opened KOVE DREAM Blue first. The consumers understood as it was the first big mistake of Hyunwoo’s endeavor.

But they would not understand the second mistake.

After the special program was on the air, obviously there would be an explosive increase in orders. Without preparation for the upcoming orders in advance, Hyunwoo would have to repeat the same mistake.

In order to avoid the same mistake Hyunwoo hired many people and trained them well.

Thanks to such efforts KOVE DREAM was not short of hands any more these days.

Most of the employees left for the day in the evening.

There were a total of eight managers including Juhwan left in the office, waiting for Hyunwoo.

A little later Korean Broadcasting broadcast a special program. The atmosphere bustling with the noise became silent. All of them gathered near the 40-inch TV.

The special feature program reflected Hyunwoo’s intention well.

The program focused on Dynamic, the local Korean company in Vietnam producing electric appliances for home use. It showed what kind of company it was, how it tried to enhance its technical skills and how much its president and employees felt proud about it.

But KOVE DREAM didn’t recognize the technical prowess of the company and expressed its complaints strongly.

“I’m confident our technology is already the world’s best. It is more than enough to pass KOVE’s criteria. I can assure you on my honor.”

“Can our camera team test your technical prowess through the professional help of a specialized agency?”

Its President Sungmin Jin gladly accepted the request of the camera team.

“Please do so. I’m so frustrated now. Please restore our fallen honor.”

The camera team left them to speak to a specialized agency in the field.

The results of the test were exactly what Sungmin stressed. The quality of Dynamic’s products was excellent, even surpassing not only Vietnamese products but also Chinese and Korean products.

“Let me ask KOVE DREAM again. Why are you refusing to accept us? Please disclose your criteria.”

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The camera team interviewed KOVE DREAM officials on behalf of Sungmin.

The interviewees were Sungji Na and Sangtaek Kwon, who held the next powerful authority after Hyunwoo.

Both of them didn’t make any excuse. They told the truth honestly.

“In fact, we guessed that thing. There are many companies with excellent technology like Dynamic that failed to join KOVE DREAM.”

One of the cameramen asked with a curious look, “Why didn’t you allow them to join?”

“Because we are lacking in capabilities. Though we guessed they’re excellent, we had no way to verify that. We accept the companies when we’re 100% sure of their technical superiority.”

In short, KOVE DREAM didn’t accept the companies if it could not verify their technology no matter how advanced it was.

Sangtaek responded to the interview skillfully, “It is not the goal of KOVE DREAM to include all the companies with excellent technology. Our goal is to instill trust in the consumers’ minds that they can rely on the products made by any KOVE DREAM member.”

That was the core message that Hyunwoo wanted to convey through the special program.

<At least the technical prowess of those companies belonging to KOVE DREAM can be counted on.>

In fact, there were pros and cons to this when he was planning the concept of the program. For it focused on criticizing KOVE DREAM Blue, not defending it.

Of course, that was what Hyunwoo intended.

What’s important was not Hyunwoo but the officials of Korean Broadcasting. In particular, it mattered how the ranking officials there, who had a final say, thought about Hyunwoo’s concept.

They were opposed. They argued that as the previous KOVE programs focused on magnifying the positive aspects, any follow-up program needed to be produced in the same vein to maintain its consistency.

After all, Hyunwoo made some concessions. Namely, at the beginning of the program it was to show why KOVE DREAM had to be obstinate and picky in selecting its members.

Then the viewers would watch it from the standpoint of KOVE DREAM. And then they would also ponder over how KOVE DREAM would have to change.

And at the end of the program it would show how KOVE could find a solution. It would stress that as it would be impossible for KOVE to cultivate the ability to evaluate other companies’ technical skills, the government should actively offer technical assistance.

When Hyunwoo reviewed the edited version of the program, he was satisfied. It was much better organized and focused than he thought it would be.

In fact, the officials at Korean Broadcasting were experts as far as such programs were concerned. They had a much more discerning eye than Hyunwoo for such programs, given their long experience in the field.

When the special program was over, KOVE DREAM staff shouted for joy, clapping their hands. They didn’t seem to think they would be flooded with many more orders on the occasion of the program.

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