The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 251 - Chapter 245

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Chapter 251: Chapter 245

After finishing the call, Hyunwoo drove to Seoul. Though he was driving there for an appointment with Jaeyol, he had Yu Zuung on the brain. He wasn’t interested in what he wanted to talk with Jaeyol, but he just imagined what he would do when he met her.

Drink beer with her? Or do I have to buy her a gift?

He felt happy while driving thanks to her.

As he left for Seoul earlier than usual, he arrived at the appointed place a bit early. Fortunately, Jaeyol also arrived at the same time.

Jaeyol was still in a bad mood. As soon as he met Hyunwoo, he began to complain about Hyunwoo’s deal with Seoul Broadcasting.

“Are you really going to do it? Given our close ties, I hope you will not,” said Jaeyol.

Though he grumbled, Jaeyol also tried not to offend Hyunwoo.

“Haha, brother. I’ve already made the decision. Let’s stop talking about it anymore. Let me give you a better program item next time.”

“Really? Do you have one?”

Hyunwoo had no particular item in mind at the moment but suddenly recalled the masked dancers, the talk of the town these days.

In fact, he was reminded of that by pPoducer Kwon with Seoul Broadcasting. When Hyunwoo mentioned Any & Funny as Seoul Broadcasting’s feature program item, Kwon was more interested in the masked dancers.

With a bright smile Hyunwoo said, “I’ll reveal one of the masked dancers in the not-so distant future. Let me give it to you first as an exclusive scoop.”

As soon as Hyunwoo mentioned the masked dancers, Jaeyol’s eyes opened wider. But he suddenly lost interest when Hyunwoo mentioned only ‘one of the masked dancers.’ He even gave a snort.

Then he asked in a barely audible voice, “Are you going to mention Jiah?”

This time Hyunwoo’s eyes opened wide. Little did he think Jaeyol was already aware of Jiah’s identity.

Come to think of it, that was natural. Hyunwoo expected Jiah’s identity could be revealed early.

Jaeyol continued, “I hope you don’t think you can keep their identities secret forever. These days reporters are really persistent in digging up something. You had better disclose them sooner rather than later.”

Jaeyol advised him to advance the disclosure time.

He had a point. Hyunwoo would keep under wraps Soyun’s identity to the end, but he was thinking of disclosing the identity of Yu Zuung a bit early.

“Got it. Let me disclose one more at a proper time. Let me disclose her to you first.”

Jaeyol’s face brightened at that.

“Wow, you’re my brother, man! Thanks so much.”

Hugging Hyunwoo, Jaeyol patted him on the back with joy.

“By the way, do you know anybody at Seoul Broadcasting? Who are you going to give your program item?”

“I don’t know anyone there. Someone called me first.”

“Really? Looks like that guy has the nerve to do so. Haha.”

“I hear his name is Ilgun Kwon with the cultural affairs department,” said Hyunwoo frankly.

At that moment, Jaeyol’s bright smile disappeared and his expression hardened as if he should not have heard Kwon’s name.

“Ilgun Kwon? You mean that bulldog producer?”

“Do you know him well?”

At his question, Jaeyol raised his voice as if he got angry.

“How do I know that son of a bitch? How come you gave a scoop to such a guy?”

Hyunwoo was just dumbfounded.

In fact, he didn’t know anything about Kwon. He just talked with Kwon over the phone and responded to his request as they had common interests.

Hearing Jaeyol’s explanation, however, Kwon was a blemish on humanity.

“What kind of person is he?”

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“How can I describe him in just one word? If I have to, he is the model of an opportunist. He is boundlessly weak to the strong and mercilessly strong to the weak. He would not bat an eye even if his colleagues were trampled for his own success.”

Jaeyol cursed and swore at Kwon.

He blamed not only Kwon but also his boss, the chief of the cultural affairs department of Seoul Broadcasting.

“I don’t think Kwon should ever be allowed to advance his career. The more he becomes powerful, the more those around him will be hurt,” Jaeyol said.

Hyunwoo was surprised as if he had the back of his head hit hard by somebody.

But he was prudent. He felt it was too hasty to judge the character of Kwon only based on Jaeyol’s criticism.

“Well, that may be a rumor,” said Hyunwoo.

“It could be. But I can assure you that Kwon and his boss are the worst. If you are in doubt, just ask any producer of the cultural affairs department to confirm what I said.”

But Hyunwoo didn’t feel it necessary to confirm. If he had another chance to do business with them, he would certainly rule them out. But this time, his deal with Kwon was already done. He could not cancel because of Kwon’s personality.

“It’s a done deal, brother. Just forget about it and drink some beer.”

Hyunwoo tried to break the ice and change the topic.


Only then did Jaeyol make a bright smile again and said, “Oh, sure. Haha. Let me take you to another bar this time. The bill is on me.”

Jaeyol took him to an expensive bar with magnificent interior and pretty waitresses.

“I like a plain bar better. Let’s have a drink.”

“Oh, I want to have a fling with a woman, man. I feel lonely these days.”

Jaeyol then forcibly led him into the bar. He ordered high-end whiskey and had pretty hostesses serve them. In fact, Hyunwoo was in his element in an environment like this.

What the heck. Let me enjoy as much as I can since I’m here anyway.

Hyunwoo just relaxed, drank whiskey, and made physical contact with the hostess serving him. As time went on, the two hostesses became much more sensual. They took turns taking off their clothes and putting their hands into Jaeyol and Hyunwoo’s pants.

It was natural that Jaeyol and Hyunwoo were turned on in that erotic mood.

Hyunwoo originally had no sexual desire, but now he badly wanted to have sex with the woman serving him even if he had to pay for it.

At that moment, his phone buzzed.

With an intoxicated eye, he checked out the caller.

Then he opened his bloodshot eyes wider.

Oh, I forgot I promised to meet Yu Zuung.

He completely slept on his promise while he talked with Jaeyol over drink and got carried away with the sensuality of the hostesses.

It was almost midnight.

Hyunwoo came out of the bar to answer the call from Yu Zuung.

“Sorry, I was going to call you. Where are you now?”

Hyunwoo spoke in a slow but clear voice to avoid slurring.

But Yu Zuung already got wind of that.

“Looks like you were drinking.”

“Oh, yeah. I met an acquaintance of mine this afternoon. Where are you? I can come now.”

“I’m almost at my studio house. Don’t come if you find it hard to stop by. You can come next time.”

“No, not at all. Let me come to your place right now.”

“Don’t drive yourself. You’re drunk.”

Hyunwoo scratched his head as she found out he was drunk.

“Got it. Let me call a chauffeur then.”

After the call, Hyunwoo came into the bar and said goodbye to Jaeyol.

Jaeyol protested, “How did you get that way? I’m going to treat you by all means today. If you don’t like this lady here, let me change.”

“No, brother. I have another appointment.”

“Which appointment?’

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Jaeyol tried to hold him, telling him not to lie. But Hyunwoo could not tell him about his appointment with Yu Zuung.

“Do you really think I’m leaving because I am beholden to you? I really have a very important appointment, brother. If you keep holding me like this, that makes me uncomfortable.”

Only then did Jaeyol let go of him.

“Oh, man. I was going to have a fling with you tonight. Well, we can meet at another time. Haha.”

Hyunwoo parted with him and called for a chauffeur who could take him to Yu Zuung’s house.

It took about 30 minutes for him to arrive at her studio.

When he arrived, he sent her a text message.

<Are you asleep now?>

Though he wanted to call her, he didn’t want to wake her up if she was already asleep.

In less than ten seconds he sent the message, his phone buzzed.

<I’m not asleep yet.>

<I was trying to stay awake to wait for you.>

<Come out. Let’s have a beer>

<Shall we drink inside? I’m afraid I don’t want to go out as I’m a bit tired.>

Hyunwoo’s heart sank.

In fact, her one-room studio was not unfamiliar to him. He had been to this place before. On such occasions, there were only two of them in the room. Sometimes, they ordered roasted chicken to celebrate her birthday party.

But all that happened during the day. Hyunwoo was not drunk at all.

But now was different. It was too late at night. And Hyunwoo was drunk.

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