The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 259 - Chapter 253

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Chapter 259: Chapter 253

Hyunwoo was surprised by his sudden appearance. After the call yesterday, Hyunwoo felt Director Pae would be getting more and more nervous, but little did he think that Pae would come to see him so suddenly.

“Oh, I see. Nice to see you,” said Hyunwoo, bowing to him before he knew.

Though he didn’t want to abase himself before Pae, he wanted to be courteous to a senior like him.

Hyunwoo didn’t want to talk with him in Ani & Funny office.

“There is a coffee shop nearby. Shall we move there?”


Hyunwoo walked ahead and led him to the coffee shop.

The light was dim inside, and there were no other customers there.

A middle-aged hostess welcomed them with a bright voice.

“Come on in, please.”

They ordered two cups of coffee and let her leave them alone.

“Let’s have a heart-to-heart talk, Mr. Jang. What do you want?”

What Hyunwoo wanted was just one thing: relieve Pae and Kwon of their current posts. Ideally they would quit, he hoped.

“‘I don’t want anything,” said Hyunwoo.

“Oh, Mr. Jang. Don’t be rough on me. Don’t you think it pays to be nice to each other? If you’re hard on me, what good does it do you?”

But Hyunwoo didn’t bat an eye, which pissed him off.

“In fact, I didn’t want to say this, but I’m not on good ground in my company at the moment because of the Any & Funny issue. You must have heard that a rat in the corner could bite a cat, right?”

His conclusion was simple. If Hyunwoo didn’t make any concessions, he could attack Hyunwoo just like a rat in the corner biting a cat.

Hyunwoo was tight-lipped, though. He felt he wouldn’t get any good response even if he said something.

Pae now began to threaten him boldly.

“I know your relationship with Yu Zuung already. I don’t think it will be good for you when that is divulged to the public…”

He looked at Hyunwoo as if to confirm Hyunwoo would have no other choice but to give in.

Only then did Hyunwoo open his mouth, “What about my relationship with her?”

“You know better than me, hahaha.”

Hyunwoo frowned at that and said sternly, “So, the reason you came to see me today was to threaten me. If I don’t listen to you, you are going to make up a rumor about my relationship with Yu Zuung and disclose it to the world, aren’t you?”

“Why are you just taking it negatively?”

Pae changed his attitude and tried to persuade him in a soothing voice.

But Hyunwoo wouldn’t budge a bit, “I have to take my leave for an appointment.”

“Mr. Jang, are you really intent to go against me?” said Pae, raising his voice.

In fact, Hyunwoo felt a sting in the heart. If he didn’t knock down Pae this time, someday Pae would certainly retaliate against him.

But Hyunwoo could not succumb to his pressure.

He fell out with Pae already, and even if he tried to bow to him, it would be difficult for him to improve ties with Pae.

Hyunwoo reaffirmed his determination deep inside.

The fighting begun already. I have no other choice. I wish Song Lim and his colleagues could fight well in the days ahead.

That was not the type of fight Hyunwoo wanted. He was now relying on several producers with Seoul Broadcasting to win the fight. If they chickened out and took sides with Pae, Hyunwoo alone would be driven into a corner.

But he trusted them. He could clearly confirm their conscience and passion about their duty as reporters.

Hyunwoo left the coffee shop without responding to Pae’s challenge. That was his answer to Pae’s question.

Several days later after his meeting with Pae, Hyunwoo noticed an article on the internet.

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It was about a scandal involving Yu Zuung, the talk of the town.

The partner of her scandal was Hyunwoo Jang, the president of Ani & Funny that she was affiliated with. The article cited the photos of Hyunwoo’s frequent visits to her studio as the specific evidence of her scandal.

The source of the article was an unnamed magazine called Jin.

Nonetheless, Yu Zuung’s fans reacted very sensitively because the scandal involved none other than Yu Zuung. The article spread quickly through social media, and her fans were enraged.

“Can this be true?”

“It’s nonsense! How come she has a boyfriend?”

“Did she become a star by selling her body to him?”

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Her fans bent over backwards to confirm the rumor by surfing the internet.


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