The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 260 - Chapter 254

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Chapter 260: Chapter 254

Several days later Hyunwoo received a call from producer Song Lim with Seoul Broadcasting.

President Yongjin Oh of Seoul Broadcasting clearly promised to Hyunwoo that he would take measures that Hyunwoo could accept.

Hyunwoo asked with a tense voice, “What happened?”

“Producer Ilgun Kwon was fired. And his boss Pae was demoted to a rank-and-file reporter and reassigned to a post in our branch in Jeju Island. It would be almost impossible for him to make a comeback unless something major comes up,” said Song.

Hyunwoo was very glad about that.

Another good news was waiting for Hyunwoo.

Song continued, “Myungjun Park, the chief of our branch in Daejon, was promoted to the new director of the cultural department.”

In fact, Hyunwoo didn’t know anything about Park. He just heard that all the producers of the cultural department wished Park to be the new director.

Hearing their explanation, Hyunwoo could figure out what kind of personality Park was.

Park heatedly competed with Pae for the director job three years ago. In terms of career and achievements, Park was the most promising candidate as the new director.

But the outcome was overturned at the last minute.

The reason was that Park was too upright. When the regular promotion time came, he needed to rely on his connections to achieve his goal, but he didn’t.

On the other hand, Pae knew very well how to make the most of his connections and how to curry favor with his bosses. Though he had less experience and competence than Park, he won.

And Park was reassigned to the Daejon branch of Seoul Broadcasting.

Finally, he was reinstated to his original post.

“The new director wants to see you. Can you take the time?”

“Anytime is fine with me.”

“When are you available then?”

Hyunwoo checked his schedule and then gave Song the date.

“Let me report to Park and get back to you as soon as possible.”

It was around noon the next day when he received a call from Song.

“My director says he can meet you Thursday evening.”

“Got it. If you give me the place, I’ll see you then.”

Thursday evening, Hyunwoo went to a Korean restaurant on the outskirts of Seoul. Though it was not a high-end restaurant, it was tastefully laid out inside.

Hyunwoo arrived there ten minutes earlier than the appointment time, but Director Park was already there, waiting for him.

With a surprised look, Hyunwoo bowed to him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I should have got here much earlier…”

“Actually, I came here 15 minutes earlier because I thought you might be here ten minutes ahead of me. I felt I should show my good faith for your favor.”

The more humble Park was, the more Hyunwoo abased himself.

“Please make yourself at home and talk down to me. I’m way younger than you. Just treat me comfortably as if I were your cousin.”

“You are indeed a fine character as I have heard, hahaha.”

Only then did Park begin to speak down to him, but he was courteous.

He praised Hyunwoo for his business.

On the other hand, Hyunwoo didn’t know much about him.

Fortunately, Park initiated to introduce himself.

Hyunwoo learned from him that he was from the same hometown as Hyunwoo’s father Duyoung, Namil-myon village, Kumsan County.

“You lived in Hwangpungri? My father lived in Hadongri.”

“Oh, my place was within only a 20-minutes’ walking distance from Hadongri. How old is your father? And his name?”

“His name is Duyoung. He is exactly 60 years old this year.”

“Duyoung Jang, wait a minute. I think it’s familiar to me. You said he is 60. He is the same age as my second elder brother. Do you know which elementary school your father attended?”

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“I heard it was Namil Elementary School.”

“Oh, same school. I guess they know each other. Wait a minute.”

He called somewhere, most probably his second brother.

With a hearty laugh, Park said.

“My brother says your father was his bosom friend. Hahaha”

Hyunwoo also laughed merrily.

Was it because of the fact that they were from the same hometown? Hyunwoo felt very close to Park without any reason.

Park now treated Hyunwoo much more comfortably. He even confided to Hyunwoo what he had kept to himself for long.

“Looking back, I think I was foolish back then. I now know that if you live in this world, it isn’t necessarily the best policy to lead an honest and upright life.”

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Just one failure in his life seemed to have given Park a precious lesson. He said he would curry favor with his boss and meet halfway if need be.


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