The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 282 - Chapter 276

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Chapter 282: Chapter 276

The mole could not know who the client was.

But it was easy for him to guess who he might be. The targets of the surveillance were Yu Zuung and Hyujnwoo Jang. Obviously, the client must be as powerful and rich as them.

If he handled the client’s request successfully, he could make more money than the original offer.

So, the mole tried his best to obtain more specific intelligence about them, including their marriage plans and sex life. But the informant could not get any audio file about it.

Obviously, Yu Zuung changed her dress. He tried one more time but was almost caught at the last minute.

After all, he had to stop shadowing them. He sent the recorded audio file to the client.

Several days later, there appeared an article on the internet. According to the story, Yu Zuung was on intimate terms with Hyunwoo Jang, the president of Ani & Funny.

It was not based on groundless rumors. There was lots of specific evidence showing their deep relationship including the photos of their walking together and conversation.

The general public began to be excited.

“Oh, this voice must be Yu Zuung’s.”

“What the heck? Is she really on intimate terms with him?”

“So disappointed with her. I thought she was different.”

They didn’t sit idle. Some of them attacked her on the homepage of Ani & Funny, demanding that she tell the truth.

Yu Zuung was embarrassed, so was Hyunwoo.

She was almost about to cry.

“What should I do?”

What could Hyunwoo do in this situation? The best policy he could take now was not to react.

They would forget about this as time passes.

But it would take a very long for them to forget it. That meant Yu Zuung would have to put up with her trouble until then.

Above all, she was a big star who was on a very tight schedule.

Whenever she appeared on TV shows, they would ask about her relationship with him.

She would have to lie on such occasions. Hyunwoo felt heartbroken when he thought about it.

Suddenly, it came to his mind, ‘Why should she suffer such pain?’

Why is it wrong for somebody to love someone? Even if she is a famous entertainer and he is the president of a large company, is it so blamable for them to love each other?

Hyunwoo thought it was not.

He asked Yu Zuung, “Shall we announce that we’re a couple?”

Yu Zuung’s eyes opened wide with surprise.

His bombshell announcement would be happy news to her, but so dreadful to her at the same time. If it was revealed now that she was his lover, her life as an entertainer would be at an end.

But Hyunwoo didn’t think like that.

“It is not the end of your life as an entertainer, but the beginning. If you have appealed to the public with your beauty and purity up to now, you have to prove your capabilities from now on. If you feel you are not good at acting, dancing or singing, you can stop there and concentrate on your original job as a character creator.”

She could not make a decision easily. She was so charmed by the sweet life as an entertainer. She still wanted to hear her fans’ shouting for joy and become the object of all men’s envy.

“Let me think about it.”

After he said goodbye to her, Hyunwoo went back to his house in Hwasung.

Many reporters gathered in front of his house when he arrived there, but he didn’t say anything.

He just remained silent. He didn’t lower his head, nor avoided the cameras. He took pains to stay calm.

When he entered his house, he got a call from someone again.

He was now sick and tired of calls because reporters now began to call him on his cell phone.

“Should I break this phone forever?”

Staring at his phone, Hyunwoo burst into anger.

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He checked the caller and found the caller’s number was familiar.

Actually, he could not forget it.

“Suji? Why did she suddenly call me?”

Did she call to comfort him after she read the article?

He answered the phone.

Suji comforted him with warm words first.

Hyunwoo felt a bit relaxed when she comforted him. Though she did split with him with regrets, she once loved him.

“Thanks, Suji.”

After she exchanged greetings with him, she brought up the main topic.

She seemed to be very careful about what she had to say next.

After some hesitation, she barely opened her mouth,

“I’m getting married next month.”

Hyunwoo just felt calm. He was fully preoccupied with Yu Zuung at the moment.

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“Congrats! Your bridegroom must be that prosecutor, right?”


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