The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 283 - Chapter 277

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Chapter 283: Chapter 277

“Yea, you’re right. He is Hyunwoo Jang!”

Yu Zuung also heard the reporters calling his name.

She got more perplexed than them because there was no reason for him to appear at this time.

As if she wanted to confirm it, she stuck her head out to look at the man in front of her.

Her eyes popped up with surprise.

Obviously, he was Hyunwoo.

What was more surprising was what he held in his hands.

It was a bundle of flowers full of roses, at least a hundred roses.

The reporters now quickly gathered around him and began to ask.

“Hi, Mr. Jang, why did you bring the flowers?”

“Can you tell us about your relationship with Yu Zuung?”

Hyunwoo didn’t reply at all. Instead, his bodyguard spoke on behalf of him.

“Mr. Jang is going to propose to Yu Zuung now. Please be quiet.”

Then, the boisterous noise suddenly disappeared, and the throng of reporters stepped aside for him to approach her.

Standing in her place, Yu Zuung stared at him.

Finally, Hyunwoo made the first step toward her.

At that moment, the cameras flashed around them. There was nothing heard except for the camera flashes here and there like firecrackers.

Yu Zuung was at a loss, not knowing what to do. She got even more confused. She felt as if her life as an entertainer was at an end, but at the same time, she felt she was a heroine in a movie.

Hyunwoo slowly walked toward her in a calm manner as if he wanted to give the cameramen plenty of time to take pictures.

And then he went down one knee and presented the bouquet to her.

“I’ve dreamt one dream for a long time. It’s for me to say this to you in the presence of lots of reporters. I love you truly. Please accept my love.”

The reporters watched him closely, holding their breath as if they didn’t want to miss any word he said. They even put the mikes right close to her mouth to record her breathing.

But neither Hyunwoo nor Yu Zuung cared about them. They looked at each other’s eyes as if there were only two in the world now.

Suddenly, tears came down her cheek.

She was so choked up that she couldn’t say anything. Instead, she gently approached him and took the bouquet.

Some of the women reporters shouted for joy before they knew.

“Wow, awesome. So wonderful!”

“She must be walking on air.”

But most of the reporters now broke the silence and began to ask again.

“How long has your relationship been going on?”

“Do you admit that you are the man in the audio file?”

Standing up slowly, Hyunwoo raised his hand toward them.

Obviously, he wanted to say something.

The reporters became silent again. When they held breath, Hyunwoo began to speak clearly,

“If you ask me who I loved most, let me say proudly that she is the very woman that I love.”

Hyunwoo pointed at her.

The cameramen popped the flash simultaneously.

“And if I have to live one person only in the future, I will choose this woman only. She is so precious to me. So, don’t be hard on her anymore.”

Some women reporters again yelled out a cheer.

Hyunwoo continued, “Please refrain from asking questions about her. If you need any further information about her, please submit your questions to Ani & Funny. We’re going to answer them frankly.”

Hyunwoo ended the press meeting shortly and escorted her out of the place.

Some reporters asked again, “Can you elaborate about the audio file? Can you confirm it is the dialogue between you and Yu Zuung?”

Hyunwoo looked at the reporter who threw that question.

“Some of the dialogue is ours, but some is not.”

Hyunwoo and Yu Zuung walked out of the place, leaving them alone.

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And they got in the back seat of a car waiting for them.

The car started in no time.

Yu Zuung now stopped shedding tears and looked at him. Instead of avoiding her, he also looked at her. Though both seemed happy, her manager and bodyguards inside the car seemed uncomfortable.

Both looked at each other for a while.

It was Yu Zuung who broke the silence that lasted for some time.

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“Why did you do that?”


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