The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Chapter 41 Translator: – – Editor: – –

With a puzzled look, the old man asked, “Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Kang Sungwon from the general affairs team.”

The old man obviously didn’t know him, and that was not important to him.

What really mattered at that moment was that the person laying bricks was not Hyunwoo.

“I didn’t ask about your name. Where is the young man who was laying bricks here, and why are you here?”

“Oh, the team manager directed me to do this…”

Staring at Park, the old man approached him fast, shouting with a shrieking voice,

“What are you trying to do now?”

“What are you talking about?”

As if he didn’t understand what the old man said, he opened his eyes wide.

“Why did you change the person assigned to this job in your own way? Why are you having a young man do goraeduk?”

Park felt a prick in his conscience. Though he did not understand what ‘goraeduk’ meant, it seemed like a very important job when he heard the old man’s explanation.

However, he couldn’t apologize to the old man because he was upset. He was browbeating Park as if he was talking to his subordinates, which made the dispatched employees look at them out of curiosity. However, Park could not lower his head to him because that meant that he was surrendering to a manual worker out of timidity.

Also, the old man reeked strongly of alcohol. Park felt as if he had gotten drunk.

Then, it was the old man who had to offer apologies first, not him.

Park said fairly, “Well, giving assignments is my job as the general supervisor, not your business. You just take care of your own work, sir. Why did you leave here without my authorization? Are you here to play?”

The old man’s voice became louder at that,

“I just left the place to buy a cigarette pack for a minute. Also, did you say that it was none of my business? It’s you, not me who is meddling right now. I have to tear down all the goraeduk because of you!”

“I think your words are too harsh. It’s me who is responsible for the construction here. And did you say that you were going to tear down the bricks? Why?”

“Why? Because I don’t like it,” the old man yelled suddenly.

He then kicked and tore down the bricks Hyunwoo and the young man had laid diligently.

Park felt as if he had kicked him in the face. He had egg on his face when his subordinates gave him the nickname ‘crazy dog,’ and he had now suffered further insults because of this old man.

“Just rebuild the bricks,” said Park, pointing toward the broken bricks.

But the old man was not an easy man to deal with. Because of his bad temper, he had been kicked out of a construction company specializing in flooring rooms with flat stones.

“Don’t tell me to do this or that. If I feel like doing it, let me lay the bricks again, and if I feel like breaking them, let me break them.”

“I’m the boss here. Lay the bricks again!”

“If you really want to, you do it.”

Park was embarrassed. How dare such a weird old man come here for this job, he thought.

“Sir, you’re here for a paid job, so you have to follow my instructions.”

“Do you think I can’t stop this if you say that? I came here because you guys wanted me so much, and now you’re treating me so badly.”

Then, the old man packed up his stuff and walked out of the place.

Park and the dispatched employees were looking at him blankly.

“What are you doing? Just get back to work,” shouted Park, venting his anger on them.

Only then did they begin to work again. However, they could not continue because they didn’t know what to do next, including Park. He was just at a loss at what to do regarding the specific instructions.

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To make matters worse, the yellow clay dough was getting stiffer as time went by.

What if we can’t use that dough? Park suddenly got scared at that thought.

He felt that he had to lower his head again to the old man to save the contruction.

“Hey, dude,” Park said to Kang Sungwon with the general affairs team.

“Run to him and get him back here.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean that old man! He must not have gone that far. You have to bring him back here by all means.”

Stunned, Kang ran to chase the old man, but he was gone already.

Kang came back empty-handed.

Park said, “Just call him then. Please tell him I will forgive him. Just ask him to come back.”

Kang found out the old man’s mobile phone number to call him, but the old man strongly resisted.

Park demanded, “What did he say? He said he won’t come back?”

“He says that unless you’re replaced as the boss here, he won’t come.”

Suddenly, Park felt some pain in the back of his head. Without the old man, it was impossible to continue the construction, but he could not accept his request to have him replaced. Suddenly, Park felt as if his uncle was telling him, ‘You’re fired! You’re fired!…’

What should I do? Park kept thinking.

He had to find a replacement as soon as possible.

However, he was just pessimistic. There was no other way than to visit the president and quit his job as the supervisor of the construction site.

Damn it! What an embarrassment in front of my employees. Since I got reassigned here, I just keep running into troubles.

After some hard thinking, Park feebly stepped outside.

At that moment, he heard a voice say,

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“Let’s move, everybody. We have to lay the bricks before the yellow clay dough gets stiff. Someone should make more dough.”


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