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Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

When Park made a puzzled look, Hyunwoo quickly explained,

“You can think of it as sort of contributed acceptance. In other words, we offer part of the first floor as the site of a senior citizens center and build a dormitory on the 2nd and 3rd floor. We can then cut the construction cost.”

Park reviewed the report again.

In Hyunwoo’s estimate, the total construction cost of the senior center was about 90 million, which accounted for less than 17% of the total cost. But 120 million, or about 21% of the total construction cost, was proposed as the burden of the city government. As the city already had enough funds available for the senior center, Hyunwoo thought it would be possible.

If things worked out according to Hyunwoo’s plans, Aurum would save about 15 million won from its original proposal price.

What was more important was they could use the senior center as a provisional dormitory for the employees.

Hyunwoo confirmed through his friend at the city government that the existing senior center had no safety problems even though it looked dangerous, and it could be used for another purpose with the consent of the residents in that area.

Park said, tilting his head,

“I know what you mean, but I wonder if the city government can approve our cost-reduction plan. I doubt it.”

“I already talked with a public servant in charge of social welfare at the city government, and he said 200 million won had been already allotted for a new senior center, but the problem is they can’t find an appropriate lot. So, if we propose to the city that they give us a subsidy of 120 million won on the condition that we offer a site, I think they will green light it.”

“What if the city government rejects it?

Hyunwoo thought the chances were very slim that they would reject it, for it would benefit not only Aurum but also the city of Ansan in terms of resolving the urgent problem of finding a lot for the senior center.

Of course, there was still a possibility that they would reject it because it would be illegal to do so. From Aurum’s point of view, it would get benefits to proceed with the construction even if it didn’t get a subsidy. At least, Aurum could use the current senior center as a provisional dormitory for its employees.

The thing was Park Daebong’s determination. If Park declared “No lot without any cost reduction!” not only Aurum but also the city government and the local seniors would lose the opportunity.

The best way was for the city government to accept Hyunwoo’s idea, and Hyunwoo had to make it happen by any means.

“Well, then we have to persuade them.”

“Persuade them? Any ideas?”

Of course Hyunwoo had one. He thought that Park was the right person for the job.

Park was famous from the management above middle-level managers for his unusual sociability. It would not be that difficult for Park to persuade several public servants involved with his sociability. This was also a good opportunity for Park, too. If he could confirm his capabilities through this event, he could use it for a promotion.

The thing was whether Park could seize the opportunity.

“Please show your talent this time. I think you can persuade them with your talents.”


“I don’t think there are few who could win over anybody better than you. Please show them what kind of type you are. Then, even the president will be surprised.”

Park’s eyes opened a bit wide.

Having heard Hyunwoo’s account, Park felt attracted to it. This had nothing to do with his knowledge or experience. It was directly related to his interpersonal skill, his most salient strength. Park’s eyes were sparkling. Trying wouldn’t hurt, after all. At the same time, he thought that it would be good to make acquaintances with them on this occasion.

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However, this was not something Park could decide on his own.

“Okay, let me report to the president, and if he doesn’t raise any objections, let’s go ahead with it. Can you come with me, Mr. Jang?”

“Sure, sir.”

Hyunwoo accompanied Park to the president’s office.

Oh Sangho looked at them with a dissatisfied look. He really wanted to earn the president’s trust by pulling off a great deal this time, but it seemed that was Hyunwoo standing in the way again.

After the briefing was done, the president okayed their idea gladly but with one condition.

“This should not be a contributed donation. We’re just giving them a lease for the next 20 years so that they can use the first floor as the senior center. In other words, we should not transfer the ownership of the building.”

“Don’t worry, uncle!” said Park confidently.

Through his friend in Ansan, Hyunwoo treated the social welfare section chief to dinner. It was a sushi restaurant with a reasonable price.

The dinner get-together with him was made one week after Hyunwoo and Park met the president. In the meantime, Park went all out to mobilize his friends connected to the section chief as if he was boasting his wide networking.

A total of six gathered at the dinner meeting, including Hyunwoo and Yonggu from Aurum.

Out of courtesy of his counterparts from the city government, Park arrived ten minutes earlier to wait for them. When they arrived, Park sprang to his feet and said,

“How are you? This is Park Youngsu, manager of Aurum’s purchasing team.”

“Nice to meet you. This is Kim Sunmun, the chief of the social welfare section,” said Kim with a bright smile.

“Are you the younger brother of Kim Inmun by any chance?”

At Park’s asking, Kim said, with his eyes opening widely as if he was surprised,

“Do you know my elder brother?”

“Oh, yes. He is someone that I know. I have a friend of mine who plays a round of golf with me, and your brother was his senior when they attended the same school. I think I went to a golf club with him, too.”

“Oh, I see.”

“You know Mr. Yu Inho, right?”


“Inho? Was he a graduate of Baeduk High School?”

“Yes, he was. He is like my elder brother. I respect him a lot. When I mentioned your name, he said he knew you very well.”

“Yes, he and I are from the same high school. I didn’t know you’re Inho’s acquaintance. I used to be a close friend of his, but I have lost track of him these days.”

“Actually, I am supposed to play a round of golf with Inho this Saturday. Are you available then? We need one more for this game, so you’re welcome to join.”

“Really?” said Kim.

Obviously, Park had a gift. Even before the dishes were served, the atmosphere was already good.

Thanks to Park’s sophisticated efforts to create a good atmosphere, their conversation continued while they’re having dinner, and Park’s hobbies were similar to Kim’s. Park’s favorite sport was golf.

“How many do you hit?”

“Sometimes I hit under 90.”

As soon as they started talking about golf, Park and Kim’s eyes sparkled. They were so energetically engaged that other members could not cut in.

It was almost at the end of the dinner that Park and Hyunwoo brought up the topic of the senior center construction, and they only presented an overview instead of explaining it in detail.

Kim was very satisfied with Park’s proposal.

“Actually, we were in a bad spot because we could not find the lot. We would really appreciate it if Aurum could offer some help. Just tell us anything if you need to. We’ll try our best to help you, too,” said Kim.

“Sure. I’ll make a draft on it and present it to you soon. Please review it, Mr. Kim”

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“Of course. Thanks so much for proposing such a wonderful suggestion.”

“You’re very welcome. By the way, don’t forget the tee-up is at 2pm this Saturday.”

“Sure, I’ll see you then.”

The dinner lasted for as long as three hours. Also, there were a lot of empty alcohol bottles piled up on one side. Mr. Kim and anther manager from the city government got so drunk that their eyes were bloodshot, and Yonggu and Hyunwoo also drank as much.

Monday morning.

Hyunwoo and Yonggu were waiting for Park to come to the office, for Park said confidently he would pull off the deal with Mr. Kim Sunmun last Saturday. By now, he should have wrapped it up.

Did he successfully strike the deal? It would be much easier for him to get the president’s approval if he saved even ten million won from the deal.

Filled with expectations, Hyunwoo waited for Park.

A little later, Park came to the office.

At that moment, Hyunwoo was beaming because Park had a satisfied expression on his face.

Hyunwoo cautiously asked, “Did the deal go well?”

Park didn’t say anything. Instead, he answered his question with a smile.

That was enough to Hyunwoo.

“Can I prepare a report on this?”

“No thanks. I’ve already prepared one.”

Not only Hyunwoo but also Yonggu opened his eyes wide because that kind of report was usually done by a rank-and-file employee.

“Really? Did you already do it?”

“As soon as it’s 9am, I’m going to report to the president. Both of you will come with me to see him. Mr. Oh, join us too.”

Hyunwoo and Yonggu were surprised because he mentioned Oh.

However, Oh stood up, prepared for it as if it was only natural he should see the president.

A little later.

Park and his team adjusted their suits in front of the president’s office. Park was holding under his arm some documents for the president’s approval. Park made them secret to Yonggu and Hyunwoo.

However, Oh seemed to know what was inside the documents because he didn’t show any curiosity.

What was certain was that it was good news anyway. That was why Park was filled with confidence.

“Shall we go in now?” said Park.

Accompanied by his subordinates, Park confidently went in.

Park Daebong could figure out what Park was going to brief after checking his expression. As soon as he sat on the sofa, he asked Park Youngsu with a smile,

“Did you pull off a good deal?”

“Of course. Have you ever seen a deal go badly when I took the initiative?”

“No, no. Nice job! I know your capabilities, of course. So, how much did you save by investing 2 million won? You don’t want to say ‘it’s the tail wagging the dog,’ do you?”

At that moment, Hyunwoo’s eyes opened widely.

“Two million won? Why did he spend so much money like that?”

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