The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Chapter 55 Translator: – – Editor: – –

“What’s up, buddy?”

“I’m in Ansan. I called you because I missed you, man. Do you have an appointment in the evening? If not, let’s have a drink,” said Paek Sungwoo.

“Great. If you don’t have a particular restaurant in mind, come and see Unhye restaurant. Pork belly served there tastes good.”

“Okay. I’ll see you at 7 pm there.”

As soon as he was done mountain climbing, he drove his parents back home and headed to Unhye restaurant.

As if he was waiting for Hyunwoo, Paek was idling away his time before the restaurant, smoking a cigarette.

They went in and sat at a table, having a pleasant chat over soju.

Soon after they had a drink, Paek said something astounding suddenly,

“I think the time has come to find a lifelong job now.”

Did he come to himself finally? Or did something happen to his family? Or did he make some woman pregnant?

“Why do you want a job suddenly? What’s the matter with you?”

“Well, I didn’t think of it out of the blue. I was thinking about ending my current lifestyle when I turned 30. So, I travelled everywhere across the country before I ended my current lifestyle, and this place is my final travel destination in that respect.”

That was a fortunate decision for him. Didn’t he do everything he wanted to do anyway?

And if he could turn over a new leaf in his life, that would be better for him.

He could manage his life well. Though he hadn’t mastered any particular skill, he was good at making money anyway.

“So, do you have any particular job in mind?”

“I’m going to go to the United States. It was my original plan. I think I can make some money for a settlement there if I work hard for a couple of years.”

In fact, Paek was not an excellent student. He maintained a B average in high school, but his English grade was exceptional. He really studied English energetically, and he was always the top in English. Hyunwoo thought that he had studied English hard because he loved it, but he was actually planning his life ten years later and executing it now.

Suddenly, Hyunwoo felt he was a terrific guy, with deliberate planning and thinking.

“By the way, Hyunwoo, please introduce me to any company that you know. You experienced a lot of jobs since you were young.”

Hyunwoo wanted to help him if he could. As Paek said, Hyunwoo met a lot of people at many workplaces, so he thought that he might be of some help to Paek.

“What kind of job do you want?”

“It doesn’t matter. But I want a job that allows me to move around here and there instead of confining myself to any one place.”

Come to think of it, Hyunwoo found that there was a good one for him.

What came to his mind first was a company called Real Film.

Real Film was a company making TV programs or commercials, and it sometimes made special investigative reports related to news. Because of this, the staff there travelled around the country almost everyday. One day they were in Cheju island in the morning, and they moved to Ganhwa island in the evening. Though it was a tough job to ordinary people, Paek would welcome it.

But Hyunwoo shook his head, thinking to himself,

“No, it’s not a good fit for him.”

The problem was its president was Han Kwangsu. Han treated each member of his staff as his family, so he was pretty prudent when hiring someone. Once he hired someone, he tried his best to keep them to the end. Naturally, he hated it when his staff quit.

How could Hyunwoo introduce Paek to such a person? If Paek left the company after a couple of years, he would have to get all the blame from Han.

The next company that came to his mind was a travel agency called Yellow Balloon, but the situation was the same there. As a travel guide, Paek could travel across the country and the world freely, but reality wasn’t like that. Paek was supposed to travel the same areas repeatedly, telling the same stories to the travellers every time.

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As far as Hyunwoo knew, he would not like it.

“Hummmm.. I don’t think you are a good fit there,” said Hyunwoo.

“Don’t think of it too seriously. I can work as a salesman if an opportunity comes along. Actually, it’s in my element to work as a salesman.”


At that moment, Hyunwoo’s eyes opened wide because he thought of N&C Korea.

If Paek could work as a salesman for him, Hyunwoo couldn’t be happier for that.

Hyunwoo asked cautiously,

“Is it okay if you are not making much money? Of course, you could make a lot if you’re lucky.”

“What kind of job is it?”

Hyunwoo explained to him about N&C and N&C Korea in detail. He added the CEO of N&C Korea was his father Jang Duyoung and that it was virtually his own company.

Paek carefully listened to him without interrupting him, and he then asked at the end,

“Do you want me to find a local dealer on the industrial wheels?”

“Yes. Can you do that?”

“If the quality of the sales product is good enough, I have no problem at all working as a salesman. Basically, I’m a field man. Instead, it’s your father’s job to take care of the internet cafe and the relevant documents.”

“Don’t worry about that. All you have to do is pull off the contracts.”

“Then, how much do you give me in commission? Can you give me 50% of the profit?”

“Are you satisfied with 50%?”

“That would be great, man.”

Hyunwoo thought 50% was not bad. Actually, Paek should take more than 50% as the salesperson, but as Hyunwoo had invested a lot of money in N&C and had some paperwork to do, he thought taking 50% of the profit was fair enough.

“Done. Let me appoint you as the sales executive of N&C Korea. If your sales performance is good, I can make you the CEO of N&C Korea in the USA when I visit there later.”

Paek opened his eyes wide suddenly.

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“Oh, that’s a good idea. Actually, I’ve been thinking about what to do when I went to the United States, and that is the solution. Ha ha.”


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