The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Translator: – – Editor: – –

Kim Unhye tilted her head, asking,

“Doing business with me?”

“I don’t have much time to talk with you right now. Let me ask you this bluntly. Don’t you want to study in Japan?”

“What? Studying in Japan?”

Kim raised her tone, cleary showing how much she wanted to study in Japan.

Hyunwoo quickly put his finger on his lips and asked her to stay quiet.

“Be quiet. Your father will know about it sooner or later, but we had better do it without informing him for now.”

“Got it. By the way, what are you talking about? Me studying in Japan?”

“I’m going to appoint you as the general sales manager of my company in Japan. Then, you don’t have to work a part-time job to make a living there.”

Kim’s eyes became wider.

Putting his finger on his lips again, Hyunwoo said,

“As you presume, this has something to do with your father’s job. How about it? Are you going to talk with me about this?”

Unhye nodded her head positively. Though she was full of wariness, she seemed to trust Hyunwoo at the thought of studying in Japan and the fact that he had come down here with his father’s teacher.

Hyunwoo held out his mobile phone and said,

“Give me your cell phone number. Let’s talk about this in detail a little later when we meet.”

Unhye called his cell phone to record her number there.

“Okay, see you a bit later.”

With a pleasant smile, Hyunwoo went back into the room.

Inside the room, Oh, wearing a serious expression on his face, was chastening him.

“There is a certain time to do things,” said Oh.

“I’ll keep that in mind, sir.”

Hyunwoo interrupted cautiously.

“Do you still have more to say, sir? Can I come back a little later?”

“No, no. Let’s stand up.”

Oh and Hyunwoo went out of the room, followed by Kim walking politely.

Before Oh got inside the car, he looked at Kim again, saying,

“You know how much I value you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Let me advise you this for the last time. Don’t think of it as nitpicking. Just keep it in mind.”

“Please go ahead, sir.”

“There are three conditions for success. First, you need lots of knowledge. Second, you need a lot of effort. But the third one is the most important. Do you know what it is?”

Kim silently looked at Oh, as if he didn’t know.

“That is to dial back your greed.”

Oh didn’t paraphrase it. He got on the car, suggesting Kim should find the answer.

Hyunwoo started the car softly and looked at the rear mirror. Kim Unhye was looking at them.

Once they’re out of Kim’s house, Hyunwoo pulled over.

“Sir, can I see one more person before we leave?”

“Any other person you have to see?” Oh asked with a heavy heart. He felt heavy because he could not persuade Kim.

With a bright smile, Hyunwoo said,

“I’ve got someone who can move Mr. Kim’s mind.”

“Really? Who is it?”

“His daughter, sir.

With a smile, he took out his mobile phone to call her.

“Ms. Kim Unhye, I’m waiting for you nearby. Can you come this way? Or shall we meet at a certain place?”

“Please wait a minute. Let me come over now.”

A little later, she walked to them with short steps, wearing a thick overcoat.

Opening the car door, Hyunwoo waved at her.

“Come this way.”

Unhye got inside the car.

“Do you know a coffee shop nearby?”

“Just down this road a little more, and then you’ll see a restaurant-cum-coffee shop. As it’s not dinner time, there are few customers right now.”

“Let’s go there then.”

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Hyunwoo started the car, driving about two km to the coffee shop she had mentioned.

Oh said reluctantly, “I wonder if it is alright for me to join.”

“Of course, you should, sir. I’ve something to tell you, too. And she will feel comfortable when you’re with us.”



There were few customers at the coffee shop.

When she sat down, Unhye looked at Hyunwoo curiously. Hyunwoo didn’t want to drag on, so he brought up the topic even before coffee was served.

Hyunwoo spoked to Mr. Oh first.

“Sir, I’ve got something that I haven’t told you up to now. I didn’t tell it not only to Aurum but also to you.”

Oh looked at him as if it was not a big deal, saying

“Everybody is living a life with one or two secrets under their sleeves.”

“You’re right, sir. It’s a secret. You shouldn’t tell it to Aurum for the time being. But I thought I should not hide it to you.”

Unhye and Oh looked at Hyunwoo quietly.

“Before I say it, I’d like to ask a favor of you. Even though you want to say it to Aurum…”

Nodding his head as if he already knew Hyunwoo’s intentions, Oh interrupted him,

“Got it. You want me to just listen and shut up, right? So, don’t worry and go ahead,” said Oh casually. However, he almost spilt his tea when Hyunwoo said something shocking.

“As a matter of fact, I’m an employee with Aurum but at the same time owner of N&C Korea.”

“What? N&C? Isn’t it the supplier in Vietnam that provides castors to our company?”

“Correct. And N&C’s sales company in Korea is none other than N&C Korea. Though I registered my name as the president of N&C Korea, I’m the real owner, sir.”

“Oh, I see,” said Oh, nodding his head.

This time, Hyunwoo looked at Unhye.

“The reason I reveal this secret to you and Mr. Oh is because I want to make you trust me. Because what I’m going to tell you from now on is not absurd but sincere and true.”

Hyunwoo made it clear that the person he really wanted to confide the secret to was Oh, not Unhye. In other words, he would have told it to Oh first even without Unhye’s presence.

Unhye nodded, with a tense expression. She felt even a moment ago that Hyunwoo was an ordinary company employee, but when he said he was the owner of N&C Korea, she seemed to take a different look at him.

“I’ve got a plan to expand N&C Korea to Japan businesswise. And I’m looking for a manager there.”

“Then, are you going to appoint me…?”

“Yes, I’m planning to give you that position.”

“Why are you giving it to me?”

Kim got more tense now. Of course, that position seemed to be terrific because she would be in charge of all the sales in Japan. But it might be true in reality, for she would be destined to run into many troubles and difficulties just like banging her head against a stone wall. She might think Hyunwoo was using her to open new markets in Japan. Of course, Hyunwoo would not have to dash her illusion by talking about it in advance.

However, if Hyunwoo succeeded in persuading her today, it would be like killing two birds with one stone. It would also be a great opportunity for her, too. So, he had to persuade her by all means.

The most effective way was to show his sincerity to her.

“The reason is I want to work with your father. I want to persuade your father through you. Do you think I explained the reason well enough?”

Unhye was aware of her father’s situation to some degree and thought Hyunwoo’s explanation was good enough. She nodded her head.

Hyunwoo then took out a piece of paper from his inside jacket.

“This is my proposal. I’ll pay you 150,000 yen every month for the next two years as living expenses. If you find a dealer, the profits will be divided evenly between us.”

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Hyunwoo explained in detail, but she didn’t pay any careful attention to the details except for the monthly pay of 150,000 yen. She didn’t feel Hyunwoo’s mention of the division of profits in her bones, either. Hyunwoo elaborated a bit more.

“My friend is working as a sales manager in Korea right now. He started this past Sept, so it has been a little over two months now. He makes about 1.5 million won every month.”

Unhye’s eyes became wide open. If he made 1.5 million won in less than three months, he would be able to make 10 million won easily if he was doing his job well for two or three years.

“Of course, it would not be easy for you to make profits in a short time as you’re lacking in social experience and you’re working in Japan, not Korea. Also, that friend of mine performed well because he has a great knack for sales. Even though you take on this role, there is no guarantee you’ll generate profits.”

Hyunwoo continued at length. And the reason he did so was just one: gain her trust.

Big expectation may bring about big disappointment. If she didn’t make any big profits that she expected, she might think Hyunwoo was a swindler.

However, Hyunwoo’s cautiousness made Unhye more enthusiastic because she felt he was more trustworthy when he pointed out some risk factors.

Pausing for a moment, Hyunwoo resumed,

“What I can say clearly is that there is potential. Depending on your efforts, there is vast potential.”

Unhye could not help but show surprise. Of course, she might not succeed easily. Even if she took into account the risk factor, it was going to be a great opportunity for her anyway. Wasn’t her position general manager of N&C Korea in Japan?

On the other hand, she felt that Hyunwoo was giving her too big a gift to persuade her father.

But Hyunwoo didn’t think that way. It was a business to him. If Unhye made profits, Hyunwoo could make corresponding profits, too. In other words, it’s a business in which there was nothing to lose.

“I’ve got one question,” asked Unhye.

“Why do you want to work with my father so dearly? I know fairly well how my father has been doing so far, but I just don’t know why this is so important to him.”

“Yes, it’s important, and that extremely important.”

Hyunwoo then explained to her about N&C, Aurum, Art & Hill, and Castor in Japan. He also explained why he wanted to improve the quality of N&C products quickly.

“The only way N&C can improve its products is the dream team that your father has formed. And that’s why I’m trying my best to persuade your father. And I can guarantee that this is the golden opportunity for your father to make a comeback. It’s mutually beneficial to us.”

“I can reassure you on that, too,” said Oh, who had been listening quietly.

“Maybe your father knows that, too. But your father is hesitating like that because he can’t overcome his lingering desire for a comeback in Korea.”

Unhye nodded her head lightly.

“Of course, I don’t want to stop him if he can succeed in Korea. But if he can’t, I would like to recommend him to try in Vietnam. Don’t you think it’s just too regrettable for him to waste his talent like that?”

Unhye felt good to hear that, and only now could she understand the whole situation.

She never doubted that either Hyunwoo or Oh was lying. In particular, Oh was not the type, and even if he lied, she would find it out anyway from her father.

Unhye nodded her head and said,

“When are you going to sign the contract with me then? Maybe after I persuade my daddy, right?”

Is it because she realized how important her father was? Or was she originally confident and strong-minded? Hyunwoo felt she was smarter than a moment ago. He liked her confident attitude. If she had to work as a sales manager, she has got to have that steely quality. He felt she could carry out her job as the general manager better than he had expected.

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