The Famous Millionaire


Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

“Oh my god! This guy doesn’t have any sense of security about his computer. How can’t an experienced man like Kyungsu adhere to the basic rules of computer security? He should set the example by keeping the basic rule, which he doesn’t, and that’s why our company is not doing well,” Daeyong complained about Kyungsu who left the office without turning off the computer.

Daeyong approached Kyungsu’s computer to turn it off. Kyungsu had actually shut it down, but for some reason, it hadn’t completely shut down due to some programs still running. When Daeyong looked into it, he found some programs related to animation.

“What the heck is this? Was he working on something?”

Daeyong pushed the cancel button and opened the program.

It was an animation. The motion of the characters was very awkward, and the picture was also very rough. It was sort of a draft animation, but not only were the characters unfamiliar to him but also the contents. It was something that Kyungsu had never reported to him before.

“What the heck? Had he been working on animation of his own without letting me know?”

Daeyong suddenly frowned his face. Kyungsu got paid for his work at Imagingpia, not for his own personal work. Then he got paid while working on his own animation? Of course, he might have offered a surprise gift to Daeyong after he was done with it, but it could not be a good excuse. A good animation was the product of a team, not someone’s personal efforts, and coherent cooperation among team members could guarantee a good animation artwork.

Suddenly, Ahn felt greatly betrayed by Kyungsu, “How can he do this to me? I treated him well as he was old and a parent of several children.”

Though Daeyong was much upset, he executed the animation program. It had no title. The contents were about the waste dumped in the garbage.

To his surprise, the contents made Daeyong’s widen. He checked it first, standing before the computer, and now he was examining it while sitting in Kyungsu’s chair.

When the animation was at an end, Daeyong murmured before he knew it, “Hummm…this is great.”

It had a strong power of drawing one’s attention.

Of course, there was room for improvement as the motion was unnatural and the picture was rough, along with the awkward expressions of the characters.

Except for that, the animation was attractive enough to draw the people’s attention. Suddenly, Daeyong felt some sort of optimism. The only thing that bothered him was that the animation was just one episode. It looked like it was a sample based on the initial planning.

What should I do with this, by the way? Daeyong asked himself.

The best scenario would be for Kyungsu to report to Daeyong directly about it. In other words, Kyungsu would come to see him one day and confide to him, “This is a secret project I’ve been working on”.

However, the chances were very slim that he would do so.

The next best would be for Daeyong to ask Kyungsu about it. In other words, Daeyong would press on him to reveal it as he had already watched it on his computer, but there was one thing that bothered Daeyong, which was Kyungsu’s potential resignation.

As the company ran into financial difficulties, many of the staff at Imagingpia left, and Kyungsu might follow suit.

The current animation of Kyungsu’s might be something he was working on with that in mind. In other words, he might have already signed a contract with another animation company.

If Daeyong ordered him to submit the animation work, Kyungsu could quit immediately. Though Kyungsu would leave, after all, Daeyong didn’t want to lose that animation work on his computer.

Even though Kyungsu made the animation, he used the company’s computer, and accordingly it would belong to the company’s ownership. If Daeyong had it copyright registered, it would be the production of Imagingpia.

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Even though the animation had only one episode, Daeyong saw no problem at all. It had all the components like the original intention and atmosphere, characters, etc. Once it drew the public attention, it would be a breeze to turn out similar animations.

Come to think of it, he found out there was a public contest on animation going on at the moment. It was a contest hosted by the Environment Ministry with the theme of ‘environment protection.’

If I change the storyline of this animation to fit the contest theme and refine its awkward parts, it could get the prize.

The problem was whether Kyungsu had it copyright registered already.

Daeyong was confident Kyungsu had not yet because the picture of the animation was rough enough to pass as the work of an animation club of a middle or high school kids.

Then it would be a race against time. Who would have the copyright registered first would be the owner of the animation.

Daeyong turned off Kyungsu’s computer, and took out the USB, putting it in his pocket.

Hummm…As he left the USB inserted here, he might as well think he lost it.

And then he left the office.


The bus Hyunwoo drove stopped at the parking lot of the university where the animation artwork exhibition was taking place. It was a big bus owned by the House of Happiness.

When the door opened, Hyunwoo got out first and helped other get out, including his half-paralyzed father Duyoung Jang and other seniors.

When all of them got off the bus, there were thirty-four people in all.

Hyunwoo called Jungah, and soon, she came running toward him with hair flying behind her.

“This way, Uncle Hyunwoo.”

“We’re a bit late, aren’t we?”

“No. You must be hungry. Actually, we’re frying vegetable pancakes at the moment. Come with me quickly.”

“Pan-fried vegetable pancakes?”

“As you said you’re coming with the seniors, we prepared lots of pancakes for them. I can’t guarantee the taste, though. Hohoho..”

Jungah’s face was all smiles as she was so happy to see them.

Given that it was very far from Ansan city to Seoul, the capital city, Jungah was very thankful that they took the time out to come to her exhibition over the weekend and that Hyunwoo had brought more than 30 people to the exhibition.

There were various ways to judge a person. Some judged it by money, or knowledge or looks.

The most salient among them was connection and network. When there was an event, some people can bring just five while others can mobilize fifty. After the exhibition was over, Jungah’s friends will judge her differently.

“Please come this way.”

They crossed the campus, following her.

Even though the campus was not that large, it was very well planned and cared for. All the fences were covered with red roses, and other flowers like satuki and royal azalea blossomed here and there, adding to the excitement of spring.

There were many families visiting the campus at the moment, and all of them were looking at Hyunwoo’s group because of the strange composition of its thirty-four members.

Everybody tilted their heads, commenting, “Looks like they came here from the senior center.”

“I see some students among them. Are they from a church?”

“Where are they going? Is there an event going on?”

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They focused on the movement of Hyunwoo’s group and soon found that there was an artwork exhibition happening at one corner of the campus.


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