The Great Thief


Chapter 1977 (END) - The Final Chapter

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Chapter 1977: The Final Chapter

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After the wedding in the game ended, very soon, it was the 2nd round of Ruling Sword’s semifinals, fighting on their home court against Peerless City.

Everyone was fighting very seriously. The scores of the arena competition were still 3:2, but this time, it was Ruling Sword leading. In the first round, Ruling Sword was actually losing to Peerless City by 1 point.

Peerless City had Green Flag Wine and Deadly Gold Underpants. On the arena, they weren’t afraid of anyone.

Fortunately, Ruling Sword weren’t weak either. Moonlight, Mu Qiu and Lu Li were all PvP masters. Lu Li certainly couldn’t defeat Green Flag Wine and Deadly Gold Underpants, but apart from these two, he could easily crush anyone else.

In the group competition, the two sides were fighting even more intensely.

In the end, Ruling Sword walked away with a home court victory of 5:2.

They had won in their away match 4:3, so now, the final scores were 9:5. In theory, Peerless City still had a chance the turn the tables.

Blood Red War Flag and Glory Capital had fought very intensely. After Sorrowless showed up that day at the odd couple’s wedding, no one had seen him again in the game.

He loved his work, but he loved his girls more.

No one knew what he was thinking, but this didn’t hinder how he wanted to live his life. After all, he was one of the top ten richest people last year. His assets definitely didn’t include Glory Capital alone.

On the other hand, Jade Lonesome Flower always considered his professional life to begin from when he had entered Blood Red War Flag.

In the years when Sorrowless was in control of Glory Capital, he had never been able to bring Blood Red War Flag to the peak.

Now, Sorrowless had gone.

If he couldn’t personally defeat Sorrowless, he could chase him off his altar. Jade Flower Lover had suffered for a long time.

Now, they could only regroup and reorganize, setting their sights on the new Glory Capital under the leadership of Wendelian. If he couldn’t even deal with one woman, then Jade Flower Lover could only work on grooming his own successor.

What could Glory Capital do without Sorrowless?

He was still thinking like this until the moment the final scores came out. Reality was a real slap in the face.

Losing 2:3 in the arena competition was enough, but what about being crushed in the group stage? What was even more crazy was it was their home court.

Their home court!

They had lost 2:5 on their home court. This had Jade Flower Lover, who had already drafted his victory speech, dying to kill himself in front of the portrait of Blood Red War Flag’s founding father.

On the other side of the competition, Peerless City had lost.

As such, Ruling Sword successfully entered into the finals. They just had to wait for the result between Blood Red War Flag and Glory Capital before they could fight for the second championship.

There was another Stronghold battle at this time. Ruling Sword’s World Tree had finally bared its fierce teeth to the world.

When it was planted, it simply couldn’t birth Wisps in time. However, there were a lot of Moonwells in the Black Sea Coast. Some had already dried up, so there were many Wisps wandering around with no home to return to. They would occasionally make a miserable wailing sound, waiting to return back to nature and being restored back to their most basic elements.

Until one day, the new Stronghold at the Black Sea Coast had a Word Tree seed planted there.

These Wisps were attracted by it, and they slowly stepped onto the road to find the final resting place for their spirit.

Lu Li sent people out to protect and guide them, having them clean up monsters on the way and driving away players that were bothering them. This guaranteed that they were able to enter Ruling Sword’s Stronghold.

With a few days’ effort, The World Tree was filled with over a hundred fluttering Wisps.

They were able to absorb power from The World Tree to continue their growth and learned natural magic.

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After the Stronghold war started, in order to protect their home, they exploded out in power to fight.

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